Friday, July 18, 2008

Some things I just wouldn't do

My service centre has been operating for about 4 months now. We have received close to more than 300 walk-in complaints (of problems from the past) and more than 3140 emails now. More than 22,000 people voted for me. More than 9000 voted for BN. There are still many hard core BN supporters around. Life hasn't been easy for me.

Many people write threatening emails to me. If I don't reply their emails and solve their problems in 4 days time - they will take it to the press, take it to the cyber forum, tell the whole community why Hannah Yeoh is of no good to the people of Subang Jaya and etc. They have given BN 50 years and only after 50 years they decided to take it to the ballot box. And here, I'm given 4 days or 4 months and I'm expected to move mountains, perform a miracle of instant change and solve everyone's problem in the blink of an eye.

Everyone tells me that their problem is my priority. I only have 24 hours a day, 5 working days a week and have been working non-stop since March 8. Some people come to me asking me for money. They want a personal loan of 10,000 for their business. When I said "I am sorry, I am not able to help you", they would march out of my office, angry and upset with me. This was what they said "No point voted for you, you cannot help me" before storming out of my office.

Another came to complain about the quality of water from Syabas. When my assistant said, please lodge a complaint with Syabas first, they demanded to speak to me even though it was past 10pm that night and they slammed the table in my office, kicked the door and shouted abusive words. We had to inform the police.

Some wanted me to solve their marriage/divorce problems. Some employees wanted me to tell their bosses how to treat them nicely. Some wanted money to service their bank loans and rental. Some wanted me to tell the cabs not to charge them so much. Some wanted me to tell their neighbours not to be so nasty. Some wanted me to see the tree in front of their house, the drains, the parks, the pipes and many more. Some would debate for hours over RM2. Some would argue for the sake of arguing. I cannot look into everyone's personal matters. I have not been elected a wakil keluarga (family rep), wakil kewangan (your financial rep) or your rep at work. I have to look into problems concerning the people at large (wakil rakyat) and ensure these problems are highlighted at the State Assembly. That's the role of an assemblyman. I am sorry, I am not a domestic maid.

Some civil servants be it at MPSJ, Land Office or the police are still upset that BN lost. The hands and legs sometimes do not want to move. I have to repeatedly remind them for things to be done. Classic excuse given to me is this "ADUN masa dulu akan buat dengan cara ini and etc" (the previous ADUN would do it this way and etc). I say it again, I am not the former ADUN. We will change that attitude soon.

I have to explain this to all of you so that the next time you hear someone complaining - no point voted for change, she can't solve my problem - ask further - What is the problem? Personal problem?

Now I understand why it has taken so many years for Malaysia to progress. Attitude is a factor.

I am not here for the power. I am not here to 'play politics' - I don't know how to. I am here genuinely to serve the larger community when I stepped up to the challenge of running for election. Whilst many others have walked away offended and they criticised me for not solving their 'problems', each night I still go to bed praying with a clear conscience (that's if I haven't fallen asleep on the couch). I have not mistreated anyone unfairly, I have not taken a single bribe and I am still doing my best to tackle the problems created by others. When my time is up, if you still think I am no good for the people of Subang Jaya, I will gladly go. I have no problem letting go because I have no strings attached, no contracts made for myself or for others and I will not be a sore loser. I will give a pat for myself (even if no one would) because I know I have done all I could to make Subang Jaya a better place.

But for now, I will keep working and keep fighting to change the mindset of residents. Look at the saying of John F. Kennedy posted above. I may not be able to solve everything in my term but hey I have started working on them. I just need you to know that in my effort to tackle the problems faced by residents at large, there are some things that I just wouldn't do.


Anonymous said...


Dont worry too much. Take it from me, you are doing a great job. Of course, there will be some people who are unreasonable etc, they think a Wakil Rakyat like you is the cure for all the ills. Chin up, the majority of Subang Jaya folks know they have an Adun who is honest and hard working.

Thank you for stepping forward. Malaysia need more young people like you to move the country forward.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Either the previous rep has been settling all their "problems" or nothing was done at all earlier on and they believe that the new rep is able too :)

In any case, Hananh, that's the reality of public life in Malaysia. With voters being enlightened nowadays, I guess people just expect more from their "wakil rakyat". I guess you can only imagine what the reps in rural must be going through, where the constituents REALLY expect the rep to settle ALL their problem.

-Ron Hassan

p/s I guess this would not be a good time to complain about my neighbour who prevents others from parking by putting flower pots to block and leaves notes when anyone does so :))

Anonymous said...


You're the best thing that has happened to Subang Jaya in recent years. Don't give up on us.

marcus said...

It's sad that you have to go face such difficulties, but people are like that I guess.

Stay focused on your purpose, the vision you have in mind, and rest assured that for every complainer or grumbler, there are many who support what you're doing.

ronin said...

Hi Hannah. You have my sympathies. Malaysian can be very unreasonable at times, even those living in a middle class, well educated neighbourhood like Subang Jaya.

As inflation continue to rise, you'll certainly face with more frustrated people who'll whine to you on all sort of matters. But please do not get derailed. You're part of a new breed of politicians that are truly genuine in helping people and helping to build a better Malaysia. You have my utmost respect for the work you do and the things you stand for. Please keep up the excellent work.

Ron Tan said...

It just 4 month and you already start to complaint. I dont know what will happend in 4 years. You should know that this is the part of the job scope. It easier to say, criticize, demonstration, slamming when your are not in power. But now you taste it. So next time, before you say, criticize, demonstration, slamming at or over something, think about other person feeling. Put them in your shoe. Now I'm highly regretted that I voted for you.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up!
We'll always support you in fighting corruption, fighting for the nation; fighting for a betterment! Don't let down by this few ppl!

