Monday, February 25, 2008

The mythical giants vs the hardworking ants

I was up at 6:30am to get to the parks to meet the USJ residents and was greatly encouraged to hear the joggers telling me "You have my vote". An elderly couple who sells curry mee offered to distribute my leaflets to their customers. These personal interactions tell me that ordinary people just like you and I want a change and they will do whatever they can within their circle of friends to see the fulfillment of this change. This vs what I read in the mainstream media is an interesting contrast.

This morning I read a couple of newspapers. The "giants" depict the opposition parties as the minority, weak and unwanted by the people. Who makes up the opposition? It's the Rakyat, people who want change like you and I, people who have a say in how and who runs this country. The "giants" are conveying a message to us - "We rule. You follow. We are strong, you are weak. Our policies are favoured by many". Children believe in Santa Claus but not so for the informed Rakyat. Adults know that Santa Claus is a myth used to entice children to be good.

Santa Claus does not exist.