Sunday, July 27, 2008

Persiaran Setia

Few days ago I was together with some residents of USJ3A/B/C/D to study the traffic situation along Persiaran Setia. Traffic is almost at a standstill when the students of SMK USJ 12 leave school at 6:50pm.
Cars and buses picking up the students were seen parking along Persiaran Setia up to 4 lanes and leaving only 1 lane for moving cars to pass. This causes an overflow on to Persiaran Tujuan. Students were seen crossing the road indiscreetly.
Following that site visit, I attended a meeting with MPSJ and have been informed that a pedestrian bridge will soon be built for the students. I also met a member of the PIBG and I will make effort to meet with the school authority to see how parents can best pick up their children without causing a crawl.
Piling work for a bridge has also started, linking USJ Heights to USJ3A/B/C/D. The bridge was approved by the previous state government subject to a few conditions to be fulfilled. I have informed MPSJ that the bridge should not be allowed to open if the conditions are not met otherwise this will inevitably add to the already-heavy traffic flow in USJ.


Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah, it's great work that you visited the school and also the push for MPSJ to build the pedestrian bridge.

It's good to mention also that speed bumps has been built along that road to reduce people speeding.

However, in my humble opinion, that is not going to solve the traffic woes.

It's to do with parents and school buses that park indiscriminately. As a parent, I can understand that parents would not want to walk far from drop off or pick up points. As a matter of fact, this is a 4 lane road, imagine what residents have to endure in USJ 1 where it's only 2 lanes at Chee Wen primary school! It's even worse. Some even park at the small roundabout!

I think the proposal should be to remind parents park properly or maybe the local council could look at a spot of land to properly house the parents and school buses for pick up and drop off.

USJ resident

Rusman said...

YB Puan Hannah Yeoh,
I believe there must be adequate space built outside the school to accomodate cars and buses to park. A pedestrian bridge will also be necessary. Once the bridge linking Batu Tiga is completed, the traffic will be worse, so these improvements must be done now.
Let's not wait for a fatality to occur before action is taken. Let's dispense with this mentality.