CiNDi said...

Dear Hannah,
I hoped that you still had remembered me, the student journalist who tirelessly followed you around during nomination day. I'm just glad I could read your updates on this blog because work is tiring for myself.

Well lets face it, we are dealing with people who still thinks that the reality can be, or will be changed back. Even before you arrived, your DAP members (some of them), were rambling about how a university student sponsored by MCA shouldn't be here covering their news, or that their news will not be out.

Many of them still stayed at that zone because, I think, many of us still find it hard to accept certain changes. I won't be a kaki ampu or anything, but just to tell you, that no matter how well it has been done, there are still dissatisfactions.

It's hard to please everybody, because we are only humans. Heck, even I had to change my own mentality, and be prepared for changes to come.

So whatever it is, just try your best. You know your own achievements, and time will tell if it bears fruits. Indeed, 4 months is too short to determine or even demand for a satisfying result. But you'll know that many out there are supporting you. I'm sorry that I can't contribute much, but the least I could do, is to tell you, that I'm a Subang Jayan without any problems being under your administration.

Thank you.

abinesh said...

The old politicians have spoilt a quarter of the constituence. To think about it from a bigger perspective this goes to show that people do not know what the role of a ADUN is and where to go for what!!

The supporters of the prev adun must be knocking their heads and they are just not used to what was supposed to be the way in the first place.

I pray that you keep going at what you are doing as i think you are doing a great job and remain consistent in this very approach!

All the best and don't worry about the critics just as yet, its only the beginning of a loonggg journey which I'm pretty sure you are going to ace!

Steve said...

I am sorry to hear you facing this predicament.

We really have problem, but we conveniently blame the government for any fault of our own.

It is the mentality of us.

Sometime I really pitty the people in the Administration. I am very glad that now that you (from the Oppposition party) are in the Administration and have the courage to tell the truth what is it like when in are in the adnistration role.

A good example, is road safety. Many of accident are created by us ourself, but when accident happen, the government will first get the blame. Many of us drive to kill!! Sad isn't it?

But believe, continue with your good jod, ignore those without valid reason to complain. Truth sense prevails. At the end of the day, you your self will the the satisfaction when a job well done. I admire your advocacy of integrity and dare to say know and do the right things

Rao & Family said...


Your a doing a fantastic job, i think 50 years is a long time and we could not change some people, but i have think we ALL have a part to play here, i think we still need to continue to educate ourselves about CHANGE.

Remember Hannah it was the people who work hard, those who kept silent, those who want change, those who trust you and don;t want anything in return, those who want a good future are types of people voted for you.

Me , my wife and my kids are proud of you and visit your blog and see whats going on in SJ.

Its going to be hard , but i assure you and your family are in our prayers. Thanks you Hannah for your truth and honest work.

God bless you and family.

From me and people like me

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,
Life is like that. You can not satisfy everything, just do your best!
When we just graduated and start working, they are 4 sharp horns like the bull. Slowly one by one is being knock out and become rounded. You are just starting, wait until that day when you become rounded, then you look back into your blog today.

W Renny B said...

First of all Hannah, you have been doing a brilliant job ... Sometimes out of of desperation, ppl may juz try to grab anyone who is in power and can offer them a helping hand without realizing that they are actually approaching the wrong person altogether for a wrong issue. Yea as u said, "Attitude". I admire your enthusiasm and the courage to work even more harder after all the hard times that the people give you ... You are simply superb! Keep up the good job!

Anonymous said...

Hannah, you have my support. We vote for you because we know you can make the change.

You are right, you are our Wakil Rakyat and not Wakil Peribadi. You represent the SUBANG JAYA community.

So far, I am very happy with your execellent job. A new kids on the block and yet do a wonderful job.

Keep it up and we are sure you can do it.

Lawrence said...

Keep your spirits up. You still have 90% of the journey to go.

By the way, can we get an idea of the priorities that you have lined up to tackle for the Subang folks? Would be great if you can update us especially on traffic improvements.


Wee Lim said...

Ron Tan,

I don't see your point in regretting you voted for our adun, were you one of those ppl with financial problem, domestic problem etc who felt it when she updated her blog..

sad to say the mentality of some ppl in subang jaya just can't fail to amaze me..

Keep up the good work Hannah!! there's a long way to go and lots more to do.. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

*pat* *pat*


Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah

Keep up the good work!
Most people are reasonable, ignore the remarks of the nasty types.
(Some of the nasty types could be motivated by resentment that the BN guy lost to you in the election and that you are incorruptible).

Here are some suggestions:
1. "Many hands make light work"
Why not ask people in your electoral district to volunteer their services? Especially the retirees with professional skills who have plenty of time on their hands. Get their names and areas of expertise and refer some of the people who seek help at your office to them (if appropriate). They can also help out at your office. Ex-teachers can tutor for free or at low rates, retired docs can give medical advice, retired bankers can give financial advice and so on.
2. Marriage/divorce problems/other personal problems?
Refer them to suitable websites that give good advice. Lots of good info out there for free! Also religious ministers, imams, priests, counsellors etc.

Phua Kai Lit

Nick Phillips said...

