Monday, July 21, 2008

Updated : A home for the 7 children

For those who are curious as to the future of this family after December 2008 - I've said that we want to provide a headstart for this family. We want to first put the home in place before we help the mother find a job. The father is an odd job worker as well. I have no duty to look for a job for everyone in the constituency but we are talking about 7 children here without basic needs like milk, mattress and pillows. Provision up to December 2008 will give us sufficient time to work out something sustainable for this family.


Mei Chua said...

YB: Are there other families in similar conditions who may need such help? What sort of jobs would be most suitable for the parents in this case?

I know of another family (in a diff constituency) where a single mother cannot get a job as she has to take care of her 4 young children. Am just wondering what is the best way to help these people. Thanks.

Hi&Lo said...

YB Hannah,

There's a book by the title "Bad Samaritan." Haven't read the book but the gist abt how rich nations policies towards the poor are doing more harm than good.

You have the right approach to give breathing space to the poor family until such time to fend for themselves.

We could be very wrong to assume food is more important than dignity to the poor. Does 'man shall not live by bread alone' ring a bell?

Anonymous said...

I've been watching yr work since PU12 campaign & I sincerely belief u r FAAAAARRRRRRRRR better than MP Gwo.
Keep up the good work.

Damocles said...

Hannah, you did the right thing.
I have been very surprised with what is happening in the Philippines where every successive government has always ignored the poor.
I believe that's why a country cannot go forward especially when it has a huge number of abject poor.
Just remember, the first job to be tackled is to help the poor to stand on its own feet.
I hope that this message is spread to all PR MPs and councillors as soon as possible.
Perhaps you and the others can have frequent interchanges of views to have a common vision for the country.

Anonymous said...

MP: I am not from SJ but maybe you can set up a fund in your constituency for the benefit of the hardcore poor there. SJ is middle class area and i am sure a lot of people can contribute RM50 per month for the benefit of other living beings.