Saturday, April 26, 2008

News, updates and more....

Some quick updates from the last couple of days:-

Meeting the Rukun Tetangga of USJ 2 and USJ 6 - This group of residents organised a hi-tea for me and invited me to share my thoughts and plans for my constituency. I had a good time getting to know the young people, the senior citizens and the ladies committees of this organisation.

Traffic proposal - I met up with a few residents and the engineering department of MPSJ to discuss on ways to improve the traffic flow in Persiaran Tujuan. A proposal has been done up and will be presented to MPSJ for Jawatankuasa Trafik's consideration.

Food poisoning at the school in USJ 5 - I visited the school after I was told that there was a new temporary dining hall operator.

I am following-up closely on this matter and want to ensure that the education ministry sends a responsible and qualified dining hall operator to cater for the needs of the students.

Road from KESAS to USJ 1 - I called for an urgent meeting with all parties involved. The appointed contractor has not been able to start work due to hoardings put up by another contractor. MPSJ will take action to ensure the appointed contractor is able to start work as soon as possible. I have also told MPSJ to look into the possibility of turning this road into a 2-way road to ease the traffic jam in USJ.

Modern market-food court in SS 15 - I met up with the hawkers and they took me on a tour to show me the badly maintained condition of this place. This "modern market-food court" has no fan installed for the customers visiting the food court. Their monthly income is terribly affected as a result of decrease in customers favoring this place.

10 mins anti-dengue campaign - last two weeks we focused on SS 14 and SS 18. MPSJ has informed me that the reported cases in SS 14 have been reduced to zero while there was only 1 reported case in SS 18 last week. Today we continued the campaign in SS 15. There were 4 cases reported on one street alone. Random checks on houses of that street showed that many college students rent houses there and many were not around to participate in the campaign. This operation also turned into a mobile service centre when a few residents came out and raised concerns on other issues such as car park, clogged drains, poorly maintained parks and etc.

Meeting the residents of Wangsa Baiduri - I met the residents of Wangsa Baiduri and listened to their concerns on lack of car parks and illegal parking in that area. I have fixed a meeting with all relevant parties to meet and discuss on ways to solve this matter.

Fencing issue between USJ 13 and USJ 18 - An urgent site visit was made to listen to residents of USJ 13 and USJ 18 on the dispute on fencing affecting both areas. YDP Dato' Adnan was also present to resolve the issue.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kepada Tuhan saya berserah

Those were the last 4 words of my oath as I was officially sworn in as the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri for Subang Jaya on 22 April 2008. Sitting in the State Assembly as the new state government is magical. I had goosebumps witnessing YB Teng Chang Khim rising from his seat to be sworn in as the Speaker. It was a historical day. This is a testament of people's power. The State Assembly of Selangor has been transformed with 36 Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen taking our places. A new government is in place.

I am looking forward to the next sitting of the State Assembly in May. I'm raring to submit my questions and to participate in constructive debates. The voice of Subang Jaya will be heard in the State Assembly of Selangor.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

State allocation for DUN Subang Jaya 2008

The current Selangor state government has raised the issue of how RM27 Million has been spent in the first two months of 2008 by the previous BN state assemblymen. Each of these state assemblymen had been allocated RM500,000 for their respective constituency. This allocation is meant for social programs, community contributions and small development projects.

For DUN Subang Jaya, a total of RM389,050 has been utilized in the first 2 months of 2008. This is reported by the previous state assemblyman on his website. Parliament and all State Assemblies were dissolved on February 13th 2008. This means that 77.8% of the RM500,000 annual allocation was disbursed within the first 44 days of 2008.

From the posting on the breakdown of that grant, we noticed that allocations were given to various groups in Subang Jaya and some in Kelana Jaya. Why Kelana Jaya? DUN N.31 Subang Jaya does not cover Kelana Jaya, it covers SS12-SS19, USJ1-USJ15 and PJS7, 9, 11.

The new state government has decided not to provide an additional allocation to BN assemblymen. Rightfully so. They have utilized their allocation for the year. Why should the state government provide more money to them? 20 constituencies are currently represented by BN wakil rakyat this term and they have already received their allocation for 2008. All other constituencies represented by Pakatan Rakyat representatives will be provided with additional allocation this year as we cannot be held accountable for what the previous assemblymen have done. Some constituencies are left with very little for the rest of the year.

The state government has decided to allocate RM375,000 (for March - December 2008) for DUN Subang Jaya. This money will be used in a more prudent manner by distributing it to those who are really in need. Just like my election campaign accounts, I will also see to it that the disbursement of this allocation be made public periodically throughout the year.