Hey Hannah, don't worry too much. I think you're doing a great job. Besides you can't please everyone. There will always be someone who will always be not satisfied no matter how hard you try to help them. Keep up the good work. You'll have my vote again in the next elections. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

dear ron tan,

"It easier to say, criticize, demonstration, slamming when your are not in power. But now you taste it. So next time, before you say, criticize, demonstration, slamming at or over something, think about other person feeling. Put them in your shoe. Now I'm highly regretted that I voted for you."

so it's easier for you to critisize, complaint, demonstrate and slamming her when you're not in her shoes huh? i'm sure you didn't vote for her. now stop trolling and get an education.

Anonymous said...

Not to worry too much with some minorities who think as if you are Angel from Heaven to solve all their problems. Welcome to reality, politics is not everyday rosy.
But one thing I can ensure you that most of us are with you and we will still see you representing us after next Election.

Keep up the good work. Dont give up.


Anonymous said...

Ron Tan ,

you said put YB in their shoes , how about i put u in YB's shoes ,
assuming if you are a YB and your constituents come to your office to make a din how would u react to calm them down & how would u feel if you are being treated in this manner ??

its absurd to say tat is part of YB's job scope , when people fails in their business , was the failure caused by YB ? some ppl wanted money to service their bank loans & etc etc etc.....

wake up Ron Tan stop acting & stop having a mentality of a kid & time for u & ppl like u to grow up , the YB doesn't owe anyone a living , when ppl face problems they should face the reality themselves , learn to stand up again on their own , learn from their mistakes so as not to repeat it in future.

YB's main role is to solve problems facing the rakyat at large, to voice out problems in parliament & suggest solutions to rakyat's problem.

mind u if you think an elected YB is to help solve ppl's money problem , we must well get all multimillionaires & billionaires to stand for elections once elected , ppl's money problem will probably disappear in less than 4 days after elections.....

Anonymous said...

Why are you complaining, and isnt it 'privileged information' of what people come and complain to you about? I'm sorry to say, that I'm also having doubts to have voted for you and the DAP.
In this system of democracy, people vote for X because they dislike Y.

ps: "You're the best thing that happened in SJ in many years". What best things? I've been living in SJ for almost 30 years, and see minimal/no changes whatsoever.

- Jacob Woon

Min Khang said...

Dear Hannah,

I think you are doing okay. Keep it up. Don't give up.

Anonymous said...


No wonder the Apostle Paul urged us to pray for our kings, our government and so on (1 Tim 2:2). Realized that you would need our prayers since you are in the Lord as well.

Keeping you, your husband and your team in prayers.


Jon-C said...

Sad to say most Malaysian have wrong mentality on what an ADUN / MP should do. First and for most they are suppose to bring the rakyat's grievances on government policies to the attention of the state assembly and debate on laws or rullings. To ask them to solve some of the problems listed by Hannah is really shocking.

No doubt, as an elected representative, ADUN must look after the needs of the constituents. The constituents must also help and work together with the ADUN to solve problems.

Apathy is not going to help us. Most of us are shoving the years of frustrations to the newly elected ADUN & MP. Give them a bit more time as it's not going to come easy to change 50 years of red tape and bureaucracy.

Anonymous said...

Dear ADUN Hannah,

I suggest that you stand firm yet diplomatic on their request. Many requests are unreasonable especially from those who are BN sympathisers who will try to get every opportunity to " hentam " you. Take it in your stride as they think that being a first timer in politics you can be " bullied ". Show them that you are made of sterner stuff.
However, some people can at times be frustrated with the MBSJ , JBA and other authorities. Those authorities under the control of the state govt who are slow in action, you can bring this up to the govt. Those Federal agencies, you need to highlight to the relevant minister or ministry.

You had made a great start in politics for the betterment of Malaysians. Yes, a lot of things you cannot physically do it overnight. The BN govt was given 50
years to resolve the problems, yet they could't do it. How do they expect you to do in 4 months ?

We the rakyat knows that you are in politics not to fill your pockets but a genuine desire to help all Malaysians to forge a better life and environment in Malaysia.

BuNNy said...

Dear Hannah,
It's utterly unfair how people can dump all their problems unto you and complain when it's not solved "within 4 days" when no one has done anything for them for the last 50 years. Just because you have promised them change then suddenly they expect the ADUN to "put everything in place". Might as well ask you to come around and change their children's diapers when they are soiled??!!
My family and I have total faith in you and we know that you are doing wonderfully in a thankless job. Ignore the negative views, keep the positive ones as motivation to go on and on. Should you decide to run for ADUN again in the next election, you can be sure to have our votes and support!

The Chung Family

P/S - Ron Tan: you are a classic example of one of those people described in Hannah's blog. By the way, this is a personal blog. Hannah has the freedom to blog her feelings or anything she likes. Should you think that you do not want to read about her emotions, you can choose NOT to read her blog. For us here, we enjoy being "in the ride" with her.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

I am one of those who had seeked your help and you have helped to resolve some company issues with MPSJ. My company and I are grateful that you were around to assist otherwise the matter would remain the same unresolved and would cost our company loss of business in Subang Jaya area. Hopefully this is enough to jolt your memory and you would recall who am I.

In life, it is true we cannot pleased everyone but what is important is that you are doing your sincere best for the good of the Rakyat.

The constituents should compare apple with apple and not to compare what you have done for the good of the general public in just the last 4 months taking into considerations your inherited excess baggages and challenges when implementing your election promises as compared to what the former local government had done cumulatively in the last 50 years freehandedly.

Personally I think it is no small feat what you have achieved so far. So keep it up! You have my support. Let people say what they want so long as you ernestly and sincerely work towards fulfilling your election promises and deliver the positive changes the Malaysia needs.

Thank you.
from a Malaysian you touched

sai fun said...

