Friday, March 7, 2008

My post-election plans and visions

The leadership of DAP and the team in Subang Jaya are committed to being your voice in the capacity that you empower us to be. Therefore whether I win or lose tomorrow, a DAP Subang Jaya branch will be established. This is a commitment not just from myself but also from the leadership in DAP.

If I win, our current operations centre will be converted to a full-time service centre. This will be my office where I'll be operating from as your state assemblywoman. A pro-tem committee of professionals are already in place and these are the people who will be assisting me in the operations of this service centre.

This centre will be the place for residents of this constituency and even beyond, to come and meet me and my team to work with us in ensuring that policies and state legislations are fair and protective of the interest of the people. We will be monitoring and checking MPSJ's services and ensuring its accountability to the people. We want to curb corruption.

Will the people of Subang Jaya support this cause? The results will be known tomorrow.