Thursday, August 28, 2008

Meeting the Minister of Rural and Regional Development

I made an appointment to see the Minister of Rural and Regional Development Tan Sri Muhammad Muhammad Taib at Parliament yesterday. I went to see him in relation to the public hall (dewan orang ramai) in Angsana USJ 1. I explained the situation to him and requested for him to ensure that the hall is returned to the residents. The Land Office has written a letter to UMNO Cawangan USJ 1 in July 2008 requesting them to surrender the keys of the hall but the residents have yet to receive the keys. He said that he would look into the matter. I await good news.


Anonymous said...

Good on u, hannah after 50 years the community property becomes UMNO's. Wat a bunch of frustrated wanker.

Anonymous said...

Let us all wait for the minister's response before we start calling names.