Finally I rested on Sunday

Today is Sunday. I attended 3 meetings/functions and got home at about 4pm. Today I managed to cook dinner for my husband - the first since the election campaign period. To many, this is insignificant but it means so much to me just to be able to do the things I used to do before I became the Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) for Subang Jaya. As I stood there in my kitchen cutting garlic, I thought of how life used to be for me and how good it is to have time at home (my mind also wandered off to USJ 1 and what other ways we could employ to tackle dengue).

It's been about 40 days since election. Sometimes I feel pressured to meet everyone's expectations of me. Some days I long to have family meals with my dad, mom and siblings. Some days I feel discouraged by the comments made by some. Some days are tough to live by. On other days I feel lifted up by encouragement given by some kind souls. Occasionally I meet some children who are my supporters and they put a smile on my face because they remind me of the cause I'm believing and living for.

I also thought of my late grand dad today. He went home to be with the Lord last September 07. I miss him dearly. I wonder what he would say to me if he knew of me winning the election. I think he would be glad I chose this path.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Worms in breakfast

I rushed to the SAM Bestari in USJ 5 after being notified that more than 100 students had suffered from food poisoning this morning. I had a chat with the principal and was taken around by a teacher. I was told that the operator of the dining hall in the school had been given warnings in regards to cleanliness prior to this incident.

The students told me that they found worms in their breakfast this morning, some say worms were spotted in bowls and on their spoons. Some started having diarrhea soon after. Students affected were given outpatient treatment. I was informed that the education ministry is now investigating the matter and the school will be closed for a few days.

Parties awarded with contracts must be responsible with the given task and at all times, the interest and welfare of the people must come first and that should be the utmost priority! I await the outcome of the investigation and strict action must be taken against those responsible to ensure this does not repeat itself.

The war against dengue continues this Saturday...

This Saturday, 19 April 2008 - we will continue our 10 minutes campaign at SS 14, SS 18 and USJ 1. Leaflets notifying the residents of this exercise have been distributed out to all homes in these areas this morning.

SS 14 - poor response from last Saturday's exercise largely due to residents not receiving the notification leaflet from MPSJ.

SS 18 - good response but can improve further, almost half of the total houses in SS 18 responded. Total of 2.5 ton rubbish collected.

USJ 1 - MPSJ has been vigorously fighting dengue in this area. Despite such effort, the number of cases continue to increase. There were 15 cases reported from 6 - 12 April (7 days period).

I need you to help me pass this message on to residents living in these areas, either by making calls or sending sms. Simple, just spend 10 mins checking their homes and surrounding areas, pack the containers in a black bag and place it outside your home by 12 noon. MPSJ will come and collect them in the afternoon, followed by a round of fogging in the evening. We need every resident to go down to the field and battle this war against aedes mosquitoes together with MPSJ.

I will be going to some homes in these areas to hand out extra educational leaflets to the residents together with MPSJ this Saturday.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the fogging exercise in Angsana, Meranti and Jati homes in USJ 1 on last Tuesday. I was there with the MPSJ team and the team from Unit Promosi Kesihatan Negeri Selangor also came to give their assistance.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Campaign accounts

As promised during the campaign period, I am now publishing my campaign financial accounts here. We believe in clean and transparent governance. The contribution has come from kind hearted donors and I want to be a good steward of that money. The surplus income will be used for the on-going operations of our service centre in SS 14 and its financial accounts will be published periodically.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Telco tower in USJ 5 to be relocated

I am so pleased to announce that I have received official written confirmation from MPSJ that the Telco tower situated in USJ 5/3A will be relocated! This is a relief for the residents who wanted to preserve the small field in their neighbourhood. The other proposed Telco tower at USJ 5/1C will also be halted and relocated. I am now waiting for the exact date of relocation.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saturday mornings in Subang Jaya

I have received an overwhelming response from fellow residents offering assistance to the plight of the people in Angsana flats. Thank you to those who have responded. I am consolidating all the offers for aid and will keep all of you informed on the best way to help these residents.

An equally pressing issue would be the plague of dengue cases. I had an urgent meeting with the health unit of MPSJ to discuss on ways to combat this. Whilst MPSJ is actively battling this by inspecting homes, cleaning and fogging, I personally want to see residents actively engaged in this process. We have decided to start a simple campaign - just spend 10 minutes every Saturday morning checking your garden, back lane and your surrounding area for possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Teach your children to do this as well. It can be a fun time for the family.

This will be a very targeted drive, focusing on a specific area every Saturday. To kick-off this campaign, the first area(s) will be SS 14 and SS 18 in Subang Jaya this Saturday 12 April 2008.

3 simple steps:-
1. Spend 10 minutes checking your garden, back lane and surrounding area for possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes for eg. old tyres, flower pots, bottles and etc. Do this anytime before 12 noon.

