Friday, September 5, 2008

First Town Hall Meeting for residents of Goodyear Court 7, 8, 9 and 10

Our first town hall meeting will begin this Saturday 6 September 2008 at 9:45am to 11:00am at the basketball court opposite Goodyear Court 9. This first town hall meeting is catered for residents of Goodyear Court 7, 8, 9 and 10 only. We will move to different places in my constituency each month.


petluc said...

Best Wishes to you with the TOWN HALL MEETINGS... a good positive move ahead. However, the objectives would be best met if only the residents understand what it is all about.
Do not allow it to be an extension of MPSJ - where residents come to lodge complaints.....that would defeat the purpose.

Get a good strong person to moderate the meeting, to set the direction as otherwise it would be time and effort wasted.

However, I have confidence - everything starts with the first step...

Wish I can be there too....:-)

Alan said...

Even though I stay in Court 6, I attended this "Town Hall Meeting".

Hannah Yeoh updated us about certain developments around this community. She truely shows a good example of how a ADUN should be.

During the meeting, several residents raised different issues, and some seemed to me that they wanted to know an immediate answer.

I hope that you all know that solving issues in this community is not easy, and it takes time.
Kindly give Hannah Yeoh certain time frame in solving those problems. Imagine that you just try to serve your own Court 7, Court 8, Court 9, or Court 10, are you able to solve a problem by minutes? Many residents do not even
want to attend our own Court's committee meeting. So, just imagine that how many issues Hannah got to attend every day.

We ourselves must first do something which we are supposed to do, as the residents in this community, before just hoping that
someone in MPSJ or Hannah Yeoh
should fully take charge of every
single matter.

Anyhow, luckily, I did not see
any resident who spoke something like this, "Hannah, we voted you, so please be responsible and give me the answer now!"

Having Hannah Yeoh as our ADUN truely is the greatest gift from GOD! I have stayed in Subang & USJ for about 11 years. In my memory, I could not remember any similar event organized by the previous ADUN!

So, give Hannah time and she will sure solve issues for us. Things that which are out of control, she will update us, and we should be an understanding person.

Let's change ourselves first, before always asking or hoping
others in solving problems for us!

All the best to you, Hannah Yeoh.


Shaun Tey said...

Hi Hannah,

I'm a Christian and NO I am not here to bring out some stupid/urgent request in the name of God.

Just want to say that you've done a good job so far, even though I'm not a resident of SJ. I think most of the folks over there would be able to see that you're sacrificing a lot of your time for their cause.

And would pray that you continue persevering even through the toughest of times...Rock on and God Bless!

mengkungchng said...

Hi Hannah,

I'm so proud of you even though I'm no longer a resident of USJ/Subang Jaya.

Residents, remember Rome wasn't built in a day. Fixing a mistake is three times more expensive and probably takes 3 times longer. Be fair and do your bit by speaking out to the right person and authorities; not just to Hannah.

All the best, Hannah

Anthony Dylan said...

Dear Hannah,

Stand firm and uphold integrity. Be strong and God Bless.


UniversalTraveller65 said...

YB Hannah,

Leadership is by example they say. U are leading the way as a responsible elected representative.

Please take the time to explain you constrains otherwise people have a wrong impression.

Please keep up the good work. Syabas Hannah Boleh!

Alan said...

This is Alan again.

I forgot to mention about the below matter the other day.

This is not only about people who asked questions during the "Town Hall Meeting", but also to all who ask questions when you face your own ADUN at your area.

I always notice that we Malaysians really lack of certain questioning skills. The way people ask questions are kind of harsh to me. They always sound like blaming ADUN, or sound like they are teaching their sons and daughters
with very strong words.

I hope that we all can change ourselves first. Be polite when asking ADUN questions. Learn how to say "Thanks", after asking each questions.

If other people do not do so, we should not follow their ways. We must lead by example. Do you want your kids to ask you questions by raising voice aggresively? Certainly "No".

So, be more polite when asking questions next time. ADUN is just a human being like all of us. ADUN is not made of iron.

Be an understanding resident.
Teach your kids and teach ourselves first in taking care of the community around us. Do not always just hope for MPSJ, Indah Water, or Hannah Yeoh to do the job for us.

If let say we are not happy with Indah Water, we can always make a call and make complaint or provide feedbacks to Indah Water first. Why do we need to wait until Hannah Yeoh to organize such a "Town Hall Meeting", and then we only ask Hannah to solve the problems for us?

Is that the way we teach our kid:
"Kids, you do not need to solve the problems first, and you can just hope and pray and wait for your parents to solve all problems for you."

If we do not teach our kids in that way, then we ourselves must first be initiative in taking care of this community. Whatever problems we face, we try to deal with certain authorities by ourselves first, before asking Hannah Yeoh to help out.

Not saying that Hannah Yeoh is not willing in helping, but just imagine her daily's workloads in helping so many people. If we can deal with authorities by ourselves first, then what we do is considered giving Hannah a helping hand, and we ourselves also actually will understand how difficult if we are the one who got to face and solve the problems first!

I dealed with MPSJ several years ago, in asking them to check out one huge broken road around USJ 8. It took me about 4 months in contacting so many authorities and finally got one party to fix the road! So, I totally understand that it is not easy when we got to serve the community. Somemore, Hannah Yeoh's responsibility is not just taking care of USJ's road only, but she got to handle so many issues from different areas.
Always remember that.

So again, be understanding.
Try to solve the problems by ourselves first, before always waiting and hoping that MPSJ, other authorities, or Hannah are the one who got to solve problems for us! We cannot always just wait for Hannah Yeoh to appear, and then we only know how to make complaints to her! If we ourselves not trying to be a part in this community, we do not even have face in meeting with a person like Hannah who always tries to serve the community.

I hope that our future generations
will be more responsible, initiative, proactive, polite, etc.. Then, our community not only will have just 1 Hannah Yeoh, but many "helping hands" of/for Hannah Yeoh as well.

Good luck to this country.