Monday, March 3, 2008

BN resorting to cheap shots at a woman's expense

I am appalled by the message of BN that's being sent to the voters in the constituency that my compatriot Teresa Kok is contesting in. Last night at her ceramah in USJ18, Teresa highlighted this smear campaign by BN.

I went to see for myself these degrading cartoon banners this afternoon. I found many such banners all along Old Klang Road. This photo was taken in front of Plaza OUG.

I find it shocking that BN has stooped so low. How could Teresa's opponent in Seputeh, who is also a woman, have allowed this to happen?

The message that is clear from BN is that they want to win at all cost. Another woman's dignity has been trampled on by a BN Wanita candidate. No wonder then that male BN Member of Parliaments have taken cheap shots at female Opposition MPs. These BN Wanita candidates obviously have not been standing up for the rights and dignity of women in Malaysia. Teresa Kok is a respectable Malaysian citizen.

Vote for people with integrity. Your representative must uphold the dignity of all citizens and not just party members. Your representative must be someone who is deserving of your respect. How will BN protect woman rights if they are already attacking and discrediting a woman's worth during this campaign period?