Thursday, April 17, 2008

Worms in breakfast

I rushed to the SAM Bestari in USJ 5 after being notified that more than 100 students had suffered from food poisoning this morning. I had a chat with the principal and was taken around by a teacher. I was told that the operator of the dining hall in the school had been given warnings in regards to cleanliness prior to this incident.

The students told me that they found worms in their breakfast this morning, some say worms were spotted in bowls and on their spoons. Some started having diarrhea soon after. Students affected were given outpatient treatment. I was informed that the education ministry is now investigating the matter and the school will be closed for a few days.

Parties awarded with contracts must be responsible with the given task and at all times, the interest and welfare of the people must come first and that should be the utmost priority! I await the outcome of the investigation and strict action must be taken against those responsible to ensure this does not repeat itself.