Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Proposed development at the field located in USJ 11/3H

I attended an appeal with the residents of USJ 11 who objected to the approval given to a company to develop a piece of land in the field into a 2 and a half storey tadika and food court. The residents were unanimous in their decision against this development. At the appeal, the residents were informed by MPSJ that the company has withdrawn its application for the same. As such, the residents' appeal to that development would not stand as the subject matter has been dropped.

The residents were also informed by MPSJ that the company is now proposing to develop a few units of semi-detached houses on that same piece of land. The residents are now working on their objections and will await a public hearing to be called by MPSJ on the new proposal. This group of residents are very united in their cause to protect their neighbourhood from having more unplanned development.