Thursday, July 24, 2008

Traffic police at Persiaran Tujuan

The traffic lights turning in to SS19/6 at Persiaran Tujuan has been said to be the cause of the slow crawl at peak hours. I have sought help from the traffic police to man the traffic lights at USJ and the junction at USJ 3 to prevent queue cutters who make things worse on Persiaran Tujuan.

A proposal has been submitted to MPSJ to make some changes to the current situation. The proposal will be decided this week. Traffic situation is one of the toughest tasks for me to undertake especially when development has so rapidly taken place prior to this. Be patient, I'm working on it the best I can with the help of traffic experts, residents, traffic police and MPSJ.

While we await the result, I must thank the traffic policemen who have been seen managing the traffic early morning and in the evening.


meng said...

Its really worrying looking at the new buildings mushrooming around Subang Jaya. The monster block behind Subang Parade and the many condo units around the area is going to make Subang Jaya a traffic nightmare!!

Opening the bridge linking Batu Tiga is going to channel even more traffic through as motorist use this bypass to enter NPE and a toll free excess to Federal Highway and the KLIA.

What did our townplanners and previous ADUN think when approving such humongous projects? Again, business over residents!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your effort, i was thinking for the pass few days to feedback to see whether the timing of the 2nd Traffic light coming from federal highway can be extended its "Green" time during evening when all SJ folks are going back, i notice this could be causing the queue until Federal Highway. Of couse, the 2 schools along the way are the main culprits but hope little suggestion can help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

I can see improvements of the traffic these days, especially at the USJ 4 junction. The policemen are stationed and they really helped the situation a lot.

Keep it up. May God grant you more strength to do His will and serve the nation.

Resident of USJ11.

Anonymous said...

Take your time. I believe you can come out some very good solution to solve the problem. Keep it Up Hanna

KIMHO8 said...

Dear Hannah,

You have done your job very well. Excellent!

About the traffic, it is very difficult to handle.

Cars getting more and more everyday. From Puchong, Shah Alam, KLIA & etc. Stop outsiders driving into that road. Impossible!

Get more traffic police to perform their duty. Rainy day and Bulan Puasa or etc., they turn invisible!

Result from the improper development plan by the former
state government and the developer.
They will say none of their business!!!

If you have try your best.
People of Subang Jaya and USJ must understand too. Rational a bit, people!

USJ 3 resident

Anonymous said...

the best way is to pressure the Federal Gov to extend the Kelana Jaya Line to SJ ASAP. But, do you really think they will do it in the land of opposition ? Look at Penang!

To them, Opposition people don't pay Tax !!! or we pay tax to subsitise the BN constituency.

Anonymous said...

Hello again Hannah,

Oh well, just help us voice out the need for major... MAJOR improvements in our transport system.. get the bus service to be so efficient like Singapore and more of us will definately use the bus and the trains.

Keep it up Hannah!


Anonymous said...

For as long as we have developments mushrooming "around" Subang Jaya/USJ and not have their own entance/exit, the problem will never end. Even the building of the direct link from Summit to Federal Highway via the Old Subang Airport Road will probably clear some congestion IN Subang Jaya but will push if faster towards the Federal Highway. Perhaps after this, instead of Federal Highway being jammed up by 7.30am, we would probably see it crawling even much earlier.

Yes, the traffic police is indeed a great help and kudos to you for making sure they assisting all of us.

We do need the extension of the Kelana Jaya line into our neighbourhood but I hope it would be done with proper planning and not simply put up stations where commuters can't even park their car. Then again, looking at the how developed Subang Jaya/USJ is, that will be a real challange.

Ron Hassan

Ciana Carrie said...

What Ron Hassan is true. I'm a fellow USJ 3 (Phase One) resident, who has to bear with the slow crawl every morning. Things are fine whenever the cop is around. I heard that they're planning to built a U-turn near USJ 3 traffic lights. Which I think is a bad idea, because it can cause accidents and we need pedestrian bridges.

