Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creating a Safe Place for Children

My office will be organising an awareness program this coming Saturday:
Date: Saturday, 27th September 2008
Time: 1.45p.m.-5p.m.
Location: Auditorium 7, Sunway College
Entrance: Free (BUT only by online *registration here)

*Limited seats available. Online registration is compulsory. Priority will be given to N31 Subang Jaya residents (SS12-19, USJ1-15, PJS 7, 9 & 11).

I have always said that a constituency like Subang Jaya can lead the nation in championing a good cause like this one. Children must be given our utmost priority and attention to avoid cases of abused and missing children. Change must begin with us! We are now partnering with this NGO called P.S. The Children and below is a short write-up about them:

The safety of our children is entrenched in our laws and within the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Moreover, it is the responsibility of all adults to protect all children and ensure that their lives are free from sexual abuse and exploitation. However, the reality is that child sexual abuse (CSA) continues to be a blight in our society.
These are the basic facts:
Child sexual abuse is any act of sexual contact between a child and an adult.
Child sexual abuse happens in all countries – to any child, anytime and anywhere.
Child sexual abuse goes beyond statistics because the abuse is often unreported.
The prevention of CSA is a huge task. But, the first step is easy: Protect and Save The Children offers an awareness talk that focuses on the dynamics of CSA. By understanding the mechanics of CSA, everyone can identify how s/he can become part of the solution in eradicating CSA. The talk is open to all and covers the definition, types and characteristics of CSA, understanding the sex offender, the importance of teaching children personal safety, why children fear to disclose sexual abuse and how to handle disclosure.
An integrated approach to CSA prevention involving all members of the community is the most effective way to keep our children safe from child sexual abuse and exploitation.

Become a partner for social change, visit us at:
Protect & Save the Children (P.S. the Children) is a non-profit organisation focused on creating safer communities where children are protected from sexual abuse and exploitation. Silence and ignorance allows sexual abuse to breed. Thus, we educate. Surviving sexual abuse is a difficult road. Thus, we walk that road of healing with you by conducting therapeutic programs for at risk children and supporting their families. Ultimately, we empower children through life skills programmes and personal safety knowledge.


GoMalaysia said...

Marilah kita lihat Inilah Pemimpin Dipanggil pemimpin Rakyat

chittyboy said...

Nice to see you back in action YB! Did i or did i not bump into you in Kuching International Airport on Sunday? Nevertheless i was stunned =) good job in SJ. Be known that you are appreciated even outside SJ.