Tuesday, September 9, 2008

First Town Hall Meeting

Our first town hall meeting on Saturday was a good experience for me. The residents of Goodyear Court 7, 8, 9 and 10 came out and sat for almost an hour listening to my updates on issues in my constituency.
Though it drizzled, it didn't stop the residents from coming out. The meeting was casual and I was able to explain policies and my stand on certain issues to my constituents. I invited MPSJ officers to come along to listen to some of the views from the residents. I personally think this is one step forward in engaging the residents regularly and keeping them informed on the happenings in Subang Jaya.
Every month, we will be having a town hall meeting in my constituency. I will keep you posted on our next destination!


temenggong said...

I can see my Court 9 apt in the first picture, right behind Hannah!

I don't recognise any of the Court 9 tenants in the second picture.

temenggong said...

On another issue, I am all for sports and all that which I support, but I hope DAP does not become another rich man's club with golfing and all that, for rubbing shoulders, etc.

That will invite another set of 'those kinds of people' who will eventually corrupt the party.

Please inform Tony Pua.

Alan said...

Looking forward to such an event from time to time.

We support you, Hannah Yeoh.

p/s: Temenggong, why do you suddenly "drag" Tony Pua in the picture? What happens? According to
your 1st post, why do you care about whether you can recongize any of the tenants attended the meeting, since you yourself did not even attend the meeting?

temenggong said...

Hi Alan,

I think Tony Pua officiated the Golf Tournament. I was alerting both Pua and Yeoh to the different type of crowds that may become attracted to DAP, and the different image the party may be inadvertently projecting, now that its a ruling party.

Also, I said I don't recognise any tenant, meaning they could be curious outsiders.

I did not attend the meeting because I have nothing to raise with Hannah. This blog is good enough for me.

Alan said...

Hi Temenggong,

Thanks for the info..

Next round, if Hannah organizes any similar event, you can try to go and listen, even though you have nothing to raise. The blog here does not state much about what she had told/updated the other day. You will gain more extra info. when you attend such a meeting.

Good day.


chongchai1 said...

Should engage such event twice a month.

UniversalTraveller65 said...

Syabas Hannah,

I hope u can inspire the rest of the PR MPS & ADUNS to do the same things.

It's not easy i know, but democracy has to start somewhere.

Continue the good work.

Chong said...

Good effort! Keep it up. I don't see many Malays in the picture though. Maybe it's fasting month. Perhaps you should have held it together with a Majlis Berbuka Puasa so that more of our Malay neighbours would be encouraged to participate.
Was the meeting conducted in BM? Will future meetings be in BM?

scratch ser said...

cool. representative and residents sitting along and having talk. Just like in U.S n U.K!I hope others MP would do d same like hannah

Anonymous said...

Dear YB Hannah

Thank you for promoting
popular democracy and citizen

Keep up the great work!

Phua Kai Lit