Thursday, August 28, 2008

Town hall meetings

I am in full support of our YAB Menteri Besar's move to have regular town hall meetings. My team and I have been preparing for several town hall meetings (Program Mesra Rakyat) in my constituency, the first one of which will be in September 2008. What is a town hall meeting? According to Wikipedia : A town hall meeting is an informal public meeting derived from the traditional town meetings of New England. Similarly to those meetings, everybody in a community is invited to attend, voice their opinions, and hear the responses from public figures and elected officials, although attendees rarely vote on an issue. In today's heterogeneous communities with large populations, more often, town hall meetings are held so that people can influence elected officials in their decision making or to give them a chance to feel that their voices are being heard. Look out for more details here on my blog!


3dimension said...

Hi Hannah Yeoh, I am USJ6 resident and I just past by SS13 yesterday. I noticed the apartment was newly painted. I guess for the past 15years it was a first new coat of paint. Is it your work? If yes, I must say you have done a good job and make Subang Jaya/USJ looks like what you see in Singapore Apartment.

Yeo said...


yep ... town hall meetings is the way forward ... kudos to you tan sri khalid & you !