Friday, August 29, 2008

The reason why I was there...

This morning I have been busy answering and replying calls and sms from people in relation to the incident reported in NST , Sinar Harian , Malay Mail and The Star today. Some facts were inaccurate and some were omitted. Please find below the sequence of events which took place at MPSJ Full Board Meeting yesterday:-
  • I arrived at the meeting room and asked Urusetia MPSJ for my seat. I informed them I needed to use my laptop. Together with Urusetia MPSJ, we went over to MPSJ seats but discovered that there were no available plugpoints. Urusetia MPSJ then said that I could sit at the end of the table (where councillors would sit) for an available plugpoint.
  • Half way through the meeting, one PKR councillor Keshminder Singh then questioned the YDP as to why I was allowed to sit at the table with the rest of them. Some other councillors immediately reacted to his statement but he insisted that as an observer I should not be allowed to be there.
  • YDP then read out the law that says full board meetings are open to public.
  • Important to note that that all throughout the meeting I did not speak at all (as an observer) and only spoke to clarify as to why I was at the table (for plug point).
  • I then asked the YDP whether he wanted me to move away from the table (I was willing and ready to do that) and YDP replied by saying said there was no need to move.
  • At the end of the meeting, NGO Councillor Tony Chang spoke up and said that majority of councillors have no objection for me to be seated at the table but Keshminder protested.

This incident took place in full view of the pressmen and MPSJ staff. There are many witnesses around, I do not mind the enquiry as to why I was there but the manner this took place was not very pleasant. You can ask the rest of the councillors to comment since they all witnessed it. We are promoting transparency and there is no law/circular specifying that I could not sit at the table (if there was one, I did not receive it). I have no intention of pushing my way through as the ADUN, I was merely there to listen to policies being made which could affect my constituents.

Important to note :

(1) My presence at the table was with the permission of Urusetia MPSJ.

(2) I was not occupying any councillor's seat, I was at the end of the table seated on an extra chair. No councillor was deprived of a seat.

(3) I was there purely for plug point reason.

I hope this clarifies. I have more pressing issues to address in my constituency and this will not deter me from attending future full board meetings as I care for my constituency and will make all efforts to be present.


Ching Tat said...

No worry, you have our full support in this matter. Assemblymen are encouraged to take part on whatever meetings/functions that discussing policies related to her/his constituency, it only shows that you really care. Good job!
But what we could see is that really high absence of ministers in the parliament, even they have the duty there.


RAZ said...

In future, you should also tell the press that there are more important issues that require consideration and such petty issues should be taken outside. If the councillor feels strongly about it, then let him leave the room; we do not need people who do not know how to prioritze their work to be there in the first place.

Henry Tong said...

Shame on you, Mr K Singh. There are more important and pressing issues. You were just picking on nits and in the process making a damn fool of yourself to the whole world.

Jo said...

This whole episode is too trivial and uncalled for. Don't let that spoil your day. He doesn't seem to know what he's at the meeting for. To start a fight?? Could it be he feels intimidated by your ability that he needs to lash out this way. Next time, let him walk out. You need your plug point. So be it.

temenggong said...

Who is this petty councillor? Who appointed him?

Tell Khalid to remove him. We need to have some decorum.

Anonymous said...

You did the right thing to ask the urusetia to provide you with a seat with plug point.However, this is a small issue and I wonder why KS is so work up on this unless he has a hidden agenda.

The media is all to happy to write on this controversy for obvious reasons.

It is good that we see ADUNs like you who really care on what is happening in their constituency.

You should continue to sit in the full council meetings to be keep ahead of issues and happenings in your area. Well done.

Anonymous said...

Hannah my dear,

Dont mind this guy Keshminder Singh. This kind of small people are desperate for attention thats all.

leo said...

Was the meeting attended by ambassadors or other officials of "significant" importance?

What's the big deal here? Another example of the mainstream media government propaganda machine...

So the crux of the matter is, let's make a big fuss over who sits where, while letting matters of state rot in stagnation.

What a nation this is... Pettiness should be made into a national agenda, and a requirement to be a politician.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for handling the situation impeccably. I'm impressed that you did not lose your cool and in fact behaved like the proper politician that we Malaysians have always hoped for.

As for KS, this person obviously is not aware of his main duties as as Councillor. Even if he disagree with 'protocol', the manner of his outburst itself is a breach of protocol. If he walks out of the next meeting, he should just stay out there permanently.