Happily, people like ron tan (in his comments above), who can't see past their own noses, are in the minority in Subang Jaya. The previous ADUN had not done half the things that Hannah has acheived in just 4 months. She's forging a community that knows how to help itself and how to work together, even opening our eyes to the unseen and the ignored among us, like the desperately poor in Subang itslef who need help.

We're not Hannah stooges since most of us don't know her personally. But we're not blind. The fact that so many of us have only good things to say of her efforts goes to show that we're individually and objectively giving unsolicited, positive online reviews of her performance. Before ron tan asks her to step into others' shoes(and Hannah has or she would not have highlighted our Angsana neighbours' plight, the SS13 flats' unkemptness, the personal call for a watch on dengue, etc), ron tan would perhaps do well to step into Hannah's shoes and realise that she's no miracle-worker, just an ordinary someone like us, but one who has courageously stepped up to the plate to try and change things around here, even for those among us who are armchair critics of her efforts.

Hannah, you're doing fine. We made the right choice. Absolutely no regrets.

myoe said...

Well, I'm glad you posted this. It highlights how we, very often, make decisions with the mindset that the world revolves around us. Well, I guess that's the real change we need.

Anonymous said...

I won't be surprised if it was the BN sour grapes who were behind these antics.

Just ignore them. You are doing a great job and are setting the benchmarks for all the other ADUNs to follow.

Subang Jayans are blessed to have you as their ADUN.

kenckc said...

Dear Hannah,
We proud of you. Take some time to relax and holiday with your husband.

*To all Malaysian, pls help more to DAP as they need helper.

Lau Weng San said...

I suspect some nasty people are bullying our female elected reps. these people could have thought that female reps are more accomodative when i am sure i will tell them off if they ever come to my office with unreasonable demands.

Boon said...

We all have a part to play. Not just the government.

I think the reason why everyone seems to go to you is maybe because they don't know where else to go.

But that mindset has to change. There's a lot of work to do, and I can see it in your articles.

Thanks for sharing and take time to cool off. You're doing a good job.

Gerry said...

Dear Hannah,

I am not from Subang Jaya, yet everyday I return to your blog to see what you have done for the people. Ignore the ignorant and continue serving your purpose. You have done a very good job and honestly, you inspire me! :)


michael said...

continue to fight it on,there will be a lot of jokers around and asking something to be change in short time,why they never complaint when bn in power,because eveything can be settle with RM..Never give up because of this jokers,as u represent the whole subang jaya and not to individual.among the adun in selangor,only u n dr nasir i see is really working to solve problem rather busy digging what bn have done in past....SAY NO TO CORRUPTION and always remain to be the YANG BERSIH(YB)...


god bless


teejay said...

Hi Hannah

You are our hero ! ......for two reasons. One is you are slimmer than Loh Goh Byrne ( hey ! just a joke lah ) and the other is your written England is very good !

Seriously, you are doing great job and we are so proud of you as our anak Malaysia.

I still remember the first ceramah I went to last GE at one of the fields at S Jaya. Tony Pua came late and he looked a bit lost - I managed to direct him to the platform. Teresa also came late and poor thing as the field was very muddy - had to hold her hand to assist her to step over the puddles of water. Fyi ...I am DAP supporter since 1970's.

Well done good and faithful servant !

soon kheong said...

Dear Hannah

You are your courageous colleagues have shown us the roadmap to a greater Malaysia. Keep your head and spirits high as our support for you will be there again when the next GE comes around. You have shown true desire and sincerity in caring for the people in Subang. Hannah, thank you for sacrificing so much for us.

Baby said...

Don't care what other people say or think about you. You've done perfectly your job. We're humans. We're not robots, we can't solve all problems as fast as they wanted. You've got my support!

Nee Sern said...

Dear Hannah,
Thanks for opening up your blog to commenting. It really brings a lot of interaction and fun to this little webspace :)
Yes, it seems that the core problem lies in the fact that the people do not really know what an ADUN's role is. This can be traced back to our education system that does not teach anything about our country's government structure to our schoolkids.
Something to think about in your spare time or during your interactions with the state government's education exco...

romeo61 said...

Anyone who goes to the service centre with unreasonable demands are probably planted by the opposition to destabilise the good work put in. I think a lot of us out here knows that the shit put up by the previous ADUN needs time to clean-up and with the legislators in MPSJ from the previous administration, it is not surprising you can make them move, The Pengetua of MPSJ has first to be shown the exit....

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Im currently working in australia right now, and from what i can see you actually done more in 4months than some people did in 5 years. So please 'soldier' on with the 'mission'given by the rakyat.

Marc said...

Hannah, you're not perfect, but at least I know you're doing much better than Lee Hwa Beng, because you have given your best so far =)

Daniel said...


In any situation, if you can please 80% of the people you are alright. The other 20%, no matter how hard you try to please them they will never be grateful to you. So, you should not feel bad at all about the 20%. I think you are doing just fine.

LEE said...


Don't let them put you down. Like Sai Fun said, you are doing fine. We made the right choice and have absolutely no regrets whatsoever.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

It seems life is getting tougher for you each day with all the grunts, complaints and dissatisfaction of the people under your care.
Do not give up! The journey has just started and you will encounter more of this.
Remember more of Him in you and less of you... There are many people around that is still supporting you and praying for you day and night.
It is a very noble thing for you to do what you are doing by wanting change and walking the talk where not many can walk that path.

cy97 said...

Dear Hannah,
Bingo, you hit the core of all problems.

The Attitudes.

It was about 15 years times fly, a Malay lady in my training place told me that " All Hardware like roads n buildings can be easily built over times, but it is more difficult to change one's attitude".

