Wednesday, July 30, 2008

No gifts please

Ever since the election, I have been invited to numerous functions by my constituents. Malaysians love food. Each function I attended, I felt obliged to "eat a little" because the organiser would have gone to great extent in preparing food for us. Many would give souvenirs or a token of appreciation to me for attending their functions. May I say this? I want to be polite here and hopefully not offend anyone - please do not give me gifts. I am no great VIP but a mere people's representative and an ordinary person. Many people still find it hard to believe when I turn up at functions in my own little 4 year old Hyundai Getz. So in view of rising costs, I will just say this openly - don't have to prepare lavish meals and don't have to give me souvenirs, I am happy just attending the function without them.


Raymond Tan said...

Dear Hannah,

I follow your blog regularly. You have done exceptionally well for a newbie and I am happy for you.

How I wish you are my YB.

Gerry said...

You definitely deserve respect. :)

Kudos to you!

alvin said...

Great example
hope the imbeciles at BN can be 10% of what you practice.
keep it up, you have all our support

Shahrol said...

Good thinking on the gifts part. Suggestion: have a consistent policy for all elected (and appointed officials) in the State for what to do with gifts - which is to turn all (no exceptions!)to an office that accepts, catalogs them, and periodically auctions them off. The money can be used for worthy causes like funding Service Centers etc. I believe this is what they do in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Very Good

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
Way to go. We are very proud of you! Please remember to take good care of your health. It is important that you stay healthy as your services are needed by your voters.

Of course, not all will be appreciative but the heck! It is your supporters' support that counts.

Baby said...

you've my respect. accepting gifts is like a cover up over something else. you're definitely a good YB!

Anonymous said...

You are surely one of the best rakyat representative. Keep up the good work.

It will be great if representative from our area (Setapak) works as hard as you... hmmm..

wong said...

dear hannah,

i can understand why u dont want accept gift,u may be right in the sense of againt corruption but u have to understand here is malaysia,we have something call ADAT ORANG gift for some of them is just a kind of token exspecially from the malay community,and they(kampung villager) didnt think it is some kind of corruption,u belong to all of them,all races,my advice is right for u to have your own stand but sometime,think and understand for them as they may think if ae arrogant,but 1 thing is for sure,say no to corruption..

cheers and good job


Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

U had done a very great job!

I saw u coming to a seminar with ur own car few weeks before and i was quite surprise.
Anyway, u had set a very great example for other politicians!

Really proud of u as our ADUN. :)

BuNNy said...


Your humbleness touches us all.
May I suggest donations to the needy instead of gifts/tokens for you?
I think Hannah would appreciate a fruit, or a pat on the back even more than lavish meals and gifts.... =)

My two cents

The Chung Family

Damocles said...

Blogger Shahrol said...

Good thinking on the gifts part. Suggestion: have a consistent policy for all elected (and appointed officials) in the State for what to do with gifts - which is to turn all (no exceptions!)to an office that accepts, catalogs them, and periodically auctions them off. The money can be used for worthy causes like funding Service Centers etc. I believe this is what they do in Singapore.

I think that it is far better to refuse ALL gifts.
Unlike Singapore, this is Malaysia and once people give you something, they may expect something in return.
Best not to accept anything at all.

Faridah Xx said...

Hi Hannah,

Keep up the good work but please remember to take care of your health. We need you around for a long time. Stay true and clean always. May God bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

am in agreement that souvenir thank you gifts are not required by or of anyone, and should not be given to elected representatives.

thank you for stating your preference. i hope others follow your example.

Anonymous said...

You are an inspiration!! Keep up the great work!! We need more people like you!!

usj11/3 resident said...

We love the way you conduct as a representative, great job.

In one country that I know the VIP will have to surrender the gifts to the state and a price will be given to the gift and if the VIP wanted to keep the gift the VIP will than pay for it. Is another way of doing it, very good method too.

Can start USJ method, example all gifts be given to MBSJ and a price set on the gift and display at MBSJ lobby, one month open bidding by USJ resident for the gift. Highest bidder win and money collected given to the poor USJ children to buy text book, great? Of course if the gift is D24 Durain than it won't work...haha!

petluc said...

In our Asian culture, a token of appreciation is a part of it. Therefore, I humbly advise to consider it also from the point of the people that have invited you.
Accepting a token of appreciation, especially something done sincerely, such as a hand made item etc is most acceptable. It is afterall, a gift from the heart.
Likewise, a basket of fruits, etc is practical and can be re-directed to a children's home, old folks' home etc.
Perhaps, your assistants can actually make such arrangements with the organisers of the events you are attending and explain your stand on such tokens of appreciation.
Nevertheless, I am proud of your stand, and I am honoured to have had the pleasure of being a part of your team!

Anonymous said...

best to buy new merc if your getz costs too much to maintain... /sarcasm

gj so far btw!

Anonymous said...

Hannah,good job and keep up the good work. Wish there is someone in S'wak who is doing the great job ur doing. we need "police" check around and help the people.
Cheers and have a great weekend.

Hi&Lo said...

YB Hannah Yeoh,

Tabik spring to a conscientious wakil rakyat.

Continue to be human and share your thoughts from your heart. In this way your constituents can connect with you as one of them.

Ignore the call by someone who asked you to grow up and be like his favourite Teresa Kok.

Firstly, you are you. You have your own way and Teresa has hers.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB, good luck and keep up the good work you have done for the people of Subang Jaya.