Anonymous said...


You did the right thing and is your your faukt as you are directed by the Council as to where to sit. It is better that in future, the council should provide power points to those wanted to use them.

As to Mr K Singh, I find that he is rude and behave like UMNO. He need not react in such matter. He should ask the Council to prepare proper places for the public and those wanting to use the power and then proceed with the meeting and business. As the event is just the start, he should not be bother by the protocol but can ask the council to prepare a proper place for proper protocol. He is there to serve the rakyat.

myvoice said...

PKR Councillor apa nama K Singh, you are not much different from the AMNO arrogant MP, the one call big foot from Kinabatangan. Shame on your self for being cheap, real cheap in the meeting. Don't you know the meaning of "good manner" and "give and take" attitude, even my 5 years old son is much better than you!

To YB Hannah, you are great, your respect is earned!

Gan said...

Who is this K Singh fler?

I think whoever recommended him better have a word with him - tak tahu behave lah.

Since he dont know what battles to fight so how to fight the important ones.

If he wants to stay out the next time - please get him to stay out permanently.

Hannah - I sokong you for handling situation like a responsible thinking politician.

J Khoo said...

YB Hannah,

You have joined us (RA) for several meetings before in the past in MPSJ and other places and you have always been very focused and professional with the way you carry yourself.

As such there is no reason whatsoever why we do not believe you. I find it totally unncessary for you to explain over such a trivial matter brought about undoubtedly by some people who has nothing better to do. This councillor, (what's his name?) is making a big deal out of nothing. Who is he anyway? What a stupid ...@#$^$#@&!!

Anyway, no one in the right frame of mind will give two hoots about this councillor's comments. I suggest you continue to do what you are doing and not even bother about people like these. Don't even know why we have such stupid people? Haven't they got better things to do??

Message for you whatever Singh you are - if you cannot behave like a councillor and focus on the bigger tasks that comes along with the job (like the rest of the councillors), just quit! STOP being trivial and stupid. I am sure there are plenty more people who can do a better job than you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr K Singh

Please do walk out of the meeting as you said you will. We do not need such a dim wit no brainer like you. You are a REAL SHAME for PKR and PR. Please just f*** off.

Cheers to you, Hannah. We will always hantam people like Mr K properly.

I will bring a wooden stool for you to sit at your next meeting, Mr K.

Kent Chong said...

Dear hannah,

Give a Big SMILE to yourself and relax. Im not from subang but i do support you.

Anonymous said...

There are bigger fish to fry these days than for Keshminder to bickle over such a non-issue as this. Civic, political and PR immaturity - they sum up that fella's actions.

Joon Howe said...

Well, I do not doubt your intention. I have been following your blog even before election and attended your ceramah. Read lots of what you have been doing in your blog. Hannah, keep up the great work. The people needs you. You're are an inspiration to many too.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah
I foresaw this the moment he was elected.
Mr K Singh is an obnoxious attention seeking trouble maker. The Council Members of the Malaysian Institute of Estate Agents will surely attest to this.

All meetings will be more peaceful without his presence.

Keep up the good work

Yeo said...


you should issue a press statement in addition to your blog-entry ... do not allow MSM have a field day blasting PR ADUNs like yourself ... call a press conference if need be ... as many joe / jean public may not have access or read your blog ... keep up your good work!

we are for you, hannah !


Vote Wisely said...

Dear Hannah

You deserved the highest mark and our fullest support. In the face of the totally uncalled-for attack and harassment by this PKR appointed councillor, you remained calm and cool.

The behaviour of this guy is utterly shameful. Instead of welcoming you, he insulted you, totally unbecoming of a learned councillor. Excruciatingly childish, he was lucky that the YDP did not reprimand him. He could have been suspended.

Councillors are appointed by the State Government to contribute, debate and articulate issues at the meeting, not to look at trivial matters like seating arrangement which should be best left to the YDP to decide. If he lives up to his threat to walk out at the next meeting, all the rest of the councillors and the YDP should lay a red carpet for him to walk out and say goodbye to him.

The residents of Subang Jaya are extremely disappointed by the behaviour of the said councillor who should apologise to our ADUN. Such foolish utterances in future from him should not be tolerated.

Anonymous said...

