Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meeting the residents of PJS 9

I attended a Q&A session with the residents of PJS 9 in Bandar Sunway on last Sunday afternoon. It was raining. I was also asked to present prizes to the youth for their sports activities.

The residents were also briefed by the residents' committee on a proposed guarded scheme desired by 85% of the residents. I was told that they have submitted their proposal to MPSJ for consideration and approval. I declared openly to the residents that I do not have any personal interest in the management of the guarded scheme ie. no interest in the collection of monthly fee and appointment of the security company. The scheme if approved by MPSJ, is to be solely managed by the residents. The residents were invited by the residents' committee to check on their accounts if the scheme gets the green light from MPSJ.

I had to explain to the residents that currently there is no definite law for gated and guarded schemes. Previously, there were only guidelines provided by the former Selangor state government. As such, I had raised this concern at the very recent State Assembly sitting (I will post the content of my speech soon) asking for a definite law to be drawn up to monitor this gated and guarded scheme which is becoming increasingly popular amongst residents in urban areas.

I also reminded the residents to continue with the weekly 10-minutes anti dengue campaign. Residents should not have to be reminded every week on their role to check on possible breeding grounds in their home and its surroundings.