Monday, March 31, 2008

Applications open for MPSJ councillors

Many people have been asking me about the appointment of new local councillors. Whilst DAP and the new Selangor state government now have the opportunity to reinstate local government elections, this will take time for it to be realised as the law pertaining to it has to be amended. The new Selangor State Local Government Committee chairman YB Ronnie Liu has stated that the state government is expected to appoint the new local councillors by the middle of next month.

As such, I am hereby inviting the following persons:
i. members of NGOs
ii. professionals
iii. community leaders
from the Subang Jaya constituency to submit their application by hand (resumé and cover letter) to me at my service centre on Tuesdays and Thursdays (7pm to 10pm).
Application deadline: 10pm Thursday 10 April 2008.

Minimum qualification & requirement:
i. SPM with a pass in Bahasa Malaysia (or its equivalent).
ii. Able to carry out the duties of a town councillor with a high sense of responsibility and integrity.
iii. A strong desire to serve.
The application must be supported by 2 referrals.

Important Note : Please stay posted here for any changes or new development.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Commencement of service

We opened the doors of our service centre on the night of March 18, Tuesday. You can read a short write-up of it here. Our volunteers of young working adults were committed to the cause, barely rested from their work and came all ready to assist the residents with their issues and complaints. Many residents also signed up to be volunteers and members. Some came to congratulate us.

The complaints were largely due to a lack of awareness of the proper channel for addressing the issues. Some complaints should have been lodged at MPSJ, police station or other relevant authorities. The most notable complaint would be the plea of a homeless man. All of us in the team could not get over the fact that a homeless man lives in our developed neighbourhood. In Subang Jaya? Yes! He sleeps in the park. We are now making arrangements to find shelter for him. This further strengthens our want to see welfare and service development and once and for all do away with white elephant development.

For those who are wondering about our campaign expenses, we are in the midst of finalising the account and it will be made available soon.

For any inquisitive party who wishes to know if we could provide any link or connection to some major players in some industries, agencies or organizations, please be informed that we do not provide such assistance at our service centre. It is better to be upfront about this now. Honesty is the best policy.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More inspiration

Whilst our nation is following closely on the changes to the federal and state governments and their policies, I have been continuously inspired by the young people in our constituency. Yesterday at noon time, two young people made an appointment with us at our office. Purpose of the appointment was not to file a complaint or on what I could do for them BUT to offer their help to us. They came prepared with a vacuum cleaner and got straight down to work. They cleaned up and ran around town helping us with the setting up of the new office. I found out that it was their day of rest yesterday but they sacrificed that and came to serve. They too, like many others, are walking the talk. Wendy and Shaohen - thank you so much!

This afternoon I was again reminded that our team had definitely made an impact in the hearts of the younger generation. I was visited by a 15 year old girl called Ling Yi. She came to my office after school with a bouquet of roses and when asked what it was for, she said:

"You are brave enough to stand up for our justice. You inspired me alot! Thank you for all the hard works!" - Ling Yi from USJ 12

As I sit here and type this now, I am filled with a sense of hope and purpose. I know Malaysia can be cured of corruption. Why? I see that strong mark of the desire for righteousness in the eyes of our "future". I commend you young people for speaking up and for stepping out to do your part for our country.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Service Centre

I refer you to the article in the Star today. Please be informed that we will officially open our service centre beginning 18th March 2008 (twice a week), details as follows:-

Every Tuesday (7pm to 10pm)
Every Thursday (7pm to 10pm)

Our address:-
24A, (1st Floor), Jalan SS14/1A
47500 Subang Jaya

For volunteers and potential DAP members - we will update you on the recruitment drive once DAP Subang Jaya is established.

Another story on 'change' - I received this from another young lady in her twenties:-
"I'm a resident in USJ1 for 3 years and before this staying at SS18 Subang Jaya. I've been reading your blog after attending your first ceramah. I totally agreed with what Ai Ney said and this is wat exactly happened to me. Couldnt imagine myself as a polling agent for Teng in Klang! CHANGE is really taking place".

Young people, let's give our best in the next 5 years and together we can make sure steps in improving our country. For those who have yet to register as voters, I urge you to do so at the post office to ensure that you exercise your right to vote in the next election. Procrastination will rob you of your entitlement. Arise!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Team work


I witnessed change within my circle of friends even before the campaign period ended. When we first started, we received numerous negative remarks and discouragement from others. People said Malaysians were incapable of change. Our team had to encourage each other. There were days we found it too challenging to go on. We had to remind ourselves daily the reason why we were running for election.