2. Collect these items and place them in a black plastic bag, tie-it up and place it outside your gate before 12 noon. MPSJ will come and collect it in the afternoon for disposal. The reason for such disposal is because mere pouring of water out of such items is insufficient, the mosquito larvae could be affixed onto the items. Very important note: this exercise is not for disposal of any other items such as furniture, mattress, old TV or etc!!

3. MPSJ will then do a round of fogging in the evening.

I need your help in forwarding this message to all your friends living in SS 14 and SS 18. This is very urgent. Even if you think that your house or area is free from such breeding grounds, I still urge you to spend 10 minutes checking it anyway. We have no room for assumption here. Lives are at risk.

I've said it before and I will say it again - COMPLACENCY IS DEADLY!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

What Angsana flats taught me...

Last night, I visited the Angsana flats in USJ 1 with my husband and 4 other friends. This place is a hot spot for dengue cases. The appalling state of this place saddens me. Has anyone of you been there? We walked 3 hours visiting homes of widows and orphans, dirty dark stairways, dysfunctional playgrounds and wet and stuffy lifts.

We had to exit the lift at each floor to check if we had arrived as the floor indicator in the lift is no longer working, no one knew which floor they were at each time the lift doors opened. The stairways were dark (thank God for the flash from my camera) and polluted with strong urine stench. Rubbish bags were seen dumped at the already-very-narrow-walking-lanes. The fire safety compartments are broken and the fire extinguishers have disappeared! The very rare kids' playgrounds are also in bad shape. Some abandoned shoplots located on the ground floor of the flats are terribly filthy. The windows are gone, the floors are wet and bags of rubbish are scattered on the wet floors. View photos here.

I also visited the home of Rainah and her 4 boys. Rainah lost her husband in January this year. He drowned at the abandoned project site at USJ 1. After deducting the rental of her flat from her monthly income, she's left with about RM300 to provide for the boys.

Mariammah who looks after her 3 boys on her own also shares a similar story. I noticed a broken old cassette player in the living hall. When asked if it was still working, she said yes! According to her, they still use it to listen to RTM radio. When I visited her kitchen, I also noticed a broken ceiling fan. She said most of the equipments at home were donated by others who moved out of the flats.

I also met a 12 year old orphan who HAS NEVER BEEN TO SCHOOL! She is without a birth certificate.

I was also asked to visit a family with 5 children. The second child stopped walking 2 years ago. The third child then became blind and is also crippled. They have sought medical treatment but till today they do not know what has caused this disability.

I had difficulty sleeping last night. I thought to myself, what must have gone through the minds of these little ones, to once have sight and then to see nothing but darkness, to once be able to run around and play but now is bound to just sitting down. I was elected by not just the rich or the middle-class residents in Subang Jaya, I was also elected by these less fortunate residents. I am a wakil rakyat for all and hence I must ensure I speak up for them as well. One month after election (still awaiting swearing-in), I have been asked to look into many issues, each group telling me their respective concerns should be my priority.

For an ADUN representing an urban constituency like Subang Jaya, I want to challenge the mindset of the "comfortable" group to look beyond their own circle, to love their neighbours as they love themselves and be mindful that there are residents in our midst who are struggling to have a decent living and some basic clean amenities. Some of us spend RM200 a meal but these homes rely on RM200 for an entire month to put food into the mouths of 5. What a stark contrast! I am working closely with MPSJ to ensure dengue cases decline. I want basic sanitation to improve. I want to ensure every child here has the opportunity to go to school and no child dies of undernourishment.

If your children do not appreciate the education they have, complain of the toys you buy for them and the lack of visits to fancy restaurants, please remind them of their blessings. If you hear your friends complain of the houses, cars and jobs they have, please remind them of their blessings. I thank God for the "little" I have and the new given responsibility to make a difference in these lives. If you want to help these families, please e-mail me and let's make Subang Jaya a better home for all residents.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunday Surprise

I was at Subang Parade with my husband doing an interview with the press on Sunday. As soon as the interview ended, a charming little boy walked up to our table and stood between my husband and I. He introduced himself as Jordan. He said "I was at your ceramah in USJ12!". He said he could understand all the speeches at the ceramah and he enjoyed it. By the way, Jordan is only 10 this year!

His mom, at the table beside us then said, "His school teacher asked the class to name one thing Malaysia's famous for. The class kept quiet and then Jordan answered boldly 'CORRUPTION!'".

Jordan's elder brother, Nathaniel aged 14, also came over to say hello. Just before he left, he asked if he could write something in my diary and this is what he wrote:

They surprised me with their keen interest in "government" at such a young age. I have to write this because this is no petty kids' matter. I am so proud of them because they are not indifferent. I say to you again - there is hope for Malaysia!

Update : Applications open for MPSJ councillors

Applicants must also be cleared by:

i. Anti Corruption Agency (ACA);
ii. Police; and
iii. Bank Negara.