Monday, August 4, 2008

Proposal to changes at Persiaran Tujuan has been deferred

At the last infrastructure meeting at MPSJ, I was informed that the traffic proposal submitted to make certain changes at Persiaran Tujuan has been deferred. This traffic proposal submitted is very similar to the one stated here by a resident. I have heard objections from residents of SS18 and SS19 on this proposal. Councillors have requested for an independent traffic study to be done prior to any changes being made. This study would look into causes of the traffic jam, effect of changes made and etc. This is to ensure that the best solution is employed to tackle the traffic problem. Meanwhile, we still need to rely on traffic police at Persiaran Tujuan during peak hours for now. I will follow up closely with MPSJ and ensure that the study is completed as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...


Actually one needs to carry traffic modelling for bigger area. The reason is that the traffic may solve one place but the precusssions can affect either upstream or downstream. Alaso the traffic studies will tell how many vehicles before the road gets choke.

Anonymous said...

I think the proposal is the best for all residents. I'm not sure what a traffic study will achieve. Slip roads down to KESAS from USJ3 and SS18 will help improve traffic outflow in Jalan Tujuan from Subang Jaya and USJ.

Hi&Lo said...

YB Hannah,

I applaud your move to involve the residents in planning for the township. With a sense of ownership and belonging, it will foster community spirit and caring.

I also note that in your endeavour, you want the people to be able to help themselves before turning to you for assistance. This is a true mark of leadership cos you are working yourself out of the job.

There are politicians who want to be indispensable and engage in populism.

Lawrence said...

"Slip roads down to KESAS from USJ3 and SS18 will help improve traffic outflow in Jalan Tujuan from Subang Jaya and USJ."

Slip roads down to Kesas will NOT help traffic in Subang. The current slip road @ Summit is mainly used by residents of Kemuning and beyond to bypass the toll by using the local roads in Subang. By providing another access to Kesas via Persiaran Tujuan, the Kemuning traffic will spill into Tujuan, and cause a jam such as the one from the SS15 Roundabout to the Summit intersection along Kewajipan.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Hannah,

Please accept my sincere congratulations for work well done. Please keep up with your good work. I'm from Ipoh.

Ciana Carrie said...


I personally think that the MPSJ officers should have a traffic study. I do agree with that writer but I have some points to make. By having all vehicles make a U-turn at the Persiaran Tujuan/Murni traffic light, it won't solve anything because 1) there is no pedestrian bridge. If they so decide to remove the traffic lights, how are people going to cross the road (from USJ 2 to USJ 3 and vice versa) to take the bus? 2) it will cause more congestion. Why? There are queue cutters.

I hope MPSJ won't approve a plan that will cause inconvienience to the SS 19 and USJ 3 residents.

ngchakngoon said...

About two months ago and subsequently, I submitted a suggesion to you on how to reduce the traffic jam at the interchange between Kesas Highway and Persiaran Kewajipan. I sent two emails to you and one to Mr. Ling, your assistant. It would be nice to have some indication that you have received it even if you don't do anything else with it. At least I would know that my idea was considered too trivial or unworkable. Now I do not even know which fate it met.

Anonymous said...

Wholesale revamp of the whole township including the traffic. That is what is required. Adjacent township is also using the Subang arteries to get to toll free roads. Close the tolls on all the toll hwy bordering Subang (by legislative means but only possible with Pakatan at the helm of Authority) for a month and assess the traffic situation and I can assure you that non-subang traffic will be greatly reduced.

shahrul zaman said...

I agree with the idea of closing the SS19 traffic lights so that traffic on Persiaran Tujuan flows smoothly towards Federal Highway or Sunway. Access to SS19 should be via a U-Turn, but the U-Turn shouldn't be at the traffic lights, but BEFORE the traffic lights, since there is enough "space" that divides the highway. Therefore SS19 residents can have an uninterrupted U-turn if they want to access their township. Build a U-Turn about 100m BEFORE the traffic lights.
I am not discriminating against SS19 residents, but if you look at the whole picture, traffic congestions affect the whole USJ residents accessing Persiaran Tujuan in the mornings and evenings. With those traffic lights, even SS19 residents are affected.
Another proposal is to provide "easy" left turn for SS19 residents out to Persiaran Tujuan rather than looking out for fast traffic coming from the right.
I want to attach my proposal "drawing plan", but this comment does cater for attachments.
I sincerely believe that without the SS19 traffic lights, traffic jams in the mornings and evenings via Persiaran Tujuan will be a thing of the past.
P.S. Yes, a bridge have to be build for people to access across Persiaran Tujuan. I have seen traffic piling up just to let one guy cross the road during peak hour heavy traffic. Priority should be given to the rush-hour traffic rather than one guy, right?

eraserwke said...

I do agree with closing down the SS19 traffic lights. The proper way for pedestrians to cross a 6-lane main road should be a bridge, NOT traffic lights.

During peak hours, the main cause of congestion is the traffic lights as once the lights turn red, traffic builds up. At times, the road is actually clear but because of cars slowing down and stopping, there will be a long queue that spills over.

I would like to request for the construction of a pedestrian bridge linking SS18 to SS19. That is of utmost importance, even if nothing else is done to the traffic situation.

eric said...

Dear Hannah, firstly I appreciated your hard work, hope you will keep on improve the traffic problem at SS19.
I come from Puchong work at Subang SS19, recently every morning have to jam ~30mins for a short distance from Taipan traffic light until SS19 traffic light. It really torcher all drivers in early morning, effected our working emotional.
I strongly agree close SS19 traffice light and replace it by a u-turn or fly-over. Because of this 'unnessary' traffic light caused whole Persiaran Tujuan seriously jam.

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah Yeoh,

Please, please, please seriously consider the proposal by Mr. Shahrul Zaman posted on Aug 26, 2008. I believed its the most practical solution to the traffic problem along Persiaran Tujuan. This will benefit both Subang Jaya (SS19, SS18) residents and all residents of USJ including Putra Heights and Shah Alam. We don't need to wait for a traffic study which is already 5 months overdue! the problem has been with us for years and we need the solution now!

I apprecaite your hard work and look forward to your effort in helping us to be relieved of this daily misery.