Monday, July 7, 2008


Last weekend was hectic for me. One of the much awaited event was the SMKSU prefects' reunion. When my husband and I arrived, we were kept busy with photography session with the prefects. Teachers and parents were present too.

I was asked to give a speech. In my speech, I thanked the people who stood up for me and made it possible for me to attend the event. To SY the organising chairperson - I'm so proud of you. Your courage to stand by me and to uphold justice is remarkable. For me to be able to inspire just one more young person like her to speak up fearlessly is enough for me. Many thanks to residents, parents and fellow comrades who took the same stand. The outpouring of supporting emails were simply overwhelming.

I felt a little emotional when I saw the slideshow of pictures from the past. Since I left school, I have attended the funeral of my discipline teacher the late Mr Lim Cho Hong who taught me not to give up even though my SPM results were not superb. He wrote these words in my school magazine "The best is yet to come!". Last year, I also attended the funeral of my junior prefect. He passed away suddenly after a game of sports. When I saw his photo up on the screen, I remembered the times spent with him in school.

In my speech, I also briefed the prefects of the history of the prefects' theme TERBAIK and the prefects' song which was written about 13 years ago (when I was only 16). I didn't know that the little vision I had for the prefects then would last for more than a decade.

I hope to see the same with the principles I'm upholding now. In the future, even after I'm gone, hopefully our future leaders would be people of truth and righteousness. I want to leave behind a similar trail someday, like the one I did in school.


Damocles said...

Courage and justice triumph over ignorance!

loverboy1988 said...

i totally agree... the best is yet to come... my BoD, some of the teachers and i are fighting for an alumni to be formed in SMKSU and that you will be invited to join it...

d alumni is in the process of getting formed officially, but there are still ignorance of certain people that is making our lives miserable because we are fighting for you to be in it...

don't worry... my BoD and i, give our word that before next year is over, you will be in our alumni... ;)

Chiam Chin Heng
~when life gives you lemons when you wanted oranges, throw them back at life and say "I wanted oranges, not lemons"... just because we deserve it...~