Saturday, August 30, 2008

My interview with Malaysia Today

I did the FACE TO FACE interview with Malaysia Today very recently. You can read about it here. I met RPK yesterday. We had a chat about the ban on his website. The government failed to realise that Malaysians today want Malaysia Today.


Anonymous said...

'Sometimes,something meant to be'.......St.PatrickII Chapter 8 verses 30

Anonymous said...

You are smart. Hahaha. are my heroine. w9

ken said...

Ahmad(UMNO) had allegedly called the Chinese "squatters" and said that "as the Chinese were only immigrants it was impossible to achieve equal rights amongst races"

Poh Soon said...

Dear Hannah,

To tell the true, alot of PR candidate won the 308 general election because rakyat was angry and sad with BN. As the BN had rotten, thus, many of us rather give a chances to the then opposition.

In my opinion, whatever the reason for the win is not importatnt as of now. As long as the current MP can really work for the benefit of rakyat and show your result, you will be able to win on your own merit in the next GE.

However, to be fair to the opposition leader such as MR Lim Kit Siang, i would say that he rightly win the seat with his own credibility.

Anak Malaysia said...

There's no way you can block a website. Just in case some readers can not access to Malaysia Today, just do the following which is called open DNS system :-

change the prefered DNS to : &
the next DNS to :

Someday when whoever blocked Malaysia Today wakes up fr their current mindset,& starts to appreciate the value of Malaysia Today, they will be thankful to Malaysia Today for it's effort in educating the Malaysians to become responsible/better citizens.

If they are Muslims, they should also be grateful to Malaysia Today for bringing out the best of Islam. Malaysia Today is the website that clear away my fear in & doubts about Islam, and lead me to understand the true value of Islam. This is also the website that make me respect Islam, knowing that whatever fear I had was due to the wrong doings of some who did so in the name of a respectable religion, who dare to tarnish the image of good religion for their own interest & ego, yet put the blame on others.

May the Highest Almighty return the pure nature to these strayed ones, and lead them back to the truth !
May Malaysia be blessed with many many more good reps such as YB Hannah
May Malaysians of all races be blessed by the Highest Almightly, that all of us will move forward, will embrace each other and sing NEGARA KU wholeheartedly like a big family in many more coming Merdeka Days...MERDEKA ! MERDAKA !MERDAKA !

Christina Kam said...

May d good LORD continue to sustain you with His strength and wisdom in every work of ur hands.. :)