Friday, February 29, 2008

Let's hop onto the right bus....

I illustrated the difference between DAP's rocket and BN's angkasawan at our ceramah on Wed Feb 27. I said, "this (DAP) rocket wants to propel the entire nation forward, and not just take one man upward."

The very next day, this is what I read on NST: Difference between DAP's rocket and Malaysia's first spaceman.

I find it rather peculiar that BN is still taking so much pride from the accomplishment of sending a man into space. Have they not heard the people's opinion? Just like in many other instances, BN has turned a deaf ear to the Rakyat. MILLIONS of the Rakyat's money were spent on this project. BN's participation in this project was nothing more than stamping their logo on a banner that says, "We did it! (with the Rakyat's money)".

For the DAP rocket to keep soaring, the Rakyat's votes are needed. This rocket will not be a space vehicle or a fame vehicle. The mission is clear: to get Malaysia to its rightful destination of a knowledge-producing nation that is able to pilot itself into the future, and not one that takes pride of a hitchhike. We do not need to 'tumpang' anymore.