Thursday, September 25, 2008

After 6 months - my thoughts and feelings...

Publicity stunts?
When I first started work as the state assemblyman of Subang Jaya, I attended to a lot of matters and was then told by people that my "works" were not reaching my constituents as a result of lack of publicity. I was criticised for not knowing how to handle media relations and etc.
Only about 10% of my works is being highlighted in my blog. Not every meeting, discussion or status update can be highlighted in my blog (due to confidentiality and privacy reason, sometimes requested by the complainants themselves) and therefore only information pertaining to the general interest of my constituents will usually be featured in my blog.
Now that my works are constantly being featured in the media, I have now been accused by certain individuals that I am only interested to seek publicity for myself. Either way, accusation comes flying at me. What do you think?
Being real...
For six months (since campaign time in February 2008) I had taken no rest. I worked and I worked and I worked. Even on Saturdays and Sundays I had to attend to matters and events. I am not complaining, this is my blog and I just want to share my struggles and emotions. Last weekend, I decided to take a short break as long as 2 days! I ran free on the beach and dived into the waves in the sea just to let go of some of the frustrations bottled up within me. I took time to admire the mountains and the works of the Creator. Don't mistake me as being emotional. A state assemblyman can often feel tired and drained and I want to be real with my constituents and readers here, lest I become a fake politician.


fungus said...


You a doing a great job. Don't bother too much with what others have to say. There are sour grapes out there.

Take a well deserved break to recharge your energy so that you won't suffer a burn out. This is a marathon and not a 100m dash la...

Anyway, all the best and keep up the effort & commitment. We really appreciate what you are doing.

Anonymous said...

hello Hannah You do what you have to do and continue. The Rakyat knows what you are doing and about the media don't worry about getting their attention and report. If you get too much attention then you will be accused of all funny things . So my advised is carry on what you are doing and do take some break as public works can never be complete and done.

ronin said...

No worries Hannah, you're one of our best assemblyman by far. Of course, you deserve a break too from time to time. Seek a balance. You'll be more effective this way, then being a burnt out person.

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Dear YB Hannah,

Every job has its hazards, be it a politician, a fireman, policeman or a fisherman.
My advise is learn to manage it day to day.Being honest & truthful helps.Make not empty promises.Show people that u just as human as the next guy.

Unfortunately, in your profession,"critics" are ever always ever present.
Question u must ask ; is it worthwhile doing it?

Most people today, i think are able to see that you a woman who wish to contribute to the betterment of society.No expects you to be a superwoman.

Anonymous said...

take rest n be normal your strong faith will get you through my friend.

viv said...

hope u find a balance, hannah. all the work will surely burn you out in no time. btw, if u r in the family way, congrats.

usj11/3D said...

You are the kind of state assemblyman we needed, Subang Jaya is lucky to have you. You make us proud and with you we see hope in this multi race multi culture society. You are an inspriation to out youth and our future.

abi said...

Its long overdue in my view...Politicians are humans, you are not corrupt and you are genuine,you work hard and you deserve such breaks!

Congrats on the brilliant work so far and hope your constituents are a lucky bunch!

Alan said...

If you guys have noticed, since after March 8 general election, more and more people start to make even more complaints, and those complaints not only target on their own local issues, but also complaints towards their own ADUN!

I just want to say these to those who like to talk so much (but actually do nothing), pointing fingers to your own ADUNs:
1) Please try to just serve your own community. Just pick one small place, for example, your own Taman, your own apartment block, and even just your own family.

See if you can serve those small
little areas good enough, day after day, no rest like how Hannah Yeoh has been doing.

2) Before always asking Hannah Yeoh to do this and that for you, if that matter is so urgent, why don't you make your own complaints to related departments first? Why must you always need to wait till Hannah Yeoh appears, then you only know how to raise your voice (acting like a hero) in front of Hannah Yeoh?!

We are the one who got to take initiative in solving problems first, before always looking for Hannah Yeoh for further assistance.

