Monday, July 14, 2008

Free health screening for residents in SS13 flats

Yesterday my office organised a free health screening for the residents in the SS13 flats at the 3K hall. The program started at 9am and ended at 1pm.

This program was made possible by a volunteer doctor who lives in Subang Jaya. He came to my office right after the election and offered his assistance to serve the people alongside me. His wife, also a doctor joined the team as well. There were young medical graduates from Subang Jaya who were also part of the team.

We provided free random blood sugar and cholesterol test, free blood pressure check, body mass index measurement and height and weight test.

The residents of different races came to do their check-ups and there were some who came to accompany their spouse but were reluctant to do a check-up for themselves. When asked why, they simply replied "I don't want to know because I know the reading will surely be high". Such is the mindset of many Malaysians when it comes to health checks. Look at our eating habits. We can't afford the price of ignorance. Health is priceless. Treasure it and work on it.

There was also a talk on cataract. The senior citizens living there received much from the talk. Remember the senior citizen mentioned in my blog titled "Enriching lives" who has an eye condition? We brought him to see the eye specialist here and I'm pleased to tell you that he will be given a free and thorough check-up by this doctor.

Why did we do this? When I was told that the residents in SS13 flats have been neglected for some 20 years, I decided to step in and assist them. We did a gotong-royong in this place weeks ago and I know a health program would benefit the people. During the campaign period, I told the people that I would look into having a public clinic for the people of Subang Jaya. The nearest public clinics are now in Kelana Jaya and Puchong. While we work on that, we decided to do free health screening first. I want to ensure that the funds allocated for my constituency are put to good use instead of just spending it on dinners! The people should be the rightful recipients.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lee Hwa Beng,

If you are reading Hannah's blog, this is the way how a wakil rakyat should be la!!! The rakyat's interests always come first.

cy97 said...

Dear Hannah,
Glad to see many things that you had initiated and get things done. Well just an impression that you are "different" from you other DAP peers that are full of political aspiration but lacking

Keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Please conduct voter registration drive too! They need awareness of their rights too.