Thursday, April 17, 2008

The war against dengue continues this Saturday...

This Saturday, 19 April 2008 - we will continue our 10 minutes campaign at SS 14, SS 18 and USJ 1. Leaflets notifying the residents of this exercise have been distributed out to all homes in these areas this morning.

SS 14 - poor response from last Saturday's exercise largely due to residents not receiving the notification leaflet from MPSJ.

SS 18 - good response but can improve further, almost half of the total houses in SS 18 responded. Total of 2.5 ton rubbish collected.

USJ 1 - MPSJ has been vigorously fighting dengue in this area. Despite such effort, the number of cases continue to increase. There were 15 cases reported from 6 - 12 April (7 days period).

I need you to help me pass this message on to residents living in these areas, either by making calls or sending sms. Simple, just spend 10 mins checking their homes and surrounding areas, pack the containers in a black bag and place it outside your home by 12 noon. MPSJ will come and collect them in the afternoon, followed by a round of fogging in the evening. We need every resident to go down to the field and battle this war against aedes mosquitoes together with MPSJ.

I will be going to some homes in these areas to hand out extra educational leaflets to the residents together with MPSJ this Saturday.

Meanwhile, here are some photos of the fogging exercise in Angsana, Meranti and Jati homes in USJ 1 on last Tuesday. I was there with the MPSJ team and the team from Unit Promosi Kesihatan Negeri Selangor also came to give their assistance.