Here you go...Just wish that you are not feeling disappointed and give up your journey easily.

Hi&Lo said...

YB Hannah,

Am from Sabah and a keen follower of your work and blog.

You are doing great. Nobody can do better than you. Very impressed with your community-building programmes. This is what draws me to your blog everyday.

I am very encouraged to note most of the comments here are supportive of your efforts.

I appreciate your maturity to draw the line -- what you can do and the things that out of your scope.

Don't bother to please whom you cannot please. Am glad you did not try to be a superwoman or a miracle worker.

God is good. He has given you a good name. He is the source of our everything.

May He give you strength and grace to be all you can be.

cy97 said...


Just wish to add. Subang Jaya is a middle to upper class community. Peoples of this category unfortunately are more difficult to please.

I got one colleague ( a very difficult lady ) who once stay in Subang Jaya and has her kids still studying in Subang Jaya, saying like they invited "The Hannah Yeoh" to school function. WTF.. If it was the "The Lee Hwa Bing" no one will ever mention that. This only shows that you are different as you are too bright and "threatening" to some.

Keep your pride as most of us show do.

cy97 said...

Dear Hannah,

Maybe you can try to come out with a "periodic chart" or "flow chart" of where to complaint when one face problem. Unfortunately the end of flow chart may point at you simply due to fact that not only our government but also private institution have very very slow response . Example, Yesterday call Astro for 2 hours wasted almost RM 60 on my mobile credit to get Astro "costomer care consultant" that is fxxxing rude n yet can't solve the problem for you......sigh..Life is like that some time hv to take it a bit easy else burst blood vessel...

Anonymous said...


I can understand your frustration.
A large spectrum of the Malaysian population are still having third world mentality though the country has world-class infrastructure. That is to say we have good hardware but outdated software. We see people driving expensive cars on the road but would simply throw used tissues onto the road.

I strongly believe the majority of people voted for you, and the People's Alliance in general, is to push for a change that will propel our country to move forward and to move away from the corrupt and repressive culture created by BN. And we believe this momentum of change started during the March '08 general election will continue for a long time.

Hannah, don't feel disheartened, the majority of Subang Jaya residents support you. We know and we can see that you are doing a great job that deserves a 100% passing mark. In fact you are solving many problems that are not supposed to be your job as an ADUN in the first place.

We will VOTE for you as long as you contest.

you are my angle said...

Is like if you have a durian farm, if 7 out of 10 durians are good that would be acceptable. If 10 out of 10 durians are good I would suspect the farmer did something "fishy" to get such result and I would be worried that eating the durian will get side effect. North Korea and Cuba achieve good result but don't follow them. Dr.M & UMNO also claim they achieved world class for Melayu like sending one of them to space, don't believe in them too.

Anonymous said...

I am from Klang and came to hear of you from my daughter who is studying at Sunway College. She heard you at one of your ceramahs and was impressed....and in her own words she stated that "she is genuine material".
You have got in you to serve make a difference.....and i am sure you will do that.It is tough out there but do not despair ..many are routing for you. Go ahead do your best and even if you are not elected for the next term.....many will be grateful that you have made a difference in their lives..GOD BLESS You

CEO said...

You are trying to voice your "frustration" in here, which no previous YB do. People expect you to listen to their problem, although you may not help. People just want to share thier feeling to you because we feel that you may have way or guildlines or advice for us to follow. People expected you to be everythings(leader,Heart Specialist, financial consultant...). As we elected you as a YB. But, it is good to let everyone know about the responsibilities a rakyat and YB need to carried. I do think that the people attitute should changes as Malaysia will only progress....

Cheers, Hannah...

marcus said...

"If you are willing to satisfy people with good enough, you can make just about everybody happy. If you delight people and create change that lasts, you’re going to offend those that hate change in all its forms. Your choice."


Jarod said...

People from SABAH, and some where else was touched by your community work. How can i not be?

From the LAST election when I attended one of your speech, I know you would make a change.

We live life to make a change, you are now changing SJ folks life.

Have a great journey ahead. Don't worry. This is your blog. SPILL out your thought so that you can continue your job much more effectively. After all, you are human who need to express your self. TC!

Anonymous said...

take it from me, if the people wants you to move the mountain, just shut up and get to work! who cares what happened before this. we got suratkhabar lama for that. we are not asking you to be the judge. we are asking you to take over from the ADUN before you. let us be the judge. if the ADUN before you has done a terrible job, why are comparing your performance with his? What, you want to be worse?

bayi said...

Cheers, Hannah.

My family and I will always be there for you. You have been a refreshing change, just what we needed.

Never mind those who are unreasonable. They will always be there, even when you get re-elected. They will always be a part of the Malaysian scene.

Keep up the excellent work!

Anonymous said...

I'm worried. but we have no choice... please don't end up like Mr. GB Loh

leo said...

Well for what it's worth, I think you're doing a good job.

Cheers, Leo

Simon Seow said...

OMG. They think MP is God is it?

Ling said...

you are my role model (: and i am proud to tell others who my role model is.

darick said...

when d goin gets tough, d tough gets goin! no worry, u r not alone.d people r behind supporting u. of course bn will try very hard sabor & discourage u. don let them distrac ur attention in servicing d rakyat in subang. kip up ur good attitute & afford.

Mr Chong said...

Just a word of encouragement ... you seem to be improving in your new job. Keep up the good work - and I think you bring hope to Subang Jaya residents. You also look like you are gaining back your weight which is good since you looked gaunt immediately after the elections.

Charis Quay said...


