Monday, August 4, 2008

Modern Market in SS15

I have been receiving complaints from the traders at the Modern Market in SS15, Subang Jaya. I arranged for a meeting with them in the morning together with MPSJ officers. They have a long list of complaints about the market, their business, the parking problem, the facilities and the list goes on.
A lot of money have been spent on this market but the traders are complaining that there are insufficient customers. They do not like the private car park system at the market. Each trader took turn to tell me about his/her difficulty conducting business there.
MPSJ has taken note of their complaints and will be improving the basic facilities for these traders. I will also request for MPSJ and the councillors to review the car park system there. Dealing with complaints sometimes it's not an easy task. For some complaints received by us, there would be subsequent complaints by others disputing the former. Finding the best solution requires wisdom and discretion. I want to be wiser with each task I face. I am still learning.


Alan said...

Hannah Yeoh, we support you, and
we are glad to see you serve the community with whatever you can. Thank you.

abinesh said...

Things like the market are basic necessities that the people utilize on a daily.How do the normal rakyat who runs a small market bound business compete with the multi-million dollar hyper market?

Are we promoting Malaysia for Malaysians or a Malaysia for conglomerates?

Well done YB Hannah for your hard work in addressing these issues, we know your not a seasoned campaigner but your learning and efforts are inspiring!

Anonymous said...

Can't the parking system abolished in Malaysia?

MY Maths shows we can abolish this parking fees.

Parking fees not only burdening the poor but also burdens those low salary governement servants including MPSJ staffs too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you YB

I wish Ipoh has people like you. I am from Ipoh but I don't even know who is the MP and ADUN and where is the service centre.

Basically, there is no blogspot by Ipoh MP.

I really thank you to the creator of internet. Internet is an avenue where things works faster and efficiently in "getting to know" .

SUbang Jaya must be grateful to you.

I wish in next election you could be the speaker of Parliament to approve and speed the needy works proposed by MP.

Anthony Dylan said...

Dear Hannah,

Do contiue with your good work. It is also important as what you have done for this blog in informing the public.

It would be good as well to also update important issues via SJEcho

GOD Bless

Anonymous said...

The modern market in SS15 must've been the third market that was built for Subang Jaya resident. I still remember the old SS15 market (at the site of the current Subang Square building) and even then, it was built with ample parking space. Then again, that was like almost 23+ years ago and even what was considered enough parking there may not be sufficient now. However, those who still remember the old market will agree that the parking lot back then was way much more than what our "modern" market has now. The market is located at probably the busiest section of SS15 and people who are not doing their marketing will probably hog the parking bays there too.

Just to add on to Abinesh's comment, with hypermarkets / supermarket being built left and right, the effects will certainly be felt by the our small time traders. I am sure that as much as we can, we would like to patronize them but with our current lifestyle where groceries shopping are sometime done on a monthly basis, convenience is the main factor. People still go to the market (I still prefer buying my vegetables at the market, whenever time permits) but probably the number is getting less and less. With the difficult parking added in, well..

- Ron Hassan

leo said...

Whilst privatising the parking at the market would be a good revenue source for MPSJ, one has also to consider the people that frequent the market.

I am of the opinion that the market is almost irrelevant with the availability of numerous hypermarkets in the vicinity (Carrefour, Giant, Tesco, etc) which, offer larger variety of goods at much lower prices.

Mom says she no longer frequents the market due to absurd prices charged by the traders.

Madam A said...

Dear Hannah,
If all MPs in M'sia function like you, Malaysia would be a better country to live in.
I wish you all the best!

Madam A said...

Sorry, I mean State Assemblyman, not MP.

rcchia said...

As long as you apply transparency, fairness and give everyone a chance to voice themselves, that is all you can do. As it is, the RAKYAT has no idea how decisions are made, nor whose interest is being taken care of.

Gabriel Weirdo said...

Dear Hannah Yeoh,

I'm a student of one of the colleges in SS15. All I wanna say is, if there are insufficient parking lots, PLEASE STOP MPSJ FROM ISSUING PARKING FINES!

Oil price gone up, inflation gone up, PARKING TICKETS also gone up!

I'm just a student with no earning power, I hope you understand. Thank you.

Anonymous said...


I just want to tell you that you are the sweetest and most gorgeous wakil rakyat in the whole of Malaysia.

I think you are the only rose amongst the thorns in DAP. (can you tell LKS to recruit more capable & sweet young ladies like yourself into DAP?)

I have no interest whatsoever in politics but I will vote for you again in the next election without a doubt. I trust you. You are certainly better than those aunties and makciks in MCA & wanita UMNO (they are all very fierce looking one la)

Wan Cheng Huat said...

I don't think the modern market is relevant anymore, considering 2 factors..

1. Competition
The Blooming of Supermarkets and Hypermarkets around Petaling Jaya area is to be blamed. In Sunway and Subang alone we have Cold Storage (Summit), Jusco (Pyramid), Giant (Pyramid), Mydin (USJ), Giant (USJ), and Carrefour (USJ).

During the night of certain days, we have our 'pasar malam' where most people flock to get their groceries.

2. Work
Almost everyone are still working, regardless their age. Where can they find time to buy groceries? If I m not wrong the modern market are open during working hours only. For the sake of convenience and their schedule, many people resort to supermarkets, hypermarkets and pasar malams. We all should know how jammed up SS15 can be, working or non working hours.

Anyway, its just my 2 cents. Keep up the good job done so far :)

J.C. said...

I don't think the parking lot is the problem here.

I am a regular at the market. In fact I enjoy the new market as I can always park my car in the car park area without fear that MPSJ would summon me or for fear of no parking space.

The lack of customers in the market is due to the many competitions from mini market, fresh market, super market and hypermarkets that are in abundance in our town here. Those are the problems that the vendors have to tackle.