Saturday, March 22, 2008

Commencement of service

We opened the doors of our service centre on the night of March 18, Tuesday. You can read a short write-up of it here. Our volunteers of young working adults were committed to the cause, barely rested from their work and came all ready to assist the residents with their issues and complaints. Many residents also signed up to be volunteers and members. Some came to congratulate us.

The complaints were largely due to a lack of awareness of the proper channel for addressing the issues. Some complaints should have been lodged at MPSJ, police station or other relevant authorities. The most notable complaint would be the plea of a homeless man. All of us in the team could not get over the fact that a homeless man lives in our developed neighbourhood. In Subang Jaya? Yes! He sleeps in the park. We are now making arrangements to find shelter for him. This further strengthens our want to see welfare and service development and once and for all do away with white elephant development.

For those who are wondering about our campaign expenses, we are in the midst of finalising the account and it will be made available soon.

For any inquisitive party who wishes to know if we could provide any link or connection to some major players in some industries, agencies or organizations, please be informed that we do not provide such assistance at our service centre. It is better to be upfront about this now. Honesty is the best policy.