On Another Matter, I want to complain about some problem. I don’t know where to complain. My friend taking diploma in pharmacy in a private university called management and science university(MSU) Shah Alam.

The management of the university suddenly raised the course fee without any notice. His pocket money from PTPTN is only RM 100 for every 6 months. The rest of the money the university takes for his semester tuition fee. That around 55 cents per day.!!! You even cannot buy roti canai at mamak stall. Please tell the related person. My friend have complained to MSU account department and EVEN to PTPTN office.

My university owner have a very big connetion to UMNO like Najib Tun Razak. Cannot do anything! All have connection.... This is my last try...

Please Help to all my friends. some of the students is from the USJ High School areas..

Anonymous said...

Hannah for PM!

Anonymous said...

Respect has to be earned, not to demand. You have set a good example & hope that this is a good reminder to all our reps & government servants. You have my respect.

Poh Soon said...

Dear Hannah,

I follow your blog regularly and it seems that you had really work hard on helping to solve all kind of issue. You had also openly express that NO GIFT should be given to you, which set a good example. Congratulation!

I had follow your speak on May 23, 2008 and you had indeed bring down to earth issue which is of concerned of Rakyat. This is very clear when there aren't even a single challenge from the now opposition on the issue that you had bring up. Congratulation again and hope that you will be as you are today and won't ever pick up the ugly part of a politician which i had observed in the past from those nice person who joined politic and eventually become corrupt and ugly.



Alan Cheah said...

Many Malaysians just got to change their mindset. Wakil rakyat does not link to big cars or a term of "Luxury".

I like the way many wakil rakyat from Pakatan Rakyat, driving economical cars. I mean, if you all have a big cars, then just drive it. If you all do not have a big car, just drive whatever you all have. Wakil Rakyat don't need to purpose get a big and luxurious
car and show to people that "I am a wakil Rakyat, so my car got to be big and expensive".

Hannah Yeoh is doing right
and set a good example to other
wakil rakyat.


rcchia said...

I definitely concur and agree with your principles. Just that i can see you and your other colleagues having a major challenge come Hari Raya Puasa, Christmas, New Year and Chinese New Year, where gifts and token cash become a tradition.

I suggest you better formalise this quickly before the festive period comes shortly

All the best

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah

Keep up the good work. Could you please tell us our readers more about your nomination for DAP's CEC. I can't find much info on it online. We know a lot about BN through the mass media, tell us more about DAP and Pakatan Rakyat.

Anonymous said...

hi, there, Hannah,

Here's food for thought-in a country when you're born in, you're considered 2nd class citizen and that's because you're non-native(Bumi).

Why do some folks still fight a losing battle?

housepartymusic said...

YB Hannah, this is a nice gesture from you. Well written post. And thanks for allowing comments now. Sometimes corporations will spend the money anyway whether you take gifts or not. A possible solution is to ask them to donate the money to charities or some of your projects for helping people.

Kerajaan Rakyat said...

Dear YB Hannah,

My hat off!!

Salute U my dear YB.

telur dua said...

Bravo! I sure didn't vote for the wrong candidate.

Anonymous said...

You have our support & admiration for your integrity which is missing in many politicians.

NEIL said...

Hi,I'm your new admirer.A humble lady always attract more admirer,whereas fat and arrogant ladies is mostly despise by people like our No.2 fatty.Thanks for your humbleness.

barry said...


May the Lord keep you,
may the Lord make His face shine upon you,
may the Lord lift up His countenance on you,
and grant you His grace.

Lagenda Blogger said...

I wonder you leave the comment above? His attention is really questionable.

By the way, Tony Pua auction the expensive gifts to fund his service center, you may do the same also.

For small token such as fruit and rendang curry, just bring home to share with your staff and family lah.

Anonymous said...

May the Lord continue to watch over you and may HIS face shine on you. May HE protect you from all harm and danger and all evil and temptation. May you represent HIS light that shines and HIS salt that tastes. Yes, may you be HIS representative of all that is Holy and incorruptible. GOD bless you....

from someone who regularly prays for you,,,,

wymeng said...



Anonymous said...

I refer to the post :

"hi, there, Hannah,

Here's food for thought-in a country when you're born in, you're considered 2nd class citizen and that's because you're non-native(Bumi).

Why do some folks still fight a losing battle?"

FYI we fight these battles not only for our selves but for our future generations. We dream of a Bangsa Malaysia where race and religion has no part to play, only a united sense of being Malaysians.

Then and Only then can our nation rise above its mediocrity and become a great nation in every sense.

To the heroes like Hannah who sacrificed even their family life so we can have a better future, I say thank you.


chong said...

wow, hannah,

you are beautiful, inside and outside!

so cool!

salute to you.

most people can't resist all these tempting gifts. but i don't blame them as long as they are doing their job well and no bias.

take care.

Wan Cheng Huat said...

Respect for your humbleness.. hope more 'leaders' will follow your exemplary gestures..

lets all head for a better Malaysia..

Its the time where the statement, 'Its no turning back now' reveals positivity and hope for us all..

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great attitude and sense of responsibility. Keep on reminding people that Reps are elected to SERVE the people and not to become their ARROGANT MASTERS or LORDS..or FEUDAL LORDS who must be given TRIBUTE...........there's hope for Malaysia with more of this generation thinking and acting like you.

solidleong said...

Hi Hannah, I really envy the residents of subang jaya. How i wish my adun (Inanam in kota kinabalu)has the same exemplary character.... how about trying as an mp in kk in GE13?