I occasionally read your blog just to see what the 'new, young' reps are up to...

If I may comment from my armchair (which is not in SJ) seems to me that 'voter/constituency education' is unfortunately part of the task that faces you as an ADUN in a relatively new country (and, let us hope, democracy). We only became independent in 1957, so it is not surprising that many ADUNs past and probably present have not done things comme il faut (as they should be done). So to some extent unreasonable requests are to be expected because people have no idea what ADUNs actually do and what one can expect from them.

So unlike MPs etc. in more developed democracies, who have to worry mostly about getting on with the job, you also have to educate your constituency on the role of the government in society, the meaning of good governance etc. and finally clearly state what your responsibilities and obligations are and are not in that context. (Perhaps you could elaborate on your post along these lines.) Of course this will not be easy given the non-ideal situation on the ground, but do keep standing firm and having patience with your takes time to learn a whole new culture of governance, even for those who know how things should be in principle.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...

hello Hannah.

I watched your interview with malaysiakini francis.
A good one
Your blogspot is excellent with daily updates.
For this title , I am shocked to see how ADUN face unwanted nasty problems by penduduk. It seems they do not know the right channel to complaint. TO me u r a good example for all ADUN and penduduk should be grateful. I also thank to God for having a god minded ADUN with no corruption. Thanks to your parents broughtup too.

Anonymous said...

So far it has been excellent job from you. You are my heroine lah. I will vote for you anytime. :) w9

Anonymous said...

Hannah U set the bar high!! good job!


Whatmeworry said...

YB Hannah,

Don't be disheartened. There are bound to be many unreasonable people out there but if you know you have done your best for your community ... then you have nothing to worry about. I am not from SJ but Sban and I do read about you in the MSM which itself is an acknowledgment by the MSM that you must be doing something right.

BTW, I haven't seen my rep for my area yet but I am not complaining.

cy97 said...

"take it from me, if the people wants you to move the mountain, just shut up and get to work! who cares what happened before this. we got suratkhabar lama for that. we are not asking you to be the judge. we are asking you to take over from the ADUN before you. let us be the judge. if the ADUN before you has done a terrible job, why are comparing your performance with his? What, you want to be worse?"

This is typical type of ungrateful and ill-manner resident. You can ignore him as much as possible.

Anonymous said...

b4 election, u beg and pleaded PPL to vote for u..after getting elected, U dun giv a damn on them..Hello, we voted for u.....If u r not prepared to serve the rakyat, relinquish all ur post in DAP lah...Bagai kacang melupakan kulit......

Asha said...

Dear Hannah,

Have faith. It is always the darkest before dawn.It is only natural that there are those who will resist change (ie the ppl who say the previous ADUN used to do it this and that way)- its because they are afraid of what changes may bring. And then there are those who wish for the wheels of change to turn as fast as possible as they have been frustrated for a very long time. And of course there are the oppurtunist who only think of themselves and how you being the ADUN may benfit them.
Yours is a tough job but one than can change the course of the things to come.

I think sai fun said it best; i quote
"Hannah, you're doing fine. We made the right choice. Absolutely no regrets."

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

I have read your posting and I have to nothing to say except: "hang on there, fight on and never give up". I believe that majority of the people in Subang Jaya support you and appreciate your efforts. 50 years of abuse, you simply cannot change everything overnight. Given time, I am sure that you will make Subang Jaya a better place for everyone. I am also believe that you are a sincere person and committed to what you want to do for Subang Jaya. Please do not let evils defeat you. By the way I am not a resident of Subang Jaya.

Ashvin said...

Since i am a resident of Subang Jaya, I think i should be ashamed of myself for not helping Subang Jaya, but instead i'm helping YB Edward Lee in Bukit Gasing..hehe.

Jokes aside, I can understand your frustration, as u can't please everyone. But i see that u are mature enough not to carry other people's monkey on your back.

I met Edward Ling a few months ago and offered to help, if there is a need. Take care.

bus_wrecker said...

Hannah Yeoh,

You're doing a fantastic job! don't let these little people get to you.

You've got my support and I'm proud to know that there are Malaysians like you who truly and deeply care for fellow Malaysians.

Kudos.take care, and drink loads of tongkat ali/ho yan hor/livita for those long hours.

your fellow malaysian
resident of Damansara Utama

Anonymous said...

You have my full support. I have been following your blog since the election and I am very happy to have voted you in.

When I read about the guy complaining about Syabas I thought "perhaps we need a massive reeducation campaign to let people know what are the proper procedures to do things. This generation is very different from the previous one."


Damocles said...

"They have given BN 50 years and only after 50 years they decided to take it to the ballot box. And here, I'm given 4 days or 4 months and I'm expected to move mountains, perform a miracle of instant change and solve everyone's problem in the blink of an eye."

Hannah, just tell them the above which I have quoted from your passage.
Ask them why they allow the BN fifty years and yet their problems have not been solved.
Don't feel threatened by ANYONE.
You do what you have to do, guided by your conscience.
If by do so, you will not be re-elected, so be it!
You don't have to be brow-beaten by anybody.

mcvaluemeal said...

You've done great in four months. It's your first term in office, so don't feel discouraged.

However, I can't help but feel that you've been overwhelmed - and I totally understand. I cannot admit to know about your political organization structure - but you should setup a procedure for your staff (volunteers?) to help you. Even Barack Obama and the Clintons have their political staff to 'stretch' their limited reach and time.

My suggestions:
1. Allow for people to submit complaints or issues online at anytime. Perhaps a computer terminal at your office open throughout the day.