We got to fully understand how heavy the work loads an ADUN
got to face everyday. If we do not
do something first and always just wait for ADUN for help, this country is not going to improve, because many of those who only know how to raise voice, only when Hannah Yeoh is around).

They actually seem to me that they are lacking controls of certain things in their life. For example, relationship, money, job satisfaction, etc. When they raise voice in front of Hannah Yeoh that time, those people feel like they are having certain controls on Hannah, as if they are commanders!
Such feeling makes them feel so good!

Stop being acting in such a way.

If one day you can stand in front of Hannah Yeoh and tell her that,
"Hannah, my area here got broken road problem. However, I already made complaints to local council,
and I monitored and followed up the case for months, and the problem has already been solved!"

Do this and tell this to Hannah Yeoh next time!!! Don't always wait for Hannah Yeoh to appear and
then you only raise the issues to her, hoping that she can solve all the problems for you!

Wake up! Make a big different to this country. Start from your own mentality. Then, this country will only got hope, and our future generations will only have a better place and future!

USJ 8 Resident.

Darick said...

u deserve our salute Hannah. good job !

Anonymous said...

hey..remember you are just human.

Junior said...

I say. To REST is to WALK a longer journey. Take a rest ^^, subang jaya still need u (=

Anonymous said...


You are doing absolutely a very, very good job. I'll register myself as a voter here and I'll support you!


Dzof said...

Forgive me if this is too simple, but...

If you can figure out what the main point of your job is, and then do it to the best of your ability, then people will eventually know you've done a good job.

If you think publicity is the most important thing, then people will know you're good at being famous.

If you think listening to your constituents is the most important thing, then people will know you have accommodating ears.

But if you stand up for those who cannot be seen nor heard, if you give opportunities to those who otherwise have none, and if you can give justice to those who have been wronged...

Well, you see what I mean.

Jarod said...

Relax when you are down :) Forget those bugger who talk and do nothing. You are doing great. It isn't easy to deal with thousand of people living in subang. What's more with the ratio of 1 (You):10000 (subang folk)... Actually they can't simply say that you are craving for popularity. But its the MEDIA that are after you, since you are one of the young gun that they are interested. SO, be honour of it. Be genuine. People know who is doing their job or fancy for the camera. :) take care.

traveleo said...

Greetings from Warsaw, Poland!

I think you're doing a satisfactory job given your "greenness" in the office.

One advice, keep God (which ever you believe in) out of your writings, as not everyone believes in him (or her or it - you get my point).

Otherwise, objectivity, transparency and honesty would be the key to a successful tenure.

Congratulations and keep up the good work.

3rd dimension said...

Dear Hannah Yeoh,
Don't worry, be yourself. I read your blog everyday and I know what you have done. I have seen the changes in Subang Jaya, a place I have stayed for the past 15 years.
It is good to have you as our ADUN.

Banne said...

Dear Hannah Yeoh,

You are doing a great job. It's human to be selfish - for self presertvation. The extreme is greed. Do take good care of yourself, otherwise you can't serve. Keep up the good work in making Subang Jaya a better place.

RS Ranu said...

Hi Hannah,

I think the important thing here is that we have to learn to be indifferent at times. You are doing your job with honesty, integrity and selflessly. Just be yourself and everything will fall into place. You can never please everyone and never make everyone happy. Our objective is to educate people firstly to excercise thier constitutional rights to vote. Then practice what they preach and stamp out corruption.
what you have taken on is no easy job. you can always count on people like us for assistance and encouragement.
Best Regards.
RS Ranu

umadavid said...

As we place GOD in the center of our lives, we must acknowledge HIM, what is so wrong about that.

I take exception with what traveleo said above. Why should she leave GOD out of her writings?

Just as some have the right to disbelieve, others have the right to believe and the right to Praise Him wherever, whenever....

