Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Lady Survival Skills

Last Saturday, I attended a Lady Survival Skills seminar organised by Community@Heart in Sunway. This event was attended by more than 300 ladies. In my speech, I encouraged the ladies to be more proactive in their community. I reminded them of the consequences of being ignorant, whether it concerns safety, politics or others.

We were given a lot of practical tips on safety issues. I personally find this program very helpful and I want to see more activities like this in my constituency. I told the ladies I understand how it feels to be a victim of crime because I was once a victim of snatch theft too. I am well aware of the security issues in Subang Jaya and I am working on ways to fight crime together with the police and residents.


Damocles said...

It has been some time now that the BN government had said that it wanted to recruit sixty thousand police personnel.
What progress have they made so far? Or is it like any other BN intention, all talk, no action.
The police force, like many other institutions in this country has been very badly neglected during the reign of the former PM and continued during the term of the incumbent.
The magnitude of the neglect can be seen by the number of police officers that must be recruited.
While the population of this country has been growing, the police as well as personnel in other branches of the government has not kept pace. With the exception of the bloated civil service!
The result is tragic. Criminals have been acting with impunity. In some cases, they have even made purse snatching a rewarding profession!
This shows the magnitude of the stupidity of the blind faith many have in the BN over the decades.
Perhaps the PR, when it takes over the reigns from the BN, will be able to make a change for the better.
For a start it must set the gold standard of administration in the states that it is currently governing. I think that one of the most important attribute it must have is common sense. Because common sense will keep the PR in sync with the people.
Finally, keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah,

I think you are the cutest YB in all of Malaysia. And because of you, I am going to register myself and vote in the next coming GE.