Keshminder Singh,

Next time you wanna walk out , just do it and do us all a favour, keep walking and dont come back.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Please recommend a 'Retarded Persons Counsellor' for our Mr K.
This councillor needs a Counsellor.
MPSJ has asked Mr K to bring his own chair for the next meeting.
Among all Imbeciles in the world, the most obnoxious are the ones like Mr K. The world is much better off without them. Mr K, you are a birth to this world is a misadventure!

Chng meng Kung said...

Hi Hannah,

This Keshminder SIngh is really a buffoon of the highest order. Brainless, tackless and lacking in marbles, he should have the guts to bare his fangs against an UMNO ADUN. I doubt has has the courage. How dare he has the audacity to pick on a respected, caring and hardworking ADUN who has been working selflessly for the good of the people.

Under the BN govertment this Keshminder Singh wouldn't have an inch of an opportunity to become a councillor.

Let him walk out and never come back again. We don't need an uncouth buffoon like.

We love our righteous YB Hannah Yeoh and will always have you in our prayer.

Long live YB Hannah Yoeh!

Anonymous said...

The trouble is the quality of PKR. Personally I do not know what do they stand for? Do they really live up to being Justice, Fair and Tactful? Look at what happen to the MP of Subang and Kulim? Are they really a Justice Party?

That is why LKY always stress ADUN and MPs have to be tested to see the true quality.

Anonymous said...


You do not need to explain and being defensive about the whole issue.

You have all the right to be in the meeting and sit at the same table, because the subang jaya people put you there and give you the mandate to take care of their wellfare .

Mr Keshminder Singh ; you obviously do not fit to be in the council. And I would not waste my time using expletives upon you. Get out and Get lost , the people of subang jaya do not need uncouth and kurang ajar animal like you !

keith said...

Hannah, I'd like to say that all of us in my area ss17, are behind you. You have been professional, hard working and live up to your word thus far. Keep up the good work.

And to that appointed councillor, Mr singh, you can just walk out back to ss23 and dont come back! You dont live in Sjaya and you ahve no rights to be here representing us!

Pls go to and scroll Arus Politic to know what many in Sjaya feel about this small minded egomaniac of a wannabe!

Keith Khoo

Anonymous said...

In Malaysia's protocol list, ADUN stands at 63A, (MP at 51), and councillors......NOT EVEN LISTED!
So, Mr K Singh, know your position and who you are before barking.

Anonymous said...

Mr KS,

Be a gentleman lah. What's your problem?

Anonymous said...

We really do not need the likes of the politically appointed Keshminder Singh around.

We want councillors who can serve the rakyat. Those interested in petty political posturing should stand in elections.

Shame on you, MB Khalid, for appointing such people.

Anonymous said...

YB Hannah,

1st of all my respect goes to you for being a sincere down-to-earth assemblyman. What that dumb PKR councillor did only reflected his immature & childish mentality and is an insult to PKR for appointing him.

Malaysia will do better with more assemblyman like you. Keep up the good works and God richly bless you and your hubby.

S. Jayakumar said...

YB Hanna,

As you travel on your political journey you will come across more and more likes of Keshminder. For an intelligent lady that we know of you, I am sure you were prepared for all this.

We know what you are doing for the Subang folks. We have complete trust and faith in you.

Keep moving...forward! Our support is there for you...always!


Anonymous said...

ex batteries salesman?

Old Fart said...

My first time on your blog.

Last night I had drinks with a Real Estate Institute of Malaysia guy. He tells me that Subang Jaya Municipal Council (MPSJ) councillor Keshminder Singh is also of that profession and that he is known to be an attention seeker. Apparently he even has problems with the way one is dressed and if the shirt one uses is not exactly of his liking.

I think you will do well to just plain ignore him. Let him do all the talking. You only give him recognition and credibility by responding to his taunts.

Too bad. Sometimes PKR and DAP do choose people for such positions based on limited information on their choices. i should add, I don't know this guy.

Anonymous said...

hi old fart,

is that true comment on Mr KS ?? if yes..OMG! i am speechless..argh. i hope he finds better stuffs to do rather than making a big hoo haa on Hannah sitting at a place for a plug point! as if by Hannah sitting there will impact the nation!!

Hannah...maybe it was just a bad "seat" day :) Cheer up ! We are all supporting you!! Continue just work on important agendas and the welfare of the people in SJ !!

God bless!

Anonymous said...

you like to use "I" amd "Me" most of the time? For publicity or want credit?