Thursday, March 6, 2008

Interesting morning

This morning I was out meeting the residents in PJS. As we stopped for breakfast in SS14, coincidentally a couple of BN supporters came to the restaurant too. One of them came up and congratulated me. For a moment there I thought wow, that's quite presumptuous. Polling day is 2 days away! But she then said that I'm pregnant! I denied it and told her that it's a rumour. She still insisted that the rumour is true. I am the best person to know if I'm pregnant or not!

I posted a note here a couple of days ago warning my readers and voters to be on your guard against rumours. It has indeed surfaced. Just like the SMS-es that were being circulated on Monday just before our ceramah with Lim Kit Siang, alleging that we had cancelled it.

Test everything that you read and hear.