Saturday, April 26, 2008

News, updates and more....

Some quick updates from the last couple of days:-

Meeting the Rukun Tetangga of USJ 2 and USJ 6 - This group of residents organised a hi-tea for me and invited me to share my thoughts and plans for my constituency. I had a good time getting to know the young people, the senior citizens and the ladies committees of this organisation.

Traffic proposal - I met up with a few residents and the engineering department of MPSJ to discuss on ways to improve the traffic flow in Persiaran Tujuan. A proposal has been done up and will be presented to MPSJ for Jawatankuasa Trafik's consideration.

Food poisoning at the school in USJ 5 - I visited the school after I was told that there was a new temporary dining hall operator.

I am following-up closely on this matter and want to ensure that the education ministry sends a responsible and qualified dining hall operator to cater for the needs of the students.

Road from KESAS to USJ 1 - I called for an urgent meeting with all parties involved. The appointed contractor has not been able to start work due to hoardings put up by another contractor. MPSJ will take action to ensure the appointed contractor is able to start work as soon as possible. I have also told MPSJ to look into the possibility of turning this road into a 2-way road to ease the traffic jam in USJ.

Modern market-food court in SS 15 - I met up with the hawkers and they took me on a tour to show me the badly maintained condition of this place. This "modern market-food court" has no fan installed for the customers visiting the food court. Their monthly income is terribly affected as a result of decrease in customers favoring this place.

10 mins anti-dengue campaign - last two weeks we focused on SS 14 and SS 18. MPSJ has informed me that the reported cases in SS 14 have been reduced to zero while there was only 1 reported case in SS 18 last week. Today we continued the campaign in SS 15. There were 4 cases reported on one street alone. Random checks on houses of that street showed that many college students rent houses there and many were not around to participate in the campaign. This operation also turned into a mobile service centre when a few residents came out and raised concerns on other issues such as car park, clogged drains, poorly maintained parks and etc.

Meeting the residents of Wangsa Baiduri - I met the residents of Wangsa Baiduri and listened to their concerns on lack of car parks and illegal parking in that area. I have fixed a meeting with all relevant parties to meet and discuss on ways to solve this matter.

Fencing issue between USJ 13 and USJ 18 - An urgent site visit was made to listen to residents of USJ 13 and USJ 18 on the dispute on fencing affecting both areas. YDP Dato' Adnan was also present to resolve the issue.