Saturday, September 13, 2008

May justice prevail

Sin Chew reporter arrested.
Raja Petra, my constituent, arrested.
Teresa Kok, my comrade, my senior exco and friend, arrested.
All in the name of maintaining law and order and preserving national security. You can read about it here.
I had lunch with Teresa and we briefly talked about MPSJ budget for 2009, the upcoming business council meeting and we were both shocked to hear of Raja Petra's arrest during lunch. I am very upset that this has happened. I condemn the usage of ISA and stand by my conviction that it has to be abolished. To all concerned supporters and citizens of Malaysia, stay calm and be praying for our nation.


Anonymous said...

Well, maybe Pak Lah do want to hand over power to DSAI. That's why he is allowing all this to happen so that it's easier for DSAI to overthrow the government. What will the chinese community think? Let see what MCA has to say. By invoking the ISA and trying to intimidate us, I think BN has just shorten their lifespan. If before a MP for BN is not quite sure whether to leave the party, I am sure this event will help them decide. ISA should be use to arrest the Ahmad fellow instead. Hannah, you're fighting a strong and courageuos battle. There must be more people like you out there. To stand up and fight for what's right when the going gets tough. Let us pray for the best.

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Be strong in the Lord and in the power of His might.


Anonymous said...

I can't understand, what serious crime have three of them committed?
Is there any fault for reporter who reported a fact? Instead of arresting Ahmad Ismail using ISA, but the doggy police arrested the reporter?
Teresa Kok arrested based on a single piece of report logded by the corrupted Toyo?
Raja Petra arrested because of writing about Altantuya and linked it to Najib? While Najib is still free out there without further investigation?
Lingam's intervention in legal system and he is still enjoying the freedom without further investigation? I thought this will cause more severe damage to public interest and security?
This country is hopeless..

Low said...

By the grace of GOD,I believe the righteous shall prevail,let us be calm,united and pray for them.
"Prayers move mountains".


Prayer Warriors

NEO said...

The arrest of Teresa Kok under ISA will only bring YB Teresa to reach a higher level in her career in politic


J-yee said...

i am in shock at what is going on in this country
the only thing i know to do now is pray

"i can do all things through Christ who gives me strength"


petluc said...

Thanks for replying my email. Heard about teresa's arrest and quickly went on line.
My prayers are with all the three arrested and also for Malaysia.
I am terribly sad especially on this the eve of a Chinese cultural celebration.
I will light a candle and keep it burning till there is some positive developments.
Stay strong, keep the faith: ....

Josh said...

I a very afraid of the prospect of 513 recurring....

i just wanna are we going to handle this?

I did some research on 513 and i can tell you..i am afraid for my family, my friends and myself....

What would you advise us to do on our part to make sure this doesnt happen? >.<

Alan said...

Truely a sad chapter in Malaysia's history!

KIMHO8 said...

Let's prepare a petition, get Subang Jaya and Puchong and Seputeh people to sign on it.

Anonymous said...

it is only the weak government uses the ISA.

to the family of RPK, Teresa & Ms Tan, be strong and we standby you always.

Anonymous said...

Political Change is coming...


Malaysian at oversea.

Anonymous said...

We all have to remain calm and not take any drastic actions.
We must be united regardless of race or religion. This is the time of our test of unity and strength.

Anonymous said...

It's unbelievable that such draconian laws are still being used despite public displeasures over the way things are being managed now. I really hope the PR team will walk their talk when they eventually take over and bring the country out of this distress.

Anonymous said...


I am calm. I still reject UMNO-BN though. I want them out.

Rakyat Jelata said...

This year Mid-autumn festival will be remembered...

The delicious Mooncakes has had it role in toppling the Mongolian regime of the Yuen Dynasty.

Now, the rakyat wanted to see the toppling of the hopeless BN government.

myvoice said...

The used of ISA against RPK, YB Teresa and reporter Tan is truly uncalled for. We, the rakyat are totally against it. Malaysia will truly be gone should BN continue to rule. BN...go to hell!

Anonymous said...

Dear Hannah,

Yes, we should stay calm yet condemn the usage of ISA.

All Malaysians please unite together and resist the draconion rule without resorting to actions that could be used as an excuse for more actions against us.

Some people in our government wants to divide and rule us for their self interest. Don't give them a chance. Let's keep Malaysia for Malaysians and don't accept less than that.

3rd dimension said...

I am very sad for these 3 person. Just like being kidnap without ransom demand. Is there still a law to put this type of kidnaper behind bar?

Anonymous said...

Umno is now imploding!!
things will definitely change for the better.
keep it up Hannah.

Anonymous said...

Hi Hannah,

Do they know who is Teresa's God?
Do they know how great is He?
If God is for Teresa who dare to be against?

To those responsible for the wrongful arrest of Teresa, I shudder what would happen to them? Can they sleep peacefully at night? Will their conscience be clear?

I pray for goodness and common sense to prevail. Release Teresa now and unconditionally!!!

ken said...

You, your family members, your love one could be next ISA detainee, We need to stop that. Pls support the petition. It's not only for Raja Petra, Terasa Kok and all other Detainee, it's for OUR FUTURE, OUR GENERATION and OUR BELOVED COUNTRY.
Pls forward to all People you know in this WORLD not only to Malaysian.We dont want being call 2nd Zimbabwe.

The petitioners hence resolves that the BN government should not use draconian powers under the ISA to cling on to power and demands the immediate and unconditional release of Teresa, Raja Petra, the Hindraf 5 and other detainees. In addition, we the petitioners demand the immediate repeal of the ISA to prevent abuses that oppresses the fundamental liberties of each and every Malaysian.

The arrest of Sdri Teresa Kok, Raja Petra Kamaruddin, the Hindraf 5 as well as others is hence arbitrary, high-handed and a mockery of democracy. By labelling Teresa and others as threats to national security without any shred of evidence is a travesty of justice and a gross violation of human rights

Anonymous said...

dear yab hannah,
we pray for yab puan teresa kok to be strong and keep faith with God,God will encounter her breakthought the real truth .ISA accusses her condeming religions.
BN and gov would not detained her long time ,pakatan rakyat incl selangor gov will also pledge help her....those racials will be stripped of from becoming msian citizen instead being suspended from party..not fair and after 3 year chaos happen.........

Anonymous said...

I'll pray that GOD will block DSAI intention of becoming next Prime Minister. Opportunist man who hide and manipulate his of agenda in order to gain trust, vote and even worst people sympathy. Lets us pray, may GOD hand pick the right person to lead us into new Malaysia.

Subang Jayan said...

The Criminal who put on a Forest Fire got away (just suspended from his privileged-club membership). But the Good Citizen who reported the Fire got caught. Can you believe this?

The Criminal did it and admitted (even though with lots of nonsence explanations) still under police's investigation after 3 weeks. But an Innocent who was wrongly accused of putting on a House Fire, who has denied doing so and has also been denied by various related parties (including the owner of the House), is caught & detained without any further investigation. Can you tolerate this?

The Accuser who simply & wrongly accused the Innocent is free from anything. The Unfair Papers which simply & wrongly reported the House Fire without verification can say anything irresponsible. But the Press who reported TRUTH are being asked for show-cause letter. Can you accept this?

We don't know about you, but we Subang Jayans here can't believe these, can't tolerate these, can't accept these!