Hannah is a lovely person within and without and definitely and re-charge frequently when the need arises. We acknowledge and appreciate your sacrifices as you go about your heavy workload.
Philippians 4:13

srevyg said...

I read your blog almost everyday. I wish I am staying in Subang Jaya.
I hope all ADUNs and MPs were as comitted as you!
All the best and may god bless you.

Hi&Lo said...

YB Hannah,

Hardly a day passed by without me turning to your blog tho I don't comment always. Your public spiritedness is very inspiring.

You have every right to put your God in the picture cos He is the source of your strength. By giving Him the glory, others will know there's Someone they can depend on as well.

We are of the same faith. It's all abt relationships. How we interpret God is shown in our relationship with people. Having said that, we have to face the realtiy that there are always toxic people around. Don't ever let them get into your system.

As many have advised you to take rest whenever necessary to avoid burn-out.

Be human so that you can be more understanding of people.

Charis Quay said...


Greetings from France, the country of laïcité.

Believing in God requires faith just as not believing in God requires faith. It is not that one starts from an 'a priori' of 'God does not exist' and proves the contrary, but rather that neither statement is provable. Some will choose to believe one, some will choose the other. In a civilised society, we should be able to respect the choices of others.

I think Hannah would not be honest if she 'kept God out of it' assuming the reason she is a politician and the reason she is the politician she is is her faith. I agree that in 'official' proceedings in Parliament or the DUN explicitly religious arguments should be kept to a minimum and appeals should be made rather to reason, but this is after all her personal blog.


KorKor said...

Hannah, you have done great job for subang jaya community. We will always support you.

Being a state assemblyman, some people expect you like superwomen. Just ignore the minority, majority of us will understand and aware what you are doing.

Take good care...

aimee said...

hi Hannah, Really glad you are taking care of yourself. You need to be in good health to carry out all the things you have planned. Breaks are essential and it is glad to have you back....recharged and all ready to go. Take care and thumbs up.

Sai Fun said...

Well said, Charis Quay.

petluc said...

My Dear Sister,
Shout out and scream anytime you feel like it..this is afteral what a blog is for. Only thing is some of our blogs are monitored, so what..!

You may be superwoman but certainly not bionic woman; like all of us, you need a rest too.

As always, Macau is ready to welcome you and RAM too....anytime, you will always be my guest!

Only problem is that its a small whole apartment here is smaller than my kitchen in Malaysia.

Take care and play on, play on....

Do not forget, RAM needs equally as much attention and care and concern too,

Thanks RAM for taking care of Hannah...:-)

Anonymous said...

In politics you have to diferentiate between the sourgrapes and the ever-ready to criticise BN political opponents.

The sourgrapes are easy to deal and you just ignore them. Nothing seems right in their eyes anyway.

The BN political opponents are the ones you must be aware. They will create ugly situations and see your response. Recently there was an incident of a temple being demolished in Ampang. These are the work of BN's KT and MIC.

The very fact that there were no hue and cry before the demolition shows that it was deliberately done to discredit the PR state government.

Why no representation made to the state govt or wakil rakyat and why kept so quiet and make noise only after the temple is demolished ?

They want to show the rakyat that the PR govt is insensitive to religious issues.Dont be fool by these sheep in wool's clothing.

Therefore, they want heads you lose and tails I win.

The people of Subang Jaya knows that you are doing a great job. Keep it up ! Conserve your energy for better things.

In fact your work is 10 times better and effective than 5 previous corrupted BN wakil rakyat's effort put together.


Anonymous said...

Good evening Hannah,

Just take note of constructive critism and genuine praises that come your way. The rest, let them from in to one ear and out the other ear.

You are doing fine. Just follow your heart and conscience. Keep it up.

All the best to you always

Anonymous said...

I am malaysian in the US, I have been reading your blog. Good to hear you are taking time off. You are doing fine. You have a good heart. You know to do the right things. I learn from my experience, doing right things is not easy, but it is rewarding and it feel good. Don't listen to those "critics", they are not in your shoe, they do not know everything. Everyone thinks they are a expert. Some people are just all talk, when ask to do the work themselves, all a sudden, you hear not word, so don't listen to them. Listen to what your heart tell you.

