Friday, June 13, 2008

Two temples and one political party

In the last few days I have been busy with press conference after press conference. One of the issues highlighted concerns a piece of land in PJS 7/13 in Bandar Sunway. Along this street, one can see a Hindu temple, next to it a Chinese temple and followed by a MCA building/ kindergarten. Many of you may not have gotten a full grasp of the issue as the press has been very sketchy and vague in presenting the facts of this case. As such, I will take the liberty to explain this issue to my readers.

A few weeks ago, we came across an old master plan and noticed that all three plots of lands were designated as "simpanan ugama". We proceeded to conduct our investigations and we were informed by the Land Office that the MCA Bandar Sunway branch had applied to the Land Office on 24 September 2001 for that land to be given to them for the purpose of building an office and kindergarten.

That application was rejected by the Land Office on 12 May 2003.

The current land status is meant to be an open space area or "kawasan lapang". We highlighted this to the press and questioned the legality of the building which houses the MCA Bandar Sunway branch office and kindergarten on that piece of land.

Following this, MCA Bandar Sunway branch then called for a press conference justifying their existence on that land. You can read all about it here - MCA says land given to it by Sunway Group.

I am quite surprised at their reasoning and explanation as to how they "obtained" the land. If it was given by Sunway Group to MCA Bandar Sunway as alleged, technically it should then be a private land. If that was so, why is there a need for a Temporary Occupation Licence which is granted by the State? And what about building plans approval and Certificate of Fitness for Occupation for the said building? They should be able to furnish all of these, but they have not. Instead, they focused on other peripheral issues like the sponsor for the construction cost, the VIPs who officiated the building and the license to operate the kindergarten which was never questioned.

The Subang Jaya constituency faces an acute shortage of land especially open spaces and land for religious purposes. I intend to make every effort to preserve existing land and redeem that which was lost.