Wednesday, March 5, 2008

More cheap shots

Our ceramahs on Saturday (March 1) and Monday (March 3) at USJ12 have been record-breaking. The Rakyat came out in the thousands, braved the rain, and declared with their voices and their donations that it is time for change.

The mainstream media has chosen not to give coverage to this even though many of the mainstream reporters and journalists were present at the ceramah. But first-hand stories and photos from those who were present are all over the Internet now, another one of which is reported in - Crowd unfazed by heavy downpour. If this was a BN ceramah attracting a similar crowd, it would have made the front page of all mainstream newspapers.

I wish to relate to you what happened yesterday during a live phone interview on Astro Awani. My campaign manager received a telephone call from the television show arranging for a phone interview. A few minutes before the scheduled interview, the tv show called again informing us that the interview would be conducted in Bahasa Malaysia and the topic would be issues concerning women voters. We said OK.

When the call came in for the interview at the scheduled time, I was suddenly told that I would be put through to an on-going forum. I could hear a few people already engaged in a discussion, and also present in the studio was a female BN candidate (DUN Bukit Antarabangsa, Haslinda). They interviewed her and in between her long answer, I was asked to comment. She spoke about voters in Bukit Antarabangsa and her plans for the constituency. As I spoke and began to outline my points, I was constantly interrupted by the host who re-directed the focus and questions back to Haslinda. At the end of this "interview", it became obvious to me that this was a pre-conceived idea to promote the BN candidate. The topic that was promised to be discussed was not the focus of the discussion. They had an in-studio candidate promoting her candidacy in a constituency that had little implications for Subang Jaya.

This is another classic example of the kind of treatment given by the mainstream media to non-BN parties. Despite all this, we will not give up standing for the Rakyat. This manipulation of the media by BN must cease.