Also, you are elected to LEAD and represent. People should not think that you are there to service all their needs because they vote for you. Like you said, before, ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country. People need to "TRY" to take care of their own problem first before coming to you.

Keep up the good work and take care of yourself.

B.O.S.S said...

Hi Hannah,

You are just doing fine and I would say you are certainly one of the people's assemblymen that have set a very high standard among the politicians in term of going down field.

We definitely aware, support and thankful for all your hard works! Keep it up!


temenggong said...

Take a two day break with no blogging each month without fail and you won't burn out.

Yeah, keep religion out. There is a group of MPs and Aduns who are using their new found position to subtly and surreptiously push forward their religion. We know and are watching them!

++MeLisSa++ said...

Be strong!

Anonymous said...

Hi Adun Hannah,

Do you know where the rakyat can get information on Pakatan Rakyat's Selangor govt. Hari Raya open house ( YAB Menteri Besar's Open house ). I believe there is a banket censor by the newspaper on PR's events.

There is no where where we can know as this is an important event for the rakyat to get to know the ADUN's and MP's better.

Maybe, DAP can publish this in your DAP website.

jefferson said...

You only live once, this is what you wanted since the beginning. Live life to the fullest by enjoying your life work and give joy to others. Your life is better than some of us.
Take some rest and leave the work for holiday. Spent more leisure time with your families , the rest can wait if they really want it. If they really want it than they can wait but you must have the back up plan for this. Delegate and trust more co worker to handle the job for you. Be Expandable and recruit more people to integrate your goal and plan. Dare to recruit and speak out to hire more assistant since the Public want it so badly. If you heard their echoes, its the time to do something already. We always behind you .

Shanker said...

At the end of the day, every one is measured by what they deliver, especially if they promised certain deliverables to the people they are accountable to. This is true everywhere - from employees, to corporations, to just about every one. In this respect, it would be wise for all politicians to learn from the Badawi lesson - he was given a huge mandate in the 2004 elections because of the many good-sounding promises that he made, only to find that due to his failure to deliver on them, he lost that mandate, in a big way.

You have made some promises to the people who voted you in. I am one of them. And I still remember what your committed yourself too.

In this respect, I think it is still too early to assess your performance; not when there's still another 4 or so years to go. Having said that, I must say that I am somewhat dissapointed that the SS19 jam still persists, despite the fact that 7 months have come and gone since the Pakatan team first came into power...the immediate solution is simple, as you mentioned elsewhere in your blog, and that is to place an overhead bridge at the junction, and to remove the option of pedestrians to constrain the free flow of traffic at that busy junction by pressing the red light button at the traffic lights. Since just about every one who comes back to Subang from the Federal Highway will have to put up with this junction, I wonder whether you can continue to "bug" MPSJ to hasten the budgetary approval for the construction of the pedestrian bridge. I mean, to work on this on an urgent basis, rather than to go thru all that time impeding red tape processes.

Hard work does not necessarily translate into achievement. For eg, I have a friend who is in Sentul, and who is very involved in social work there, but who is also very frustrated that his MP has not addressed, up to this day, the various socio-eocnomic problems in that area, especially in how development affects the poor in that area. I won't mention the MP by name, but suffice to say, said MP was so caught up with the 16/9 thingy, that he actually seems to have forgotten his primary role in his constituency! Oh yes, he is hard-working, but not on his primary goals for which he was elected....

I am sure you will stay focused.

God bless.

Anonymous said...

Thank You, Hannah Yeoh.
You have been working very hard and we really appreciate it.

Once again, Thank You.

nava said...

Thank you for inspiring me! Reading your blog really makes me happy to be a Malaysian. Please do take enough rest & I hope you are always Blessed by God as well :)