Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Selangor Legislative Assembly

The recent Selangor Legislative Assembly (21 - 26 May) created history. There was a live telecast on the entire proceeding. 31 assemblymen took part in the debate on the Sultan's address. This recorded the highest number of participants. The Speaker YB Teng Chang Khim also removed the tea break session as practiced last time to allow more time for debate. The last day went up to 9pm at night.

I had the opportunity to participate in the debate on the Sultan's address. I spoke about issues that concerned my constituency. The first item highlighted by me was the issue of gated and guarded community. Due to the lack of security, many residents are taking this into their own hands by setting up a gated and guarded community. Currently there are only guidelines issued by the previous state government. Residents have difficulty in obtaining endorsement/approval by MPSJ. The police also said that they would leave this matter to be decided by MPSJ. I urged the new state government to come up with a definite law to regulate gated and guarded community as residents are now unsure on how to pursue this matter.

I also spoke on unplanned development mushrooming in Subang Jaya. Approvals have been given to companies to develop a plot of land in the playground into food courts. There is lack of consideration given to factors such as parking space and traffic flow when approvals are given to new development. I also urged the state government to conduct a thorough study on the effect of telco towers.

Next, I touched on the allocation funds utilised by all the previous assemblymen. The funds were spent as though they were campaign funds. So much spent on meals. This habit of spending is not just present amongst the assemblymen, this habit has also been adopted by their wives in the Balkis issue.

I also highlighted the plight of the purchasers of Mutiara Court in Sunway. They were given Certificate of Fitness for Occupation but to their horror, water and electricity were not ready for connection. I have blogged about this previously. I urged the state government to probe the assemblyman for Seri Serdang on his involvement in this matter.

Another matter raised by me was the sale of Brisdale Holdings Berhad by SAP Holdings Berhad to GMB Construction Sdn Bhd for RM50,000 only. I urged the state government to conduct an investigation on this sale.

I then rebutted the claims made by the BN assemblymen. They constantly said that BN has brought development to Selangor. To this I said, yes I do not dispute that fact but more development could have taken place to improve the welfare of the rakyat if there was better management of state funds by the previous state government.

The BN assemblymen also argued that it was unfair for them to be labelled as 'zalim' (cruel) as no one in Selangor has died of hunger under the administration of the previous state government. I refuted that by saying that the 'zalim' word was used in reference to how public funds have been spent lavishly by the past officials on themselves while the people had to suffer to make a living in Selangor, in other words - stealing from the people. That to me is 'zalim'.

My final point was on the usage of the word 'terpukau'. The BN assemblymen alleged that the people of Selangor were hypnotised by the Pakatan Rakyat government for eg. they were lured by empty promises and etc. I argued that usage of such a word is offensive to the rakyat, as though they do not have a mind of their own. I said the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen were no magicians or wizards, we do not know how to hypnotise people. The people voted for us because they believe in our fight against corruption. However, I suggested if the BN assemblymen insisted on using the 'terpukau' word, it should have been used in a better context and I suggested this- setelah 50 tahun rakyat terpukau dengan pimpinan barisan yang kononnya nasional, akhirnya pada 8 Mac 2008, mereka telah bangun dan bangkit dari pukauan ini!

There was also a Majlis Bersantap held in conjunction with this. My husband won the first prize for the bowling competition for the assemblymen category for men. Second prize went to YB Teng Chang Khim and third prize went to YB Ng Suee Lim. I'm so proud of my husband. He did well. Guess who won the first prize for the bowling competition for the assemblymen category for women? Haha, me! I am not very good at bowling but don't ask me how I won (absolutely no bribery involved).

I enjoyed the state assembly sitting this round. I enjoyed learning from seniors like YB Ng Suee Lim and our Tuan Speaker. I will blog on the motion brought by YB Lau Weng San to free the ISA detainees next.