Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Our Merdeka gift - DSAI's victory!

I just got back from Permatang Pauh. Travelled there together with my husband and the state assemblyman for Bukit Gasing, Edward Lee. We drove around Permatang Pauh trying to find our way to Seberang Jaya to speak at a ceramah there.
Edward Lee driving and my husband, Ram smiling
Permatang Pauh flooded with campaign banners and flags
Heavy presence of the police force everywhere

Having a bad headache now after spending some time in the rain last night campaigning for Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim ("DSAI"). It was wonderful seeing leaders from Pakatan Rakyat coming together from different states speaking up for DSAI. I had to do my part! Again, people were seen standing in the rain listening attentively at ceramahs. In my speech, I said that the hope of the people of Subang Jaya was in the hands of the Permatang Pauh voters. I am glad they didn't disappoint us.
What sweet victory! Congratulations to DSAI. This is the best Merdeka gift for all of us. My husband is now flying the Malaysian flag at home :)


myvoice said...

Yes! DSAI has won and we, the rakyat won too! I felt a little upset with the result, though the majority count is higher than the March election but still, I do not understand till today, why there are still 15,524 ppl vote for BN??
Too bad, BN do not lost its deposit or else tomorrow I will sure take one day leave to celebrate! Congratulations to DSAI and his family...bravo!

tokmoh said...

Congratulations!! Next, may the era of a new Malaysia begin this Sept 16th!!

And RM2.00/L of petrol on Sept 17th :P

Anonymous said...

Thank U HY for helping us by helping out in the campaign for DSAI..

to DSAI, lets rock the parliament house!...

Truly a new dawn is coming to past...

-Hopeful Malaysian

Anonymous said...

Way to go DAP PKR PAS! Job well done! Looking forward to Sept 16 soon!!!

Anonymous said...

I knew the background and history for DAP, I knew the visions and goals for DAP. I feel so proud DAP is still alive and never give up for all these years. We shall never forget DAP's Pioneer has contributed to Our Country, Malaysia.

Today, good or bad on DSAI's has won the election. We are too early to make a statement.

However, DAP has no doubt for the Malaysian. May wish after 30 years, DAP will remain the strong spirit that all for one, one for all. All for Malaysian.

Lastly, I do not appreciate DAP has cooperate with PAS/PKR. I can see DAP is really standing in the wrong position, i wish i see this wrong after 30 years. DAP please think carefully and wisely.


Anonymous said...

yes BN is lost,But how much Dato Seri Anwar can fulfill his promise as KEADILAN UNTUK SEMUA...i hope he come change and will not dissapoint us because we know his back ground,he is anti chinese and at one during the time he in education minister,he would want to abolish chimese and tamil school,,,by god advice,really hope he have change,,,,,and sept 16 on the way....MAY GOG BLESS

KoSong Cafe said...

Yes, it was a clear message to the powers that be that the people hold the power.

Just to let you know I was sitting in front of Tony Pua when he was sitting next to you at the NC. I wasn't in the best mental state and just could not place you nor Edward Lee.

myvoice said...

Yes, though DSAI has bfor in the past was anti-chinese and tamil as reported in the main media for trying to abolish the c and t school but how true is true? For the past, we have been depending on the main media for info and these have blind us for 50 years. Anyhow, should DSAI or PR start on racial or ketuanan issue, I trust DAP (espc. YB LKS) will be the first one to declare out from PR.

Enrimmon said...

justice & truth for good governance!

petluc said...

Way to go RAM, FLY THE FLAG!....
I will personally skin the guy/gal who does not fly the Jalur Gemilang, especially all the Wakil Rakyats.
Even out here in my small little apartment in Macao, I fly the Jalur Gemilang!
What excuse do you guys have....

btw in my BLOG, petluc.blogspot.com
i am flying the Jalur Gemilang upside-down as a sign of protest and my declaration that Malaysia is in distress...but there is hope yet!

Anonymous said...

YB gobalakrishanan and his two sons in polis lokap, penang. Caught cause of tahan phantom voters bus
will PR / Anwar help them to be released?

YR Lim said...

People who take the law into their own hands deserve. That's not the style we wanna see in the PR. Who is an individual or group to stop a bus even if it contains phantom voters. I really cannot understand it that there were reports that PR supporters/"members" who beat people up, throw bottles & etc. It only gives the coalition ammo to react. Do not react in a thigish manner. This is not a lawless state.

It is negative perception when outsiders read on whats going on. It should be an emberassment to DSAI that these people behaved in such a manner & it puts him in a difficult spot. Grow up, this is a civilised nation.

Congratulations to DSAI! Now comes the harder work.

Hi&Lo said...

YB Hannah,

Thank you for being there to lend your voice. May the spirit of PP sweep through Malaysia.

To those who have misgivings abt Anwar's past, I appeal for grace to forgive and move on. We cannot forever hold the man cos of his past.

Am not an Anwarista. I believe in giving people second chances. Remember, every saint has a past, sinners hope.

Anonymous said...

We are entering into the next phase - whether PR becomes the Federal Government and then what happen when 30 BN MPs cross over if some of them are tainted in the recent past? Will some of the MPs like the MP of Kulim?

If there is no cross over, then life will be normal still under BN's style with some small improvement and we have to wait for the next election. This means PR and DAP have to work very hard to increase its representation in the Federal Level.

So Hannah, what is your future plan - go up next level to MP?

ken said...

Hi Malaysian... time to join DAP to strengthen our voices.Do you know PAS got 1million members, UMNO also got 1 million members. DAP only have 90000 members

Whatmeworry said...

Yes, it was a glorious day for people power. Despite the might of the BN election machinery focusing on PP, it still could not sway the people over to them. Wonder if the BN would honour all those pledges to Chinese/Tamil schools, etc.

You are doing a good job as an assemblywoman. I am sure your party will notice and perhaps when the 13GE comes around you may be asked to contest a parliamentary seat.

All the best!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Let us work together and let the change begins.

Anonymous said...

Hannah .,
No doubt DAP is making great efforts in reaching out to the malaysian folks.
Lately it looks like the firepower is dying off..The journey is tough u will undoubtedly face a lot of hurdles and threats along the way but always remember If God is with us ..who can be against Us .....Ten thousands will fall on ur right ...and none will touch one hair of urs...Trust in the Lord as he is ur pillar of strength.
Strategies needs to be changed we need to reach out to the younger generations who are getting fedup of the current govt..
Take example what happened in Ipoh ...it indirectly shows that if this instability coz by a few candidates.It clearly indicates force of takeover ....the DAP should stand up and voice Justice in the Judiciary Systems that the Courts should uphold the voice of the people and the State Constitution .If PKR , PAS are to be alliance partners they should agree on one agenda and not openly criticize or make opinions if it is to be a one party for the people.
Even if Sgor is in DAP/PKR control
the current state govt performance will decide the next election results.
To gain majority in Parliment efforts must be pursued to win over the hearts and three crossovers is simple ....
Despite it all ....the Lord will do changes if his people cry out to him in prayers ....
God Bless U ..
ex-Poll station master PJ Utara