Friday, July 11, 2008

Anti-dengue campaign is still on!

Tomorrow is Saturday. Please do not forget to spend 10 mins to check the surrounding areas of your house. It is possible to have indoor breeding grounds. I hope there will come a time when residents do not need a reminder such as this one to help battle dengue.

Read more about dengue here. Let's not sit and wait till it becomes an epidemic. MPSJ will continue to do its part. Residents must do their part as well. It only takes 10 mins to save lives.


WG Siew said...

Dear Ms Yeoh,

First of all, I would like to express my appreciation to all your works and efforts being the people-representative of Subang Jaya.

As regards to the Dengue issue, there have been many campaign going on to reduce dengue infection in the country, and in Subang Jaya. However, there are still many mosquito breeding grounds that are yet to be tackled, one of the obvious spots that I realised all the time, is the large clogged drains in between USJ Summit and Giant Hypermarket. That place is seems to be a "No-man Land".

I have taken photos and sent to Star Newpaper, but did not have any effect. Therefore I thought you might be able to do something about it.

Project Rainbow said...

Dear YB, recently a "Pegawai kerajaan" visited our home to check on the fogging operations done to control dengue in the area of SS18.
He was wearing a name tag (Adzmi, Perawai Operasi)and spoke as if he was from the Local Authorities.
However after he asked me to sign the form I noticed it was from a private company, and there was a service charge of RM50. To be fair, upon my request En Adzmi cancelled my signature but declined to give me the copy of the form. When I asked him to also cancel the carbonised book copies he mumbled (amicably) that this was a service they provided for the authorities and walked off. I believe this company is called "Dataran Sinar Services".
Q: Does MPSJ sanction such companies to carry out fogging operations? Does MPSJ pay them for this service or are such companies expected to earn by getting residents to sign up for this service?
Appreciate if your people could look into this.
Kind rgds,
PS: keep up the good work!