Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Sunday Surprise

I was at Subang Parade with my husband doing an interview with the press on Sunday. As soon as the interview ended, a charming little boy walked up to our table and stood between my husband and I. He introduced himself as Jordan. He said "I was at your ceramah in USJ12!". He said he could understand all the speeches at the ceramah and he enjoyed it. By the way, Jordan is only 10 this year!

His mom, at the table beside us then said, "His school teacher asked the class to name one thing Malaysia's famous for. The class kept quiet and then Jordan answered boldly 'CORRUPTION!'".

Jordan's elder brother, Nathaniel aged 14, also came over to say hello. Just before he left, he asked if he could write something in my diary and this is what he wrote:

They surprised me with their keen interest in "government" at such a young age. I have to write this because this is no petty kids' matter. I am so proud of them because they are not indifferent. I say to you again - there is hope for Malaysia!