2. Allocate staff to have initial response to each complaint within 1 week - with appropriate advise, and invite them to walk-in with their 'case number' to talk to a daytime staff if they have issues.

3. Provide for one person staff to help redirect and perhaps even help create complaint letters during daytime. How many elderly people do you know who can type or print a formal letter to complain to syabas company (as in your example)? All it takes is a 'template letter', and probably 5 minutes? The person who leaves will be so much happier.

4. For your 'open night' cases, I suggest for people to book slots of 10-15 minutes a person to present their case, and it has to go through step 1 or 2 or 3 already.

Anyhow my point is this: As 'wakil rakyat', all the rakyat will be worried about is themselves. This is no different when you compare to the USA: The president of the USA has to worry about all sorts of demographics, each with their own concerns: Democrats, Republican, Technologist, Enviromentalists, Black, White, African, Mexican, Asian, East Coast, West Coast, Rednecks, Rich, Poor, etc.

You are the 'prime minister' of Subang. Subang is your mini country. Treat it as such. Best of luck and hopefully my comments are not just bullsh!t.

Weng-Soon said...

I remember hearing you said this in your USJ ceramah:" I visited a poor (race mentioned) family in the poorest part of this constituency. The lady walked me back to my car and said, Kalau kamu menang, jangan lupa kami. I wanted to cry... "

Some ppl approach you for help becoz u are the only person whom they know who can possibly help them. The well connected wld hv other means and do not need your help.

Grow up and learn from YB Teresa Kok! She would be a good role model.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah Yeoh, reading on your blog tell me life is full of winding road. I really understand being you is not as easy as any BN ADUN. I am not from Subang Jaya but I'd like your blog on activities in SJ. Infact I believe you have done a tremendous job that some might not appreciate but god knows. Let your frustration out but never give up. You have inspired me and many more. We'll be with you. Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I think you should see these ppl as small children whinning for a piece of candy. If you give them they will wants more...If you dont they will leave. I even read form a forum that they want you to help their relationship with their neighbours. It must be hard to be what you choose to. After all your only intention was just to help. But take courage cause God will be with you till the end. And for all the decisions that you make maybe they are time that you make a mistakes but fear not cause he will be your guide. really should treats those ppl like small childrens...They are out of love and need attentions. Surely they look like monster to you...but if you really see u will know they are really desperate...What they need is not money or your help...They need God and they dont have one.

Anonymous said...

I lived outside the junction of SS 19/6 in Subang Jaya. When I read and saw the picture of SS 19 in your blog, I feel compelled to tell you that I appreciate your good works in Subang Jaya. Please keep it up and continue to become the light and salt of the world.

gongkaukau said...

Let me add my two cents worth here. You are doing a fantastic job.

So, way to go!


Alan said...

To those who simply ask Hannah Yeoh to do those mentioned crazy things stated in the article, please wake up & stop doing that!

Hannah Yeoh's responsibility is for the whole community!

If you people are so great, go and try just to set up your own service center at your area, and tell people that you can solve problems for them. You will see a reflection from those people, asking you to do the same thing that you asked Hannah Yeoh to do. So, are you able to solve those crazy requests for them? If no, please change your attitude.

Malaysia is lacking so far behind, one of the reasons is because of you people out there, simply just care for own problems, and demand wakil rakyat to do silly things for you people.

Hannah Yeoh, ignore those fellows.
There are MORE conscious people out there, knowing what you are doing for the community.

We will support you!


rcchia, KL said...


I can only add more compliments and praise to you, on top of all that has already been given. The fact that you can FEEL, WRITE and SAY all these shows you have a heart.

Previous ADUN and all who walks in the corridor of power never ever gave the RAKYAT that simple feeling or heart. At least you have .... keep up the fighting spirit !!

chngmengkung said...

Hi Hannah,

Don't touch those energy drinks like Livita and Red Bull. They contains a lot of caffeine and can cause the heart to beat very fast especially after a bout of strenous exercises.

int said...

"Now I understand why it has taken so many years for Malaysia to progress. Attitude is a factor."

Ain't that the sad truth. Jom ubah the attitude first, then we can talk about pushing the nation forward to first world status. They came to you with marriage problems? That's just ridiculous.

Although... you know what Hannah... if you do see quite a few of these things, maybe you can try to have it both ways: Why not look into the possibility of the state government providing marriage guidance counseling services? I have heard that in the USA now e-mail based marriage counseling is starting to become popular, that might work in a place like PJ with good internet penetration. Anyway, that's fust a passing thought... who knows, it might help keep some families intact... and to be less tactful about it... I think it may be a nice little vote grabber too.

Crankshaft said...

For what it's worth, I think you've done a pretty good job. Change for the community can't happen in a day. Not on your part. There is only so many hours in a day.

And not on the part of those who think you have become their personal-slave-or-else. Their minds need to change.

But you do what you can, and the mature ones will support you.

int said...

"But you do what you can, and the mature ones will support you."

Eh, cannot la like that, DAP has spent 40 years getting votes from the mature ones and it got nowhere, we need votes from the rest as well :P

In all seriousness, I think some voter education is needed. I have heard that whenever there is a major blackout in Seputeh, the voters call Teresa Kok's office before they call Tenaga Nasional. That nonsense has got to stop; Teresa may be up to it, but many wouldn't be.

I think having local municipal elections would help a fair bit actually, because elections serve as a very nice publicity exercise. If you had to vote for the bugger, you are more likely to have him/her in your mind. So, by introducing local government elections, the Selangor state government would effectively be passing on these "local" problems to the municipal reps, freeing up the ADUNs and MPs to do more appropriate work.

