Thursday, August 21, 2008

Flats in SS19

Last week I did a site visit to the flats in SS19 together with MPSJ Councillor Theresa Ratnam Thong, representatives from Sime Darby and MPSJ. Some residents took us around the area and highlighted the problems they have to us.
The complaints are largely due to poor maintenance and rubbish collection. These flats have been here for more than 20 years and many equipments, pipes and cables are all old and rusty. Sime Darby has also informed us that the maintenance account for these flats is in a state of deficit due to non-payment by some residents for a long time. This is a common catch-22 situation for many flats, apartments and condominiums whereby residents do not want to pay because of unsatisfactory services and as a result the maintenance account goes into a deficit and inevitably makes any future services impossible to be carried out.
I will be having further meetings with Sime Darby and MPSJ to work on this situation. Representatives from Alam Flora were also present during the site visit and we will be meeting Alam Flora very soon to discuss all the problems related to rubbish collection in my constituency. Please drop comments here with specific details for eg. the road address, the time and date and vehicle no. (if you remember them) and the complaint for me to raise this up. Be specific and please ensure this concerns areas in my constituency only.


petluc said...

Maintenance of Low Cost flats have always been a problem. As a Concerned and Community Conscious Government, I hope they will be acting so and not just paying lip-service.
I am proposing that the Local Councils should take up the Management Functions of these places, working with the developers.
The residents here should not have to pay the maintenance.The council manages and the developers should contribute a token sum towards the rehabilitation of these properties.
These properties should be maintained to be habitable inside with all the necessary basic ammenities, and on the outside, it should not be an eye sore!
With better living conditions, I believe we could also build a healthier and less stressed out society.

Anonymous said...

How many flats can the majlis maintain? It is up to the residents. They must form a neighourhood committee - not only towards keeping the place clean with some initial help from majlis but also social activities. Once a area is successful, they can help out other areas by giving advice and show them how. Once in a while they can have " sports" or some games competition. We need to have this system for all flats.

myvoce said...

It is a matter of attitude, just look at our neighbour, Singapore. You won't see such happening there and wonder how the gomen rule in that area? In Malaysia, 9 out of 10 do not bother, and with such attitude, how can we have a better place to stay? Should start a pilot project, work and create a model flat-ship and proof to others that things can be done.

SK Tan said...

Dear YB

What I am going to say here may not relate to SS19, but it's related to rubbish management. A Malaysian NGO has been going all out teaching Malaysians to make use of kitchen waste to produce enzyme product which is an effective product in household cleaning & free from chemicals,& a few other NGOs are teaching people to make use of kitchen waste to turn their garden into organic garden. Although their main intention is to clean up the environment, nevertheless, it's a win win solution to the government, the SJ residents, & of course, our only home, the planet Earth. It's worth to consider encouraging such practice thru' community activities. By participating, people will development a sense of responsibility in taking care of their surroundings.Just my 2 cts !
Appreciate your great effort in making SJ a better place to stay.

For enzyme product : pls visit :

For organic garden(for apartment too) pls visit:(1) &
(2) Lapis Lazuli Light tel : 03-51625911(open on Sat/Sun only fr 10am, fax : 03-51625918

Anonymous said...

How come u r ousted from being part being of DAP CEC members?..u r a nice, pretty and sweet ADUN....nvm lah, try again next year....

CLEAN & HONEST hannah yeoh

romeo61 said...

I do not think Hannah was ousted. Newcomers sometimes have to bide their time. Moreover there are many party veterans that has slogged and remained faithful to the party come what may. Thsi election was more to thank the veterans for a job well done. Hannah will have her moment of glory and we have to work with her to achieve this. We have to look at the positive is not the end of the world.

Anonymous said...


The Games have 4 more years to come but the next DAP General Meeting is sooner than expect. There is next Meeting to come for you to take up the challenge again. Also there are a number of capable and hard working leaders in KL, Seremban, Penang, Sarawak and also as a multi-racial party, some consideration to given to other races. When the time comes, the old guard will be in the background. Afterall, DAP needs 2nd and 3rd Generation leaders.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hanna,

Please do not forget the issues in Putra Heights which is also in your constitution. We don't want to be left out in the Subang Jaya growth. There are issues we also need to bring forward for your attention and hopr could be resolved.

Johnny - Putra Heights Resident.