Monday, May 19, 2008

House cleaning

It's been almost 75 days since winning the election. It feels like moving into a 'house'. I have great plans for this 'house'. I want to refurbish it, paint it with different colours, buy new furniture, put up curtains, fill my kitchen with beautiful china, decorate the house and make it cosy and etc. Basically, I just want to turn the 'house' into a home.

A comfortable home. A home where the rights of its tenants are respected. A home where their needs are taken into account. A home which is worthy of the monthly rent/installment. A place you and I can truly call home.

BUT unfortunately, all those refurbishing plans are being hindered by one chore - cleaning. I have been busy cleaning for 75 days and the house is still dirty. Some corners I see have traces of dirt. The floors are stained. Leakages and etc. I cleaned and I cleaned and I cleaned. I kept cleaning BUT it's still dirty. I called for help. Help came in. More hands worked on this together but it's still not ready for refurbishment.

That's how it has been for me since winning. A bit poetic I know but it's no exaggeration. From telco towers to illegal hostel, cheated housebuyers, oppression of traders, unsustainable development, individuals in high places constantly bypassing the laws, mediating between contractors who have been lured with promises of contracts, dysfunctional Joint Management Body(ies), illegal usage of green lungs, conflicts between resident groups and so many more.

I will not give up cleaning. I will see to it that this 'house' becomes a home. If the dirt unearths rats, I'll ensure the rats are caught. There are indeed signs of this pest. If you find one, please do not feed it. Help me catch it or at least expose it. The tolerance that many had towards these rats has resulted in this filthy condition. Do not be afraid of them. The people are bigger than these rats.