E.g. looking for business loans is certainly not an ADUN's job, but awareness of sources of loans/funding for SMEs is certainly not so out-of-line for a local rep, right?

Crankshaft said...

Mature in thought, not like those village idiots who demand loans and stuff. I myself am just 29 years old.

The way I see it, you can't please everyone.

Anonymous said...

Hannah, you are real that is why you have so much feelings expressed in this piece. This is a learning process for us as we carry out our service for the voters and nations.The key word is sincerity. Seek comfort from family members. I was once told that it is a blessing to be able to serve than to be served. You will learn the manner of handling these issues soon.

After reading your piece, I realised that, perhaps, I am not alone.Thank you for the sharing

Fong Po Kuan

candice said...

Your sacrifice is very much appreciated.

Keep up the good work. We need sincere people like you in the government.

Jayenjr said...

Dear Hannah

I must say that yours is not an easy predicament. Nevertheless, you are the people's rep during this season, & as such, the role carries with it the weight of heavy expectation. And as much as the BN gov had ignored the masses for the greater part of the last 50years, I believe it would also be fair to say that their inaction had caused much pent up frustration to be built within the rakyat. That could partly explain the impatience etc you face from the crowd. In addition, the turnaround also came on the back of electoral promises made by the Pakatan Rakyat leading up to 8/3/08. Coupled with the pent up feelings, & you do have a heavy cross to bear.

At the end of the day, performance is measured against results. I am pretty sure the next GE would reflect that.

Whilst it is good to see that many Subang folks have had good things iro what you are doing thus far, there are core, critical areas that you must continue to highlight/make noise/fight tooth & nail for until it reaches fruition in Subang/USJ.

First & foremost, is the traffic situation. You would understand the problem, b'cos I once heard you remark that you too would like to go back home faster & spend time with family etc & it was an electoral promise you had made. Granted, time is needed to fully resolve this matter, but I hope you are also looking into a holistic resolution of the problem. This would include keeping up pressure on MPSJ officials to be ultra efficient, for eg to ensure that there are no "down " traffic lights, esp during peak hours, or reducing traffic light waiting period during off peak hours etc.

I notice that those traffic lights that had the time display are still out of order, eg at Persiaran Tujuan. Money has been spent on these, but the thing has been down for more than 4 months, but still no repair etc undertaken.

Secondly, is the issue of security & crime. I stay in USJ3A, & there have been thefts despite having security services. I do not blame the service provider though. This goes all the way to MPSJ. Whilst the by-law does not allow for the setting up of barricades in residential areas, I understand that security gets compromised precisely due to this. But at the same time, it is due to the current state of an inefficient PDRM that causes residents to, take matters into their own hands. We have a restaurant in the neighbourhood, & I was told by some ppl that the owner has cables that he/she can pull in MPSJ - so when the residents make a genuine complain iro security to MPSJ, their intention gets defeated by both the stronger connection the former has & also due to the existing by-laws.

As a result, the existing security ppl are unable to control traffic flow into the neighbourhood.

One house next to my road was robbed last week.

Maybe you can raise this issue up & see what can be done to eliminate what are perhaps "unfair" laws that cause hardship to residents. One of it, in my opinion, is this setting up of barricades.

Crime is also enhanced, I believe, due to the fact that much of the residential areas, are very poorly lit at night. I am sure you are aware of this. Near my area, around USJ 4, at the back end of Appollo restaurant, the lights are totally not working, & it is pitch dark, Save for car lights, nothing else gives light to that section of the road. Perhaps you can get MPSJ to fire up more energy into the lighting network of such areas.

Nail these issues successfully, & I for one will be willing to bet that you'd be returned to office convincingly come next GE.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah - you are the best thing that has happened to Subang in the last 50 years!

We are solidly behind you. Keep up the good work. Past ADUNs were not even accessible to the public. They used to hide behind walls of officialdom and arrogance. Here I have a ADUN that has the welfare of the people at heart and who is thinking and acting in the best interest of the people - not how much money she can make before her term is up.

From your website reports I believe you have already done more in 4 months than the previous ADUN in 4 YEARS!

So forget about the hateful emails from the sore losers that wanted to perpetuate corruption, cronyism, racism and arrogance.

The people of Subang will be with you as long as your heart is with us!

I have NO regrets voting for you.

Take care.

God Bless

Panir Selvam
Subang Jaya

The Hedonese said...

those who ask for money may be conmen ler...

Sam / Asir said...

Hi Hannah,

If I had been a voter in Subang Jaya, i'd have voted for whichever party you represent ;p

Jokes aside, to have someone like you to make that leap and actually making the effort to stand in what you believe in.

I know I myself would have chickened out..But people like me are only good for one thing, lament on the happenings in our beloved country without actually making an effort to do anything abt it.

YOU DID. And that's what matters...

You came with the clearest of intentions, to make right what is wrong.

Keep doing that, and do not let yourself disheartened by ramblings such as this. Makes you wonder if they really have any grey matter up their noggins.

Keep going and best of wishes to you.

P.S - i think you're cute! no offense Raj ;p

J Khoo said...

YB Hannah,

It has been a month since you logged this article. And one month on, you are still getting comments and positive ones too. Let me tell you why. The 22,000 people who have voted for you were inspired by your innocence (in politics) and most of all your courage. You have stepped forward to serve and serve you thoroughly did!

I believe the 22,000 people will continue to vote for you. Probably more so now! So chin up and continue on with what you have done and keep up the good work! We are very proud to have you as our ADUN and have absolutely no regrets in voting for you!