Sunday, April 20, 2008

State allocation for DUN Subang Jaya 2008

The current Selangor state government has raised the issue of how RM27 Million has been spent in the first two months of 2008 by the previous BN state assemblymen. Each of these state assemblymen had been allocated RM500,000 for their respective constituency. This allocation is meant for social programs, community contributions and small development projects.

For DUN Subang Jaya, a total of RM389,050 has been utilized in the first 2 months of 2008. This is reported by the previous state assemblyman on his website. Parliament and all State Assemblies were dissolved on February 13th 2008. This means that 77.8% of the RM500,000 annual allocation was disbursed within the first 44 days of 2008.

From the posting on the breakdown of that grant, we noticed that allocations were given to various groups in Subang Jaya and some in Kelana Jaya. Why Kelana Jaya? DUN N.31 Subang Jaya does not cover Kelana Jaya, it covers SS12-SS19, USJ1-USJ15 and PJS7, 9, 11.

The new state government has decided not to provide an additional allocation to BN assemblymen. Rightfully so. They have utilized their allocation for the year. Why should the state government provide more money to them? 20 constituencies are currently represented by BN wakil rakyat this term and they have already received their allocation for 2008. All other constituencies represented by Pakatan Rakyat representatives will be provided with additional allocation this year as we cannot be held accountable for what the previous assemblymen have done. Some constituencies are left with very little for the rest of the year.

The state government has decided to allocate RM375,000 (for March - December 2008) for DUN Subang Jaya. This money will be used in a more prudent manner by distributing it to those who are really in need. Just like my election campaign accounts, I will also see to it that the disbursement of this allocation be made public periodically throughout the year.