Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Education Ministry's reply on ban

As promised, Tony Pua the Member of Parliament for PJ Utara raised the issue of the ban on Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen and MPs in schools. You can read about it on Tony's blog.

So conveniently the blame has now shifted to the principal of SMKSU. The Education Ministry is using the principal as a scapegoat. This is injustice upon injustice.

A PIBG for a school in USJ has done the exact same thing and the circular was also mentioned to justify the non-invitation.


Alan Cheah said...

I will always support people who carry things out in the most fair manner.

Hannah Yeoh is one of the politicians who has set a very good example as what a politician will do for the RAKYAT!

Keep it up, Hannah.

Many out there will know who is doing right thing or wrong thing.


Antares said...

Such a joy to see a beautiful, wholesome personality like you in politics, Hannah! I wish at least one of my daughters would do the same (in fact you do remind me of my elder daughter Moonlake who graduated in corporate law but now resides in Singapore :-) Abundant blessings upon you and lovely husband Ram - and may your political career be luminous, shedding desperately needed light in hitherto dark places!