One thing, though. If the transportation system is improved, hopefully more people will use it and stop congesting the roads.

A true Malaysian said...

Whatever you address yourselves, will come back to square, we are Malaysian.

For this, I encourage all Malaysians, especially Malay brothers and sisters, to participate in Dr. Hsu’s Forum,

Dr. Hsu, a Gerakan member, is Bangsa Malaysia of the ‘truest’ sense. Whether you agree or disagree, I believe in diversity, ‘DIVERSITY IS OUR STRENGTH’ fellow Malaysians.

Anonymous said...

Ciana Carrie,

I had the chance to endure the morning crawl you mentioned at USJ3 (since I live in SS17 and work in Shah Alam, my commute is almost congestion-free) and I really, really hope the authorities do something about it, FAST.

When they first introduced the Rapid KL loop system, I thought it will give alternatives but after a while, it kinda fizzles off. Buses dont need to be point-to-point; as long as the connectivity is acceptable I am sure a lot of us would consider that as an alternative.

Ron Hassan

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah

This USJ 3 junction was not meant for the faint hearted till now.

THANK YOU for doing something about it. You did it within months when this problem persists for years.

Your kind efforts especially to the underprivileged are much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I experienced smooth traffic this morning when I used this junction to get on to Persiaran Tujuan which I don't normally do due to the terrible jam at this junction. I showed the police 'thumbs up'he happy and smile :)

Thanks Hannah well done!

Chim said...

Hope the proposal submitted to MPSJ will not cause unduly inconvenience and stress to the residents of SS19 and those parents outside SS19 whose children are studying in the schools inside SS19. What has been a local road of a serene township for years has become a busy "highway" through no fault of the residents.

Will the proposal take into consideration of the safety of the pedestrians (which include students, elderly people) crossing from SS18 to SS19 and vice versa?

Is MPSJ able to provide slip road from the Jalan Tujuan into the Kesas Highway to divert away some of the traffic?

With regards,

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

I must say with the traffic police stationed at the USJ4 junction leading on to Persiaran Tujuan, it had eased traffic congestion tremendously. Great Effort!!!

Unfortunately for the past 3 days, since the start of the school holidays, there was no sign of traffic police there, thus the congestion is slowly but surely increasing ... yet again.

Hope you will look into this URGENTLY in order to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Otherwise, Keep Up the Good Job!!!

Terima Kasih.

birdy said...


Well done. I was glad to see something was done for that bottleneck. I made a request to previous Adun and nothing was done. You have proven your ability and you will definitely get people's support for another term.

Best regards,

Anonymous said...


Nice to hear you work all out to ensure your constituency in a good hand.
I would like to seek your attention on the traffic flow along the way from USJ16 toward SS19 till the branch to Federal Highway and the tunnel to Sunway during morning peak period.
I can see there are a lot improvement can be done and so far I can’t see any difference between the ex- and current MPSJ act on this ALL USJ residences’ headache.
I would like to suggest, you do a study during 7 – 9am in this period. And work on a solution. It is very easy.
My proposal will be:
1. Cone 1 of the inner lane in this traffic light which USJ10 exit to SS19, allow traffic from USJ16 flow straight to Federal Highway direction. U turn take 2 lane enough. Traffic light also need a minor re-program.
2. Traffic light at SS19 is the main culprit, shld have a person station there in this period to redirect the traffic flow.
I have reported to MPSJ 1 weeks+ ago. So far nothing hear from them. The Reporting case #: 0856/11/008
Looking forward your well management and next term you still be here.

Luke Tan

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Persiaran Tujuan is a breeze with the placement of traffic police at the junction. Good job!!

However, since last Friday 3/4/09, until this morning, no sign of a traffic police stationed at Persiaran Tujuan. This has resulted in a massive jam, yet again getting on to the main road.

Hope you will look into this URGENTLY in order to ensure smooth traffic flow.

Otherwise, Keep Up the Good Job!!!

Terima Kasih.