I received an email yesterday from Ai Ney, a young lady in her twenties and I want to share with you what she said:

"I went from not planning to register as a voter to being a registered voter. I went from not knowing who Lim Kit Siang is (I know, I was that ignorant!) 2 weeks ago to being a polling agent during the 12th GE. I went from not caring about politics and elections to talking about nothing else but election and results for the past 2 weeks. All these because I was truly inspired and believe in the call for change. I changed. Thank you to Hannah and all amazing speakers at the ceramahs I attended. One word to describe all of you… INSPIRING! (Ps: Lim Kit Siang is now my idol) :)"

These were the changes I visualised in my mind when I said yes to running for election. I imagined the younger generation rising up to take their place and change the course of our country. I saw the older generation cheering us on. I envisioned residents walking out from their homes searching for truth. I dreamt of Malaysians of all races standing on a common platform, speaking a common language and pursuing a common goal. I pictured celebration of victory over injustice, poverty, oppression and fear.

March 8 - my visions were fulfilled. Dreams can become reality.

Malaysia will never be the same again.

Malaysians rose above their fears.

Malaysians must not be divided again.

I must thank God, my husband, the leadership of DAP, Edward Ling and team, my family, friends, selfless volunteers (you guys inspired me), kind donors and sponsors, guest speakers and of course the voters!

The next 5 years will be challenging. 50 years of doing things a certain way and now we're making a change. It will not be easy BUT we have taken the first step. Just like a baby's first step, we will not run immediately, we will stand, take a few steps, fall but we will try again and stand and eventually run! I want to set the foundations right before building otherwise we will end up having a shaky structure. We must build wisely.

I don't want to work alone. Once the state government is formed, I want to have meetings and discussions between the authorities and the people. I want to ensure there is accountability. I believe in team work. There's greater strength in working together. Team work got us here. Team work will get us there.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Simple faith

I have not had the time to celebrate over this victory. I've had to delve straight into meetings and to set up the framework for my service centre. Many of you have insisted that we have a grand celebration. As much as I want to, I have to abide by the instructions of the Inspector-General of Police against organizing any public celebration. As such, the only celebration I had was a simple cake-cutting, done at the insistence of a kind supporter and resident of Subang Jaya who bought the cake by faith at 5pm on polling day!

I truly feel that any celebration that I could plan or organize would not do justice to what our country has just experienced. This is a celebration that belongs to the Rakyat. I wish all of you would celebrate with your family and friends in your homes as this is your victory.

Monday, March 10, 2008

History makers

To the people of DUN Subang Jaya:


This resounding victory for the Opposition parties is an overwhelming declaration of the Rakyat for change across the nation. A historic milestone for Malaysia.

Personally, I am overwhelmed by this landslide victory in Subang Jaya. It was a long night on March 8th, with the official announcement of the results made only after 3am on March 9th. Together with Gwo-Burne, Nik Nazmi and Billi Lim we waited at the Pusat Penjumlahan Undi for the announcement.

All of us have played a part in this change. This generation will be remembered for standing up to a Goliath, and winning.

Young people everywhere, in and outside the country have been stirred by this development in our nation. Friends and family in the UK, Australia and Singapore have called and reported on the excitement among Malaysians there. What was once deemed impossible has now become a reality. I woke up to a new Malaysia on Sunday morning.

Friday, March 7, 2008

My post-election plans and visions

The leadership of DAP and the team in Subang Jaya are committed to being your voice in the capacity that you empower us to be. Therefore whether I win or lose tomorrow, a DAP Subang Jaya branch will be established. This is a commitment not just from myself but also from the leadership in DAP.

If I win, our current operations centre will be converted to a full-time service centre. This will be my office where I'll be operating from as your state assemblywoman. A pro-tem committee of professionals are already in place and these are the people who will be assisting me in the operations of this service centre.

This centre will be the place for residents of this constituency and even beyond, to come and meet me and my team to work with us in ensuring that policies and state legislations are fair and protective of the interest of the people. We will be monitoring and checking MPSJ's services and ensuring its accountability to the people. We want to curb corruption.

