Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Team work


I witnessed change within my circle of friends even before the campaign period ended. When we first started, we received numerous negative remarks and discouragement from others. People said Malaysians were incapable of change. Our team had to encourage each other. There were days we found it too challenging to go on. We had to remind ourselves daily the reason why we were running for election.

I received an email yesterday from Ai Ney, a young lady in her twenties and I want to share with you what she said:

"I went from not planning to register as a voter to being a registered voter. I went from not knowing who Lim Kit Siang is (I know, I was that ignorant!) 2 weeks ago to being a polling agent during the 12th GE. I went from not caring about politics and elections to talking about nothing else but election and results for the past 2 weeks. All these because I was truly inspired and believe in the call for change. I changed. Thank you to Hannah and all amazing speakers at the ceramahs I attended. One word to describe all of you… INSPIRING! (Ps: Lim Kit Siang is now my idol) :)"

These were the changes I visualised in my mind when I said yes to running for election. I imagined the younger generation rising up to take their place and change the course of our country. I saw the older generation cheering us on. I envisioned residents walking out from their homes searching for truth. I dreamt of Malaysians of all races standing on a common platform, speaking a common language and pursuing a common goal. I pictured celebration of victory over injustice, poverty, oppression and fear.

March 8 - my visions were fulfilled. Dreams can become reality.

Malaysia will never be the same again.

Malaysians rose above their fears.

Malaysians must not be divided again.

I must thank God, my husband, the leadership of DAP, Edward Ling and team, my family, friends, selfless volunteers (you guys inspired me), kind donors and sponsors, guest speakers and of course the voters!

The next 5 years will be challenging. 50 years of doing things a certain way and now we're making a change. It will not be easy BUT we have taken the first step. Just like a baby's first step, we will not run immediately, we will stand, take a few steps, fall but we will try again and stand and eventually run! I want to set the foundations right before building otherwise we will end up having a shaky structure. We must build wisely.

I don't want to work alone. Once the state government is formed, I want to have meetings and discussions between the authorities and the people. I want to ensure there is accountability. I believe in team work. There's greater strength in working together. Team work got us here. Team work will get us there.