Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Lagoon Perdana uncompleted units

Please find below the status update on Lagoon Perdana uncompleted units by the purchasers' representative:
For BLKS 1, 3, & 8 - works are in full swing
Blk 1 & 8 - to be delivered by end Dec 08 /Jan 09
Blk 3 - to be delivered by end of Feb 09/Mac 09
Blk 7 - still waiting on 2nd opinion from the consultant. the first consultant informed to go ahead with progress work but however TGSB/IJMC referred to 2nd consultant

Blk 1 & 8 - work is going on till 9pm
Blk3 - work is progressing well
I'm following up closely for Blk 7, with KPKT, TGSB/IJM, whereby the 2nd opinion should be reverted to them by end of this month

This has been highlighted in the press before. You can read about it here.


Anonymous said...

i have never thought of MP or ADUN can be used to help on these matters.
Excellent Job.

MOYSC said...

We should be thankful that both Dato Lee (our former ADUN) and Ms Hannah have helped all of us in their own ways to ensure that LP uncompleted blocks are not put out of sight.

Lets pray and hope that LP project will finally be completed as promised.

Anonymous said...


I like it that you mentioned both Dato' Lee (the former ADUN) and Ms Hannah should be thanked for their efforts in helping solve the LP conundrum. Its just that in the wake of the recent political changes, people seemed to forget that whatever shortcomings the previous ADUN/MP/State Govt has, there are things which they (in this case, Dato'Lee) has done for the community. Sometimes I think the unnecessary bashing of everything BN is uncalled for. Yes, I think Ms Hannah is great for Subang Jaya and I think you epitomized what a "wakil rakyat" should do, but lets not totally regard what people before us has contributed.

Yes, lets really hope the LP project will be resolved. A lot of poeple may have suffered financially and its time their burden is relieved.

Ms Hannah, keep it up.

- Ron Hassan

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that at least the project is still moving forward. I would not credit too much the contribution of any wakil rakyat whether Dato' Lee or Hannah. The issue at Lagoon Perdana started long before any of them getting involved. My wife and I have wasted lots of our time going to tribunal and meetings. And obviously the system, the ministry and the government are not at all on the people's side. We've long given up on that piece of property. We're lucky in the sense that we can afford another apartment and can just leave the lagoon perdana unit's investment flowing down the drain(painfully).

I do sympathise with those who still need to hold on to the incomplete units. One thing that made me feeling sick to my stomach is the fact that while we working people wasted all our money on a poorly built apartment unit, Talam is happily continue to make money on our expense. I'm not trying to downplay the wakil rakyat's effort in trying to help the people. I understand that they only have 24 hours in a day like everyone else also. I just cannot stand the people who supported the same ideal in the government who created this idiotic system that takes advantage of the people in the first place. I remember how helpless I feel watching Talam playing their tricks in the tribunal while the judge obviously indifferent and couldn't care less about what's happening letting the developer drag on the case while more and more people giving up trying to chase a dream. I don't believe in the saying that a known devil is better than an unknown devil. That's why I voted for Hannah in the last election. And I believe we did find an angel.

For the sake of the owners of the uncompleted units, I hope Talam will deliver this time. Too many false promises given by them that pinochio would have the nose as long as penang bridge. Anyhow, I have faith in Hannah. Thanks for your effort.

Anonymous said...

Lagoon Perdana issue had been a nightmare for most of the owners. Talam not only built poor quality apartments, now they also wash their hands off from the problems which we are still facing now. Poor seal proof system for all building, hence after the 5 years warranty period is over. Talam handed us a water leaking problem. The concrete on the cemented floor at the common areas started to crack, there is no cement mixed under the concrete floor, just pure SAND!!! How could such builidng be passed by engineer under the Building Safety Act???????

Anonymous said...

Hannah, you're a god-sent angel! Keep up the great work. Can't wait to hear more good news to come. After years of worries and sleepless nights, finally there is light at the end of the tunnel.