Thursday, April 10, 2008

Saturday mornings in Subang Jaya

I have received an overwhelming response from fellow residents offering assistance to the plight of the people in Angsana flats. Thank you to those who have responded. I am consolidating all the offers for aid and will keep all of you informed on the best way to help these residents.

An equally pressing issue would be the plague of dengue cases. I had an urgent meeting with the health unit of MPSJ to discuss on ways to combat this. Whilst MPSJ is actively battling this by inspecting homes, cleaning and fogging, I personally want to see residents actively engaged in this process. We have decided to start a simple campaign - just spend 10 minutes every Saturday morning checking your garden, back lane and your surrounding area for possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Teach your children to do this as well. It can be a fun time for the family.

This will be a very targeted drive, focusing on a specific area every Saturday. To kick-off this campaign, the first area(s) will be SS 14 and SS 18 in Subang Jaya this Saturday 12 April 2008.

3 simple steps:-
1. Spend 10 minutes checking your garden, back lane and surrounding area for possible breeding grounds for mosquitoes for eg. old tyres, flower pots, bottles and etc. Do this anytime before 12 noon.

2. Collect these items and place them in a black plastic bag, tie-it up and place it outside your gate before 12 noon. MPSJ will come and collect it in the afternoon for disposal. The reason for such disposal is because mere pouring of water out of such items is insufficient, the mosquito larvae could be affixed onto the items. Very important note: this exercise is not for disposal of any other items such as furniture, mattress, old TV or etc!!

3. MPSJ will then do a round of fogging in the evening.

I need your help in forwarding this message to all your friends living in SS 14 and SS 18. This is very urgent. Even if you think that your house or area is free from such breeding grounds, I still urge you to spend 10 minutes checking it anyway. We have no room for assumption here. Lives are at risk.

I've said it before and I will say it again - COMPLACENCY IS DEADLY!!