Sunday, July 20, 2008

A home for the 7 children

Thanks to all who posted comments on my last posting. I didn't expect such overwhelming feedback. By the way, my blog is the only channel I have for expressing my views and frustrations (sometimes) and it is only healthy for me to do that, lest I become an elected rep who is not able to speak up or think for herself. Anyway for those who enjoy my thoughts, thank you for reading.

Just some updates over the weekend - remember the family of 7 children highlighted in my posting entitled 'Enriching lives'? I visited the family again with some committee members of Kiwanis Club of USJ. We discovered that they had a mountain of clothes scattered everywhere in their hall because they do not have a cupboard. The kids sleep on the cold cement floor without mattress or pillows.

I have good news for you. Kiwanis Club of USJ has stepped forward to bless the family with the followings:-
  • a cupboard and dining/study tables
  • mattresses, bedsheets, pillows and blankets
  • a television
  • a stove
  • shelves in the kitchen
  • to renew fluorescent tubes
  • to replace broken windowpanes
  • to replace kitchen utensils
  • to refurbish curtains
  • to wash the mountain of dirty clothes
  • to provide milk for the kids till December 2008
We have managed to convince the mother to stay home and look after her children. Her previous odd job could only give her RM200 a month. I will apply for RM400 monthly till December 2008 from the state funds allocated to help the extreme poor in my constituency for this family of 7 children.

The Kawasan Rukun Tetangga of USJ 2 & 6 have also pledged to provide groceries worth about RM200 a month for the family.

The combined effort of Kiwanis Club of USJ, Kawasan Rukun Tetangga of USJ 2 & 6 and my office is to give this family a headstart in life. Mr JM Noel of Kiwanis Club of USJ said this : Our main concern is to make their house like a HOME. We want the children and their parents to look forward in coming to a home.

I must thank these 2 community groups for stepping forward to assist the community they exist in. They acted promptly when they heard of this. I am very pleased with their compassion for this family.

This is one of the aims I have as the state assemblyman for Subang Jaya. I want to pool resources to help the less fortunate ones in our neighbourhood. We must always love our neighbours the way we love ourselves. I'm glad the 7 children can now have their mother taking care of them. The kids can now have milk instead of just plain water. They will have proper meals. Cold nights on the cement floor are over. The children can now grow up just like the rest of children in Subang Jaya.


Gerry said...

But what will happen after December 2008???????

Will the mother then have to go look for a job?

Anonymous said...

JM Noel good on you to have a kind heart

abinesh said...

Well done! Pooling resources and helping! I think more adun's and mp's should learn from this.. The resources are always there, important to identify and tap into it!! Keep up the superb work and im a fan of your work! :)

Baby said...

agree with gerry. what will happen to this family after december 2008? is the mother to look for jobs again? or taken care by the welfare?

Daniel Lee said...

To Gerry above,

The purpose of the aid is not to support the family indefinitely. It would actually be detrimental to the family to do so, as it would make them complacent and take things for granted (or worse, feel that they are entitled to it), and also set an extremely bad precedence to more and more cases where poor people think that the ADUN is obliged to give away money freely.
I believe what Hannah is doing is helping them help themselves. Teaching them to fish instead of just giving them a fish. Once the children have become healthier and stronger, she will have to make arrangements to have them cared for while she works.
Personally, I feel that this is exactly the kind of MP that I would want guiding the rakyat (I'm not even from SJ, by the way). To give them a headstart and a helping hand, but always educating them so they can ultimately help themselves and hopefully, in future, help others in turn.
I can sense your sincerity, Hannah, and I respect you for that.

Boon said...

You shouldn't underestimate the power of your opinions through this blog.

How many ADUNs do you know who constantly open themselves up for attack and critique on a public forum like this (although the messages are moderated)?

Your blog offers me a first-hand insight into how the work is being carried out, and what work is being done, and your unique perspectives on this.

To me, this is a luxury compared to how things were in the past, where I did not even know my state representatives, let alone how to reach them.

Thank you for posting your thoughts here. Do keep it up!

Anonymous said...

I sympathize with the situation the family is going through. However, allow me to ask this, y do I read about so many poor families earning meagre income of RM500 or less per month but having 9 or 10 mouths to feed? Y in the first place have so many children if the parents were fully aware that they don't have the means to support all of them? 1 child alone can be taxing enough let alone more than one. I really wish someone or the state reps to repeatedly advise the people especially the less well to do ones, please do practise family planning. Condoms aren't expensive compared to an "accident". This is not about interfering with ones freedom of choice to ensure ur traces of DNA survive through ages but this is about common sense and being practical. It's better to bring up have 1 or 2 children and properly groom them to success than to have 8 children and none of them could make it to college or university due to impecuniosity.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah

I am a voter of Subang Jaya but no longer stay there. You are doing great as i always respect politician who advocate fairness and equality, but on top of that serve with a pure and kind heart.

I fully understand the predicament of this family as i previously live in a rubber estate for 20 years. So, the question of why they have so many children does not arise and not meaningful to ask in the first place, considering their level of education. So, what needs to be done is to solve their problem on along term basis as what Hannah is trying to.

Do keep up the good work and the people of Subang Jaya will always by your side.

Hi&Lo said...

So easy to ask and patronise why poor families have many children.

Anonymous said...

you have a kind heart. i wish all politicians are like you. when i read your blog, i am convinced that malaysia is not a lost cause. you are beautiful on the inside too... an angel

Anonymous said...

I do agree with the comment by anonymous above. I think the government should do something about it. WHat about distribution of free condoms and talks on Family planning for them? If these children don't get the proper education and grooming. It will also be a problem to them and the future generation.

The cycle will go on and on!

Ps Malcolm said...

Dear Hannah
I'm glad to hear about the family and especially the solution of brought about to get the mother to stay home to look after the children. You are making a difference. Keep up the great work