Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Parents - you hold the keys of transformation

People have so many different opinions on politicians. Some have bad experiences with politicians and they therefore label all politicians dirty and not trustworthy. It annoys me when people ASSUME the fact that just because I'm a politician hence I am a liar, I can't be trusted and I'm not a good role model.

We need to correct our mindset. Just because one apple is sour, doesn't mean all apples are sour. There are sweet apples. I hope this analogy is simple enough for people to understand.

Parents, you need to understand that you play such a keyrole in the rebuilding of our nation. Do not teach your children that all politicians are dirty. If you do that, you have just denied the nation of a potential leader. Your children will grow up despising politicians, politics and governance. Malaysia needs more untainted young leaders to take the lead in re shaping the nation.

If my parents had said the same to me when I was growing up, I would not be here today. We need more people who would not just speak openly about fighting corruption but people who would fight corruption in every closed door meeting, in every decision they make, in every project discussed, in every application they consider and etc.

We need good sportsmen, artists, doctors and many more but we also need good politicians for young people to follow. If you continue to teach your kids to label all politicians as liars, do not cry out if in years to come, you have no good candidates for election and no one to champion good principles. Do not deter your children from politics, instead, teach them how to assess matters independently, teach them how to resist bribes and teach them to be more proactive in issues concerning the society. Teach them to live selflessly. You never know, your child could just be the future prime minister we need.


Jarod said...

Keep it up. A lot of people had been brain washed into hating politician for so long. But i know now we have people who have integrity and stand for the right that we suppose to have.TC

Anonymous said...

Hannah Yeoh, you are right and keep on giving the right infor to all Subang Jaya residence.

Boon said...

If you're doing good work, it will speak for itself. Don't let the insults affect you that much, it's only temporary. Find people who think alike and can share the passion and love that goes into your work.

I'm thankful that you're setting a good example for what politicians should be - a genuine voice for the public.

ken said...

All this while UMNO/MCA been brain wash Rakyat not to join Politic, Politic is dirty, no hope to join opposition and etc. With that, UMNO/MCA able to continue control Malaysia another 100 years.

Anonymous said...


Yes, I agree that it is time to instil in the young ones that politics is not all dirty and being a politician is actually an avenue for one to serve the public (and not to fill up ones pockets with wealth).

UMNO, MCA, PKR, DAP, PAS... PR or BN... means nothing if your intentions are not right in the first place.

I may have not voted for you in the last election but when someone is doing a good job, he/she should be commended.

Good job, Hannah.

- Ron Hassan
Subang Jaya Resident since '78

USJ Resident said...


I'm so surprise that you have done so much in such a short period of time.

Ref your article 'ask not what SJ can do for you, ask what you can do for SJ" is an honest view and a good reminder to many. As someone who has been serving as volunteer , I can understand your feeling. Fr my experience, people who complains the most usually does the least, self-centered, and has the habit of taking other people's contribution for granted.

Well done !Hannah, my sincere thanks to you for setting a good example as people's rep, and grateful to you for voicing out your opinion frankly. It's fortunate to have you around us.

Thanks to your family for giving us a good rep.

USJ Resident since '95

Anonymous said...

Can someone come up with an award for best ADUN selflessness service of the year award, I am sure Hanna wins hands down.

Anonymous said...

Amen to ur entry!