Will the people of Subang Jaya support this cause? The results will be known tomorrow.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Interesting morning

This morning I was out meeting the residents in PJS. As we stopped for breakfast in SS14, coincidentally a couple of BN supporters came to the restaurant too. One of them came up and congratulated me. For a moment there I thought wow, that's quite presumptuous. Polling day is 2 days away! But she then said that I'm pregnant! I denied it and told her that it's a rumour. She still insisted that the rumour is true. I am the best person to know if I'm pregnant or not!

I posted a note here a couple of days ago warning my readers and voters to be on your guard against rumours. It has indeed surfaced. Just like the SMS-es that were being circulated on Monday just before our ceramah with Lim Kit Siang, alleging that we had cancelled it.

Test everything that you read and hear.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

SPR backtracks - an impartial move?

4 days to polling day and SPR (Election Commission) decides to not use the indelible ink. DAP leadership has issued this statement. The New York-based Human Rights Watch has issued a statement condemning Malaysia's electoral process.

SPR has been citing some unsubstantiated reports of possible abuse in the usage of this indelible ink. Apparently some villagers in certain northern states could be tricked into marking their fingernails before going to vote. If that's the case, what about the countless reports of phantom voters (multiple unknown voters bearing the same address, thousands of voters aged 1o0 and above, voters having been relocated to different polling centers without their knowledge)? What has SPR done about this?

An impartial move with regards to reports of phantom voters would be to clean-up the electoral roll. But has this been actioned on?

An impartial move with regards to the usage of indelible ink would be to allow its usage, as the risk of phantom voters is exponentially higher than the risk of a few voters being duped into thinking that fingernails must be marked with this special "nail polish" before going to vote.

Malaysians must think logically and question this move seriously. SPR is taking us all for a ride.

More cheap shots

Our ceramahs on Saturday (March 1) and Monday (March 3) at USJ12 have been record-breaking. The Rakyat came out in the thousands, braved the rain, and declared with their voices and their donations that it is time for change.

The mainstream media has chosen not to give coverage to this even though many of the mainstream reporters and journalists were present at the ceramah. But first-hand stories and photos from those who were present are all over the Internet now, another one of which is reported in - Crowd unfazed by heavy downpour. If this was a BN ceramah attracting a similar crowd, it would have made the front page of all mainstream newspapers.

I wish to relate to you what happened yesterday during a live phone interview on Astro Awani. My campaign manager received a telephone call from the television show arranging for a phone interview. A few minutes before the scheduled interview, the tv show called again informing us that the interview would be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia and the topic would be issues concerning women voters. We said OK.

When the call came in for the interview at the scheduled time, I was suddenly told that I would be put through to an on-going forum. I could hear a few people already engaged in a discussion, and also present in the studio was a female BN candidate (DUN Bukit Antarabangsa, Haslinda). They interviewed her and in between her long answer, I was asked to comment. She spoke about voters in Bukit Antarabangsa and her plans for the constituency. As I spoke and began to outline my points, I was constantly interrupted by the host who re-directed the focus and questions back to Haslinda. At the end of this "interview", it became obvious to me that this was a pre-conceived idea to promote the BN candidate. The topic that was promised to be discussed was not the focus of the discussion. They had an in-studio candidate promoting her candidacy in a constituency that had little implications for Subang Jaya.

This is another classic example of the kind of treatment given by the mainstream media to non-BN parties. Despite all this, we will not give up standing for the Rakyat. This manipulation of the media by BN must cease.

Monday, March 3, 2008

BN resorting to cheap shots at a woman's expense

I am appalled by the message of BN that's being sent to the voters in the constituency that my compatriot Teresa Kok is contesting in. Last night at her ceramah in USJ18, Teresa highlighted this smear campaign by BN.

I went to see for myself these degrading cartoon banners this afternoon. I found many such banners all along Old Klang Road. This photo was taken in front of Plaza OUG.

I find it shocking that BN has stooped so low. How could Teresa's opponent in Seputeh, who is also a woman, have allowed this to happen?

The message that is clear from BN is that they want to win at all cost. Another woman's dignity has been trampled on by a BN Wanita candidate. No wonder then that male BN Member of Parliaments have taken cheap shots at female Opposition MPs. These BN Wanita candidates obviously have not been standing up for the rights and dignity of women in Malaysia. Teresa Kok is a respectable Malaysian citizen.

Vote for people with integrity. Your representative must uphold the dignity of all citizens and not just party members. Your representative must be someone who is deserving of your respect. How will BN protect woman rights if they are already attacking and discrediting a woman's worth during this campaign period?