Friday, February 29, 2008

Let's hop onto the right bus....

I illustrated the difference between DAP's rocket and BN's angkasawan at our ceramah on Wed Feb 27. I said, "this (DAP) rocket wants to propel the entire nation forward, and not just take one man upward."

The very next day, this is what I read on NST: Difference between DAP's rocket and Malaysia's first spaceman.

I find it rather peculiar that BN is still taking so much pride from the accomplishment of sending a man into space. Have they not heard the people's opinion? Just like in many other instances, BN has turned a deaf ear to the Rakyat. MILLIONS of the Rakyat's money were spent on this project. BN's participation in this project was nothing more than stamping their logo on a banner that says, "We did it! (with the Rakyat's money)".

For the DAP rocket to keep soaring, the Rakyat's votes are needed. This rocket will not be a space vehicle or a fame vehicle. The mission is clear: to get Malaysia to its rightful destination of a knowledge-producing nation that is able to pilot itself into the future, and not one that takes pride of a hitchhike. We do not need to 'tumpang' anymore.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

The people of Subang Jaya

Our very first ceramah last night in SS18 was a resounding success! Despite the earlier downpour and the muddy ground, the people of Subang Jaya came out to support us. I was deeply moved when I saw residents streaming out of their houses, walking towards the field. A picture speaks louder than a thousand words. This picture of the people will speak for us.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Last night, I was given the honour to introduce myself at Parti Keadilan Rakyat's ceramah in SS19. I saw some familiar faces in the crowd. As a young child I used to live only a few blocks away from the ceramah venue.

The highlight for me was when Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim called me up on stage to stand next to him. The spotlight was on and I could see a throng of crowd before me and the Malaysian flag flying behind me. I realised then that I was born for such a time as this!

I could see my dad in the crowd. I saw my neighbours there, my colleagues, my schoolmates from SMK Subang Utama and I know they believe in this cause. Someone said to me "The wind of change is blowing strong". I agree.

Come tonight and stand together with us! View my calendar for more details.

Monday, February 25, 2008

The mythical giants vs the hardworking ants

I was up at 6:30am to get to the parks to meet the USJ residents and was greatly encouraged to hear the joggers telling me "You have my vote". An elderly couple who sells curry mee offered to distribute my leaflets to their customers. These personal interactions tell me that ordinary people just like you and I want a change and they will do whatever they can within their circle of friends to see the fulfillment of this change. This vs what I read in the mainstream media is an interesting contrast.

This morning I read a couple of newspapers. The "giants" depict the opposition parties as the minority, weak and unwanted by the people. Who makes up the opposition? It's the Rakyat, people who want change like you and I, people who have a say in how and who runs this country. The "giants" are conveying a message to us - "We rule. You follow. We are strong, you are weak. Our policies are favoured by many". Children believe in Santa Claus but not so for the informed Rakyat. Adults know that Santa Claus is a myth used to entice children to be good.

Santa Claus does not exist.

Photos on Nomination Day Feb 24

View photos from Nomination Day

Sunday, February 24, 2008

The race is on!

My nomination went through successfully. We were ready as early as 7:30am. My close friends came to support our cause. Upon arriving at SS15, I was pleasantly surprised to find my aunties and uncles waiting there for us. Some of my former schoolmates' parents residing in SS18 also showed up. Some new friends I recently met brought their friends too. Passing cars honked to show their support. A couple I know turned up with their two little daughters all draped in specially made Jalur Gemilang shirts. Look out for some pics real soon!

An unbelievable experience to see what I strongly uphold being revealed on the faces of these supporting citizens. Now one of YOU will be in the running for the Subang Jaya state seat. The race is on! It will take hard work from our part, but we can do it together. We surely need your increasing support. Our country's situation is not unchangeable.

For the last 4 years the people of Subang Jaya did not have an "elected" voice. Now you're being presented with a choice. Time for change.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nomination Day

My candidacy was officially announced today. Now I'm gearing up for nomination day tomorrow.
I need to direct all supporters to my campaign manager's blog for any info with regards to my campaign over the next 2 weeks, e.g. meet-and-greet sessions all over Subang Jaya, USJ and Bandar Sunway and polling & counting agents recruitment.

Many of you that are online are well-informed Internet users, so you understand and know where to look for authoritative sources of information online. But to those who are not sure, please only look up my blog and my campaign manager's for accurate, reliable information.

Tomorrow will be a significant day for me as we march in my hometown to submit my nomination to represent my family, friends, and neighbours (it's a big neighbourhood!) in the State Assembly of Selangor.

Friday 22 Feb

Encouragement and support have started to pour in by concerned citizens here and abroad. I am overwhelmed by the fact that there are people everywhere who see what I see and believe as I believe...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The cost of free worship

I have been gripped by this issue.
This article in theSun published on Feb 18, 2008 has brought us straight into the fundamental principles rocking the Draft Local Plan.

The Federal Constitution clearly provides for an individual’s right to profess and practice his religion. If there is a need to apply for permit, we immediately assume a possibility of rejection. Freedom to practice one's religion is violated the moment a law is imposed to restrict such freedom. Even if there is only a tiny chance of such an application being denied, then this rule would instantly amount to a violation of freedom to practice one's religion.

If such permits are not granted, churches would be forced to move out from shop and factory lots. Where to then? Churches must go on a hunt for a suitable place to ‘
practice their religion’ in a country where “church land” is not easily acquired. Alternatives must always be considered before such implementation. How long would such applications take? No church services while waiting for approval?

And RM1,000 for admin fees? To be extremely conservative - suppose there are 100 places of worship under MPSJ’s jurisdiction. That would mean MPSJ will be generating RM100,000 annually from these permits; working out to RM1million in 10 years – all from non-profit making institutions. We seem to be drifting farther away from the hallmarks of a developed nation when the town council demands RM1,000 every year from places of worship.

What would happen to churches who are not able to pay RM1,000 for such annual permits? The poor would be discriminated. How do you justify such a hefty price? Churches are not profit making institutions. How could our fundamental rights be impinged upon? That’s not

Time for change.

Hannah Yeoh Tseow Suan

My first post on my blog has to be on some quick facts of myself.

· I'm 29, married to an IT engineer

· Education: Tadika Ladybird Subang Jaya; SRK Sri Subang Jaya, SS14; SRK SS19 Subang Jaya; SMK Subang Utama, SS18 (Head Prefect); and Taylor’s College, SS15

· Obtained my Bachelor of Laws from University of Tasmania, Australia in 2001

· Admitted to practice in Australia and Malaysia

· Current job: Event Manager

I grew up in Subang Jaya and now live in USJ with my husband. This neighbourhood is my 'home'-town. Even my wedding banquet was held in SJ.

I have recently been given an opportunity to contest in the coming election. Recent developments in our country have caused me to reconsider my responsibility as a citizen in M'sia. Time to walk the talk.

Constant complaining without any action makes us equally responsible for our current situation. Out of the 56 state seats in Selangor, only 2 are of the opposition. We need a stronger voice to provide effective check and balance to the government.

My husband and I have wonderful Malay friends. My family is of Chinese origin. My in-laws are Indians and we have friends of various cultures. As a woman in a mixed marriage, I am determined to stand up for multiculturalism and racial harmony. The children I will have must be known as only Malaysians. We must eliminate any form of discrimination. Any nation divided against herself will fall.