Friday, June 20, 2008

Proposed development at USJ 6

Few days ago, I attended the public hearing at MPSJ on the proposed development at USJ 6 (opposite True Fitness Taipan). So many residents turned up to protest this proposal. The developer Pujangga Budiman Sdn Bhd is proposing to develop a 9-storey building with 2 sub-basement car parks levels. Although it is commercial land, the residents were told in their Sale and Purchase Agreement that the plot of land was reserved for TM exchange.

In the hearing, the residents presented their objections. You can read more about it here.

I stand with the residents and I am also of the opinion that this area is already very congested, traffic is at a standstill in Taipan at the beginning and end of every month (when people do banking).

MPSJ has noted the residents' objections and the same would be tabled at their upcoming OSC meeting after which the same would be tabled to the State Planning Committee.

Until and unless I see car park problems and traffic condition improved in Subang Jaya, I am rather skeptical and not convinced that any future development will benefit the people. I would like to see an independent traffic impact assessment done up for this. I am not against development. I just want sustainable development.