Thursday, July 10, 2008

Enriching lives

I spent some time last evening visiting some homes in USJ. Joining me were some caring residents and Mr Yeong, the president of the Kelab Warga Emas in this area. I met a man who's been bedridden for more than 1o years now after an accident. His wife has been looking after him and she works too. He is still in good spirit despite his condition and was able to communicate with me. I know how taxing it is emotionally on a family when a family member is bedridden. My office is now working on assistance from Jabatan Kebajikan for them.

I also met a senior citizen who has an eye condition and is in need of medical treatment.

The last home I visited shocked me. Both parents are odd job workers and they have 7 children. When they're at work, their younger kids are left to be attended to by their older children. The youngest is only slightly more than a year old. When I saw the youngest child drinking from a jar, I asked them what he was drinking and they told me that he's drinking water only. I was also told that they have stopped drinking milk for some time because they cannot afford it. Neighbours told me that they have seen the kids drinking from the bathroom before. One child has skin illness while another had a cut on his ear while playing. They only eat porridge at night. Neighbours of different races often helped this family, sometimes by purchasing cooking gas for them. When my assistants heard this, they rushed down to the mini market and quickly bought some bread and ice-cream for the kids. You should have seen the joy on their faces when they ate the ice-cream! My assistant said this to me before we left that place "I know we've had tough times serving people but when I see conditions like this one, I am glad I have the privilege of helping the poor".

We are making urgent arrangement to help this family. Different groups of residents have offered assistance. It is sufficient for now. With the price increase in almost everything, life can only be tougher for these poor families. I am highlighting this to create more awareness that poverty exists in our neighbourhood. I know some may argue that there will always be the poor around but I want to minimise that in my term as a state assemblyman. There are residents who cannot see anything beyond their own backyard. I am glad that there are still many caring Malaysians around. When I shared this with my family during our family dinner last night, my dad said "you have chosen this path to serve the country" and I know I'm blessed with this position to enrich poor lives and not my own. I am of the opinion that politicians and other people of great influence should use their position only to enrich the less fortunate ones and not the pockets of some. Some may think that I am an idealist and live in a naive world of my own. I am not! I stand firm that this is how it ought to be.

The next time you enjoy a cup of ice-cream, give thanks because to some, it is a luxury.


Scott McLean said...

Hi there, Nice blog and you care about people so that's great!

Jarod said...

I am touched. Keep it up!~ Poor ppl is all around. They need ppl to care and support.

Anonymous said...

Your blog regarding the 7 kids moved me to tears.. Thank you for providing assistance to these poor people and highlighting it to us, the ignorant few who live simply in a well. Please continue to do good to the community and may you be blessed a thousand folds more...

Anonymous said...

Hi YB Hannah!

You have been doing a great job over the past few months. Trust that the Lord will reward you according to His richness and mercy and grace in His own time and will.


Ling said...

I am glad that my parents voted for you (:

Anonymous said...

may i suggest that in your blog website , put up a request for donations , so tat these donations collected could be channeled to those in serious needs??

KIMHO8 said...

Dear Hannah,

Regarding your tip top performance as ADUN no one can ever doubt about it. The poor and unfortunate need you more than us. Please help them more without delay.

We are so proud to live in Subang Jaya, USJ and Bandar Sunway just because of you, best choice ever!

Anonymous said...

May you be an example to all politicians around the world and especially in Malaysia. May He give you strength to continue to do the good work.
From a Malaysian who has left the country 36 years ago and currently residing in Toronto, Canada.

A.John said...

Hi Hannah,

It is a great job you are doing, & please keep it up. Do you know the Lord blesses us with talents and wealth, so that we are able to help the poor and needy He brings into our lives! That's why He always say be a good steward of your talents! God Bless you always!

Shwe Ying said...

I've said it before and I'm saying it again. Keep up that awesome-ness in you!! All politicians should be like you.
take care & God bless!

Davin said...

hi YB Hannah,

Good job u are doing now... may the Lord reward you according to His richness and mercy and grace in His own time and will...

I'am very happy with you as our ADUN for Subang Jaya.... next general election hope u stand for parliment seat or stand again at DUN Subang Jaya and win for 2nd term with even bigger majority....

Please help all the poor at DUN Subang Jaya and serounding areas..

Take care...

Chng Meng Kung said...

Hi Hannah,

You are such a conscientous person. The people of USJ, Subang Jaya and the areas within your constituency are truly blessed to have such a wonderful and caring ADUN.

You are indeed living a purpose-driven life!God will bless you abundantly. Righteousness will indeed exalt a nation and you have chosen an awesome verse to direct your enegry as an ADUN.

I was among the first people to live in USJ2 and I lived there for 11 years ; from August 1991 to June 2002.

Never in my wildest dreams would I dare to dream the impossible ; that Subang Jaya would fall to DAP! Even though I lived in USJ2, I still kept my registration as a voter in Damansara Jaya and PJ Utata. At least my vote there would make a difference to DAP but in Subang Jaya it would be a cough in a typhoon. Who could hear you? I've been a DAP supporter since 1969.

Between 1991 and June 2002 I have never been able to see an image, poster or flag of DAP in the whole of USJ let alone been able to attend a rally whether organised by DAP or BN!

What a change March 8 have brought to the nation. You came like a typhoon and instead of wreaking a path of destruction you brought much needed water and rejuvenation to the parched political landscape of Subang Jaya! Way to go, Hannah.

You are indeed a prophet and people longed to follow you because you dare to speak and do the works of a truthful ADUN.

Everytime I access the DAP leaders' blog yours would be the first I would read.

Before I sign off, please learn how to pace yourself and don't get burnt out. You're in for the long haul and do ignore the sniggers who think an ADUN is a domestic servant. Your are a YB and a well-deserved and respected one. Long may you live and be a blessing to those around you. Praise the Lord!

Best regards from Brisbane
Chng Meng Kung
I've since migrated to New Zealand but still keep abreast with the